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Lil Kim Would Love To Do A “Verzuz” Battle Against Nicki Minaj

June 28, 2021 / Posted by:

Timbaland and Swizz Beatz’s Verzuz series is at times a good-natured, fan-pleasing celebration of hits between icons, or it can be where two music industry enemies with lingering tension between them do verbal battle or attempt to hash shit out. Anyone who loves microphone-based drama probably tunes in to Verzuz for the second reason. And those people will be very glad to hear that Lil Kim has made it known she’d be 100% down to do a Verzuz battle, and she wants it to be against her longtime rap foe Nicki Minaj.

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Britney Spears Infuriated The Beyhive By Referring To Herself As “Queen B”

June 25, 2020 / Posted by:

Uh oh, looks like LGBTQ+ icon Britney Spears has herself a lil’ death wish. Yesterday on Instagram, she poked (nay, stabbed) the Beyhive by suggesting that her fans call her “Queen B.” Oh, hun. You’re Britney, Bitch! The Princess of Pop! The Former Mrs. Federline! Beyoncé is Queen B.

Even though most comments were from angry Beyoncé fans, who obviously flooded that shit with bee emojis and defended their Flawless Queen, some argued that Britney has been referred to as Queen B. And so has Lil’ Kim. Replace Pink with Lil’ Kim in that iconic Pepsi Gladiator commercial, and that’s what we can expect from their upcoming battle for this royal title.

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Snoop Dogg Says The “Lovers & Friends” Festival Is Totally Legit

February 19, 2020 / Posted by:

Vulture says there’s a new music festival on the horizon and it’s a hip-hop and R&B festival and it might be a dud. The full line-up of the Lovers & Friends music festival was announced, and some performers have confirmed that they’re performing, while others are wondering why the fuck everyone keeps asking them about it. But fear not! Snoop Dogg is here to tell you it’s legit! So don’t worry! It’s not like Fyre Festival had any big names supporting it, right?

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Lil’ Kim Got Into It With Anti-Fur Protestors In New York City

October 9, 2019 / Posted by:

There are two people in this world I do not want to fuck with: Lil’ Kim and anti-fur protesters. Well, it turns out that anti-fur protestors didn’t understand that Lil’ Kim is not the one to be yelled at and came after her.  Luckily for all involved, Lil’ Kim’s security was around to protect her expensive bought-and-paid-for latest face before any damage was done.

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