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Samantha Jones Will Return (Via Text Message) To The Second Season Of “And Just Like That”

June 8, 2022 / Posted by:

Despite being the kind of show that, at times, likely had more than one person joking, “And just like that, I grabbed the remote and watched an old episode of Beachfront Bargain Hunt on HGTV instead,” HBO went ahead and renewed And Just Like That… for a second season. With that brings the return of all your favorites: Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda. Okay, not all your favorites, because Kim Cattrall, aka Samantha Jones, still wants nothing to do with any of this. Still, Sex and the City writer and director Michael Patrick King decided to include Samantha in AJLT by making Carrie text with her here and there. Well, Samantha In Text Form is back!

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Sarah Jessica Parker Continues To Keep The Hate Alive Between Herself And Kim Cattrall

June 2, 2022 / Posted by:

They say that time heals all wounds, but the clock that’s tracking Sarah Jessica Parker’s messy feud with Kim Cattrall must be operating in dog years or something, because these two continue to pack in as much drama as possible within the general concept of time. We’re nearing the fifth anniversary if the time Kim Cattrall called out SJP by name as one of the big reasons why she wasn’t ever going to show her face in a third Sex and the City movie. Since then, there have been ten lifetimes of sniping back and forth, each blaming the other for any on-set animosity that evolved into one of entertainment’s most enduring feuds. Sarah Jessica Parker is returning to that well once again to pump it drier than the desert jokes of SATC 2.

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Kim Cattrall Talked About “And Just Like That…”, And Says She Was Never Asked To Be A Part Of It

May 4, 2022 / Posted by:

Unlike the character of Mr. Big, the conversation around Kim Cattrall’s exit from the Sex and the City universe just won’t die. Thanks to Kim, of course, who is always more than happy to remind us that she’s done done with that period of her life. But no one can accuse Kim of burning bridges, because it sounds like that bridge was reduced to nothing but charcoal twigs and smoking ask years ago. Which would be why Kim didn’t hesitate to talk about how the crew on HBO’s And Just Like That… wasn’t exactly rushing to screen print her name on the back of a foldable set chair. Kim says she wasn’t at all surprised that she wasn’t involved with AJLT, because they made zero effort to invite her.

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Britney Spears Says That Her Real-Life Mom Was Worse Than Her Fake Mom From “Crossroads”

April 1, 2022 / Posted by:

In the grand pantheon of ultra-shitty movie mothers, there’s Faye Dunaway’s Joan Crawford, and then everyone else underneath that. Your mileage may vary! Some people are going to rank some awful moms higher or lower than others, but Britney Spears has the unique distinction of having actual real-life experience with one of said crappy movie mothers. And because of this, she could effectively compare her own mom Lynne Spears against her on-screen mom. Which Britney recently did. And the bad news for Lynne is that it sounds like Britney would have rather traded places with her Crossroads counterpart and lived with her crappy absentee mom played by Kim Cattrall.

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“Sex And The City” Author Candace Bushnell Was “Startled” By HBO Max’s “And Just Like That…”

February 18, 2022 / Posted by:

Sex and the City‘s author Candace Bushnell, says she was “startled” by a lot of the decisions of the reboot series, And Just Like That… She says in a new interview with The New Yorker that the series is definitely not what she would have expected it to be, calling it a “television product” where Carrie Bradshaw ended up a “quirky girl who married a rich guy.” BLOOP! I mean… I couldn’t help but wonder… was Candace right?

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No, Sarah Jessica Parker Would Not Be Okay With Kim Cattrall Showing Up On “And Just Like That…”

February 4, 2022 / Posted by:

In the finale (or season finale) of the Sex and the City revival, And Just Like That…, Sarah Jessica Parker’s Carrie Bradshaw connects again with Samantha Jones through texts and (!!!!!!!SPOILER ALERTS AHEAD!!!!!!), it seems like they’re on the way to patching things up. But that doesn’t mean that Kim Cattrall’s Samantha is going to show up in season two (if there is a season two) of AJTL. Because creator Michael Patrick King already said that the door is closed on Kim returning to the show. And now SJP has co-signed that. But SJP wants to make it clear that Kim Cattrall and Samantha Jones are completely separate and while Kim may be gone from the SATCverse, Samantha is not. You hear that, Christina Aguilera?! Call your agent because your Samantha Jones impersonation may be needed.

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