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Tori Spelling, Jennie Garth, And Jason Priestley Are Getting Paid The Most For “BH90210”

August 15, 2019 / Posted by:

The Hollywood Reporter claims to know what everyone on BH90210 are getting paid. The good news for poor little rich girl turned poor girl Tori Spelling is that she’s one of them. Shhh – don’t tell her numerous creditors.

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Shit That Doesn’t Make Sense: A “90210 ” Revival Without The Queen Brenda Walsh

February 27, 2019 / Posted by:

Late last year, news about yet another Beverly Hills, 90210 reboot/revival/whatever was burped up when Jennie Garth, Tori Spelling, Ian Ziering, Jason Priestley, and Brian Austin Green were papped getting coffee in between laughably pitching to networks. I say “laughably,” because I can only imagine how raw the vocal cords of network executives got as they laughed uncontrollably while Jennie and company seriously pitched a 90210 reboot without The Forever Queen of 90210 that is Brenda Walsh. 90210 without Brenda Walsh is like broccoli without mayonnaise. It’s boring, bland, and nobody wants it. And like broccoli with mayonnaise, if you don’t like Brenda Walsh, you obviously have no taste and don’t know what you’re talking about!

But I guess FOX needed a tax write-off, because they bought the 90210 reboot that will be 100% Brenda-less.

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“Beverly Hills, 90210” Is Maybe Making Another Comeback

December 21, 2018 / Posted by:

Deadline is reporting that it’s once again time to feed a fed horse because there is yet another revival of a once-popular show coming back to television. But this is sort of a Groundhog Day of reboots because you’ve seen this rebooted once before.

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West Beverly’s Finest Says He Punched Harvey Weinstein

December 17, 2017 / Posted by:

This story is believable. Why? Canadians. Canadians tend to be decent motherfuckers. You can tell because they have barely any serial killers and poutine doesn’t work until you cross the border because Canada is magic. Jason Priestley (aka 90210’s Brandon Walsh) is Canadian and on Friday tweeted that he punched lumpish sex creep Harvey Weinstein in the face at a 1995 Golden Globes party. Hence, the Canadians being decent motherfuckers declaration up top. Continue reading

Shannen Doherty Thinks Jason Priestley’s Memory Got Jacked Up In A Car Accident

January 16, 2015 / Posted by:

While peddling his memoirs last year, Jason Priestley told a story about how during the Beverly Hills 90210 days he was on his way to a PR event with Shannen Doherty in a Town Car and he claims that she bitched at the publicist for not sending a limo to pick her up. We all pretty much dropped a fart on that story since we’ve only heard stories about how Shannen Doherty is as pleasant as a kitten kiss and is almost too easy to work with. Shannen said at the time that the story was a pile of shit-covered lies, because she hates limos! She thinks they’re trash and she doesn’t like them. Besides, she prefers to travel on the backs of the humans she makes her bitches.

Shannen Doherty and her Charmed co-star Holly Marie Combs were on the Sirius XM show “Just Jenny” (not Jenny McCarthy’s show) to promote their road trip reality show. The host brought up the limo incident and Shannen turned into Brenda Walsh MD when she said that she thinks Jason Priestley’s memory got all tangled up and twisted from a car accident he was in.

“I love Jason, but you know he had a car accident, a while ago, a racing accident, and I think maybe parts of his memory got altered from that. Because you know, I’ve addressed this before, everybody changes … they have their own perception of the truth. And his is definitely different than mine. Cause … supposedly I wanted a limo and I’ve always hated limos my entire life. I find them embarrassing and grotesque. I mean there’s things that would in no way happen. Like I didn’t even go on that jet at that point in time … it’s like wait, wait, wait, you totally confused me with somebody else maybe from the show?! I don’t really know. I just know that at some point, everybody just needs to sell a book, right?”

Jim and Cindy, please come and get your twins, because one of them is saying the other one has brain damage! But really, we should take Shannen Doherty’s words very seriously. I’m sure she knows what she’s talking about since she probably has her PhD in neuroscience by now. She owes it all to Education Connection. And we all know what’s really going on here. That home wrecking, jealous, stale Melba Toast ass bitch Kelly Taylor probably told Brandon to say that, because after all these years she still can’t stand that nobody likes her and everybody likes Brenda! Get over it, Kelly!

Here’s Shannen and Holly Marie Combs selling their show at The Grove in L.A. the other day.


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