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Adam Levine Has Allegedly “Recommitted Himself” To Wife Behati Prinsloo

March 24, 2023 / Posted by:

Love finds a way! Six months after the Adam Levine cheating scandal, a source tells Us Weekly that he has “recommitted himself 100%” to wife Behati Prinsloo, and their children. Adam’s also gotten “back to basics” and is doing lots of yoga and meditation. Um, will yoga really help Adam’s wandering peen? Didn’t his former yoga instructor accuse him of sending her explicit texts while they were both in committed relationships? Hopefully, Adam’s new yoga teacher is someone he’d never want to have sex with. Like… um… HUH. This is actually a hard one. How ’bout Grimace, is he a trained yogi?

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Adam Levine And Behati Prinsloo Welcomed The Baby Adam Wanted To Name After His Alleged Side Piece

January 30, 2023 / Posted by:

People reports that Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo recently welcomed their third baby. The couple also share daughters, Gio Grace, 4, and Dusty Rose, 6. Adam and Behati have yet to reveal their newborn’s name, but something tells me if it’s a boy, they’re probably not going to go with Adam’s initial choice, “Sumner.” In case you forgot, last September, Adam’s alleged ex-sidepiece, 23-year-old Sumner Stroh, claimed he messaged her asking if she was OK with him naming his unborn child “Sumner” if it was a boy. Adam denied he and Sumner had a physical affair, but admitted he “crossed the line” with the flirty DMs. Unfortunately for him, after Sidepiece-Sumner’s allegations, several other women came forward with their own “Adam Levine is a cheater” stories. Well, maybe Adam and Behati named the baby after one of them…

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Adam Levine Performed In Vegas Over The Weekend And Behati Prinsloo Was There

October 3, 2022 / Posted by:

It’s been exactly two weeks since trailblazing pioneer SumNer Stroh took to TikTok and outed Adam Levine as a low-down dirty-DMing cheater. The next day, 43-year-old Adam released a statement admitting that he’d “crossed a line” with his “inappropriate” messages, but denied a physical affair. He added that he and wife Behati Prinsloo “would get through it together.” Unfortunately for Adam, 23-year-old SumNer’s astonishing bravery inspired other women to come forward with their own flirty DMs. Soon, Behati and Adam were papped together smiling and flashing their wedding rings. Sources told People that Behati was “very upset,” and Adam was “very understanding about her feelings.”

After the initial week of the scandal, the hubbub died down (thanks, Try Guys!). Until this past Saturday night, when Maroon 5 performed at Shaquille O’Neal’s fundraiser in Vegas. People reports that Adam didn’t mention scandal during his set, but Behati was in the audience supporting her husband. And while Adam sang his song, “Sunday Morning,” he “seemed to look” in his pregnant wife’s direction. Or maybe he was eyeing the Instagram model with the big booty directly behind her. My money’s on booty girl.

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Adam Levine And Behati Prinsloo Were Papped Laughing Together, And Maroon 5 Is Still Planning On Performing In Vegas Next Weekend

September 22, 2022 / Posted by:

We’re on Day 4 of the Adam Levine cheating scandal, and he and Behati Prinsloo want everyone to know that they’re still together. Happy, even! TMZ has paparazzi pics of the couple in Montecito. They’re laughing, smiling, holding hands, and flashing their wedding rings. Sigh. Behati’s prenup must be crappier than Elvis’ contract with Colonel Parker. In other Adam news, Maroon 5 is scheduled to perform at a fundraising gala in Vegas on October 1, and TMZ says the band has no intention of canceling. And sources say they’re still going forward with their upcoming world tour. Honestly, I’m actually shocked… that anyone would still pay money to see Maroon 5 perform in this, the year of our Lord 2022.

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Sources Say Behati Prinsloo Is “Very Upset” About All The Adam Levine Cheating Claims, But Is Committed To Their Family

September 21, 2022 / Posted by:

As Adam Lepeen Cheatgate 2022 marches on, a total of four women have come forward with allegations of cheating and inappropriate DMs. Adam Levine’s first j’accuser was 23-year-old Sumner Stroh, who claimed she and the 43-year-old had a year-long affair while he was married to Behati Prinsloo. The next day, Adam gave a statement denying the affair, but admitted he “crossed the line.”. Then, two more women came out with their own flirty DMs.

Today, Alanna Zabel, Adam’s ex-yoga teacher, took to Instagram to share her story (using the up-and-coming hashtag #ExposeAdamLevine). Alanna says Adam texted her that he wanted to spend the day with her “naked,” and it led to her then-boyfriend breaking her wrist! Jesus. This was years before Adam’s marriage, but he did have a girlfriend at the time. So, what does poor, pregnant Behati think of all this? According to People’s sources, the 34-year-old Victoria’s Secret model is “very upset,” but remains committed to her family. The source adds that Adam is “very understanding” about Behati’s feelings. Oh wow, Mr. Fucking Empathy over here…

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Adam Levine Denies Having An Affair With Instagram Model Sumner Stroh, But Says He “Crossed A Line”

September 20, 2022 / Posted by:

Yesterday, Instagram-model-type Sumner (SumNer) Stroh took to TikTok to claim she had a year-long affair with Adam Levine, who’s been married to Victoria’s Secret model Behati Prinsloo since 2014. SumNer also showed screenshots of DMs that show Adam asking if it was cool if he named his and Behati’s upcoming third baby “SumNer.” The (alleged) gall! Most people believed SumNer’s allegations, because, well… it’s Adam Levine. It would be more of a shock if he wasn’t cheating on his wife with a 23-year-old Insagram model. But, earlier today, 43-year-old Adam posted a denial/non-apology to his Instagram Story. He writes that he used “poor judgment” in flirting with SumNer, but claims they never had an affair. Adam admits he was “stupid” and “naive” (hey, you stole that word from SumNer!) to risk his family, but “we will get through it together.” So, Adam is implying that Behati’s not gonna leave him, which is downright rude. It’s been less than 24 hours since this news broke, give the gal some time to make a measured decision. One that hopefully includes siphoning every last cent outta that turd’s savings account.

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