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Kelly Ripa Talked About Working Out Of A Janitor’s Closet And Sharing A Bathroom With The Audience During Her Early Days At “Live!”

March 28, 2023 / Posted by:

Kelly Ripa covers the latest issue of Variety, and in the interview she talks about the epic highs and lows of her 22 years hosting Live! 52-year-old Kelly says that when co-host Ryan Seacrest decided to leave the show, she was nervous about her job. Ryan and her husband/future co-host, Mark Consuelos, assured her she’d be fine, but she told them she still had “a little PTSD” based on how ABC executives had treated her in the past. Kelly tells Variety that when she first started at Live!, ABC wouldn’t let her have an office. They stuck her in an empty janitor’s closet! They also wouldn’t give her a private bathroom. She had to line up with the studio audience to use the public toilet, even when she was pregnant. Variety describes her treatment as outrageously sexist. Kelly says that, at the time, she didn’t realize how bad her situation was, and her ignorance was her superpower. Huh. I thought her superpower was her freakishly short arms. Continue reading

Ryan Seacrest Is Leaving “Live With Kelly And Ryan” And Will Be Replaced By Kelly Ripa’s Husband Mark Consuelos

February 16, 2023 / Posted by:

Six years ago, noted insufferable TV gnome Ryan Seacrest’s diabolical grip on our television screens got tighter when he took the chair next to Kelly Ripa as permanent co-host of Live.  Ryan took the job after Kelly’s previous co-host Michael Strahan left Live for Good Morning America on a wave of messiness. Kelly felt blindsided over Michael’s move to GMA and was pissed that ABC didn’t include her in the discussions. Well, Seacrest is now out of that show, and Kelly’s husband, Mark Consuelos, will take over. And Ryan’s exit seems a lot, lot less dramatic than Michael’s… unless he tries to take the studio’s in-house spray tan machine. If he tries that shit, Kelly will rage until her Botox melts!

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Surprise, Surprise, Michael Strahan Didn’t Close His Gap After All 

April 2, 2021 / Posted by:

Right before April Fools’ Day, Michael Strahan announced that he had closed the gap in his front teeth with the help of cosmetic dentist, Dr. Lee Gause of Smile Design Manhattan. Well, we can all rest easy today because Michael didn’t close his gap. It was just an April Fools’ prank. You got us good, Michael.

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April Fools? Michael Strahan Closed The Famous Gap In His Teeth

March 31, 2021 / Posted by:

There has never been a time in my life where I’ve looked at Michael Strahan‘s gap and thought to myself  “Is that the Grand Canyon?” because his smile has always been a part of his charm. Unless you ask Kelly Ripa, who I’m sure wouldn’t mind giving him a few more gaps in his teeth by punching him in the face. But I digress, when you think of Michael you think of that gap. Well, Michael’s gap has gone on to glory. Or has it just gone into hiding until April 2nd?

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Chris Harrison Plans To Return To “The Bachelor”

March 4, 2021 / Posted by:

Chris Harrison stepped away from The Bachelor after an interview he did with Rachel Lindsay, one of the only two Black Bachelorettes in the show’s history. Chris defended a current Bachelor contestant, Rachael Kirkconnell, and her propensity toward going to Antebellum balls, posing with the confederate flag, and pushing QAnon conspiracy theories. Chris called out the “woke police” and that led to backlash, which led to Chris stepping away from the show to do some racial soul-searching. Soul searching complete, I guess!

Chris appeared on Good Morning America today telling Michael Strahan that while he has more work to do, he absolutely plans to come back to The Bachelor.

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Michael Strahan Talked About His Frayed Relationship With Kelly Ripa

January 29, 2020 / Posted by:

It’s been over three years since Michael Strahan knocked the Botox out of Kelly Ripa when he bounced as her co-host on Live! for Good Morning America. Kelly was mad because she felt disrespected since neither ABC nor Michael told her he was leaving until a minute before the world found out. Humanity was also angry, and is still angry, about Michael’s exit, because his vacant chair was filled by Ryan Seacrest, and the world needs less Seacrest, not more.

Both Kelly and Michael are doing just fine now, but if you’re wondering if their relationship survived the aftermath of Michael’s dive overboard, here’s the quick answer: it hasn’t.

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