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Richard Dreyfuss Says Bill Murray Was A “Drunken Bully” On The Set Of “What About Bob?”

June 27, 2019 / Posted by:

We can add Richard Dreyfuss to the list of DGAF pepaws and memaws who can no longer be bothered with keeping secrets about the goings on behind the scenes in Hollywood. In an interview with Yahoo Entertainment, Richard shared a story about his What About Bob? co-star Bill Murray being a drunken, belligerent bully who once threw an ashtray at his face. Considering Bill’s love/hate relationship with cameras and the people behind them, coupled with the fact that his ex-wife Jennifer Butler Murray accused him of physical abuse, it doesn’t come as much of a shock. Add in the public drunkenness and you maybe can see why Richard might be asking, what about Bill?

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Richard Dreyfuss’ Son Claims Kevin Spacey Groped Him As His Dad Was In The Same Room

November 5, 2017 / Posted by:

Because it wouldn’t be Fall 2017 without your daily helping of alleged celebrity sexual assault, here’s a little ditty about Richard Dreyfuss’ son Harry Dreyfuss claiming that Kevin Spacey molested him in 2008 when he was 18. And supposedly his dad was in the room at the time. If all of these tales are true, then Kevin Spacey qualifies as what you call a bold motherfucker! (It also looks like he may qualify as an appalling creep of the highest appalling order, but you knew that already.)

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