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Jenelle Evans Dramatically Left The “Teen Mom 2” Reunion After Being Called Out For Dissing Colin Kaepernick

May 22, 2019 / Posted by:

Jenelle Evans is adding fuel to her dumpster-fire existence thanks to the newest Teen Mom 2 reunion special. If you watch a “narrative”-based reality show with a reunion at the cap of the season you know that nothing brings the drama like getting those idiots back together. Well Teen Mom is not going to disappoint us. Jenelle was being interviewed by Dr. Drew Pinksy (girl, keep cashing those checks by trying to “help” these idiotic mothers) and radio-personality Nessa Diab, whose boyfriend is Colin Kaepernick. And when Nessa calmly brought up Jenelle’s tweet trashing Colin, she cried crocodile victim tears and stormed off. Miss Jenelle can handle her husband viciously killing her dog, but ask her about politics? She will implode. That is just too far.

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Cardi B Says She Turned Down “A Lot Of Money” To Perform At The Super Bowl

February 3, 2019 / Posted by:

In an interview with the Associated Press (via The Hollywood Reporter), upcoming Pepsi spokeshoethrower Cardi B got into her reasoning as to why she turned down today’s Super Bowl halftime gig. “They wanted me to share a stage with Maroon 5. Need I say more?” wasn’t a quote that popped up during the interview to the surprise of myself and other readers.

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Cardi B Is Probably Not Going To Join Maroon 5 During The Super Bowl Halftime Show

December 23, 2018 / Posted by:

Cardi B may not be the first person who comes to mind when you hear the words “political activist“. Ok, she’s somewhere amidst Gandhi, Amber Rose, and an elementary school cafeteria sit in demanding fish fingers Fridays, but not all heroes wear capes, and Cardi has thrown herself in the ring as the latest boycotter of Super Bowl LII.

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Amy Schumer Wants Maroon 5 To Cancel Their Super Bowl Halftime Performance

October 21, 2018 / Posted by:

Amy Schumer has joined Rihanna‘s side for the fight that is “HELL NO Super Bowl LII”, sparking a celebrity boycotting of the sporting event. A few days ago RiRi reportedly turned down the chance to play at the Halftime show, citing her support of Colin Kaepernick as the reason. The NFL read her loud and clear, and ended up going with one of the most lukewarm bowls of uncontroversial musical oatmeal Maroon 5. Amy is not here for Maroon 5 or anyone else taking part in the fuckery that is the Super Bowl, so she’s calling on Adam Levine and others to join her in a boycott. Continue reading

Rihanna Turned Down Doing The Super Bowl Halftime Show Because Of Colin Kaepernick

October 19, 2018 / Posted by:

Rihanna has been very busy becoming the Number 1 Avon Sales Lady in her district, but she is also still a world-renowned pop star. As such, you can still catch her in between makeup tutorials recording or performing music. But one place you will never see Miss RiRi is the NFL Super Bowl Halftime Show, because she has made it clear that she is not about that life.

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Stevie Wonder Took Both Knees For “America” After Trump’s NFL Comments

September 24, 2017 / Posted by:

Stevie Wonder ended his performance at the Global Citizens Music Festival in NYC last night by taking a knee in protest of President SexistEgotisticalLyingHypocriticalBigot Trump‘s condemnation of pro sports players protesting injustice during games. But Stevie’s other knee joined the first one in prayer for everybody!

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