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Brie Larson Acknowledged The “Captain Marvel” Hate While Answering A Question At The D23 Expo

September 12, 2022 / Posted by:

Brie Larson was working the red carpet at Disney’s D23 Expo over the weekend when Variety’s Marc Malkin asked her how long she planned on playing the role of Captain Marvel. I expected your typical actress answer: a teeth-baring smile and something like, “As long as Marvel will have me! It’s an honor!” But, as Entertainment Weekly reports, Brie was in no mood. She shrugged and sarcastically replied, “I dunno. Does anyone want me to do it again?” Brie’s wry response is clearly aimed at all the Marvel nerds who trolled her when Captain Marvel, the studio’s first female-led superhero movie, was released in 2019. They tried to sink the movie on RottenTomatoes before it even came out, claimed Brie was sexist against men because she made comments about Hollywood’s lack of diversity, and even criticized her for not smiling enough in the trailer. I mean, they got a point about that last one. Did you see her in Room? So glum! Continue reading

Brie Larson Has Joined The Cast Of “Fast & Furious 10”

April 11, 2022 / Posted by:

Fresh off from entering the NFT/Metaverse arena that charges people for *checks notes* nothing of any physical value, Brie Larson is joining The Fastiverse, or whatever they’re calling it. Hopefully, Brie’s trip into the Fast and Furious movies goes better than The Rock’s and it doesn’t end with her calling Vin Diesel a “chicken shit,”“candy ass.” But it probably will!

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Open Post: Hosted By Brie Larson Joining The Metaverse

March 17, 2022 / Posted by:

Brie Larson already got roasted for shilling NFTs and so I guess she decided “Why not take it even further into the technological realm of idiocy?” Fortune says that Brie has announced that she’s a part of the metaverse. Brie has created her own little corner of digital bullshit for you to… look at? I guess? You’re not putting your consciousness into a program–you just look at it. It’s nothing–this is all nothing.

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Brie Larson Is Catching Heat For Pushing NFTs

February 7, 2022 / Posted by:

Brie Larson has joined the club! What club, you may ask? Well, it would appear that she’s currently the secretary-treasurer of the Celebrities Who Brought Ten Tons of Cringe by Shamelessly Plugging NFTs. Hot on the heels of Jimmy Fallon and Paris Hilton’s awkward NFT infomercial, Gwyneth Paltrow’s embarrassing shill, and Justin Bieber’s giant waste of money, we have Oscar-winner Brie Larson deciding to jump into the NFT promotion game. However, Brie quickly learned that the only people who think celebrity-backed NFTs are pretty much just the other celebrities pushing NFTs.

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Some Think That Brie Larson Came Out In A YouTube Video

January 15, 2021 / Posted by:

The Wrap says that the internet has been wondering “Is Brie Larson a gayelle or bisexual?” after she says in a YouTube video that as a child, she would Google, “Am I gay?” I actually never Googled that, I would just type in some male celebrity or soap opera star’s name and the word “shirtless.” Also when I was younger we all went to our names-dot-com and the website for used to link to a gay porn site and I was like “Oh…” So God pretty much let me know right away.

Anyway, as part of Brie’s YouTube channel, which she started to connect with fans during quarantine, she decided to film herself doing some internet quizzes. One of the quizzes was called “Which Lesser Known Brie Larson Character Are You?” and was designed by a Brie-stan who says in the very beginning of their quiz: “I am very gay and I love Brie Larson.” So that’s what to expect. And in one of the questions–You’re ten years old, how do you spend an hour of recess?”–the options included a gay choice. And Brie picked it!

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Lots Of “Avengers” Rushed To Defend Chris Pratt’s Honor Against The Implication That He’s The Worst Chris

October 21, 2020 / Posted by:

For several years, Chris Pratt has been included in what I’ll call the Four Chris Men of the Hunkpocalypse. Four hunky Chrises (Evans, Hemsworth, Pine, and Pratt) that all appear in superhero films and, let’s be honest, are kind of interchangeable. Except there was one Chris that the internet decided didn’t really fit in with the rest of the Chrises, and that was Chris Pratt. This was officially decided on Twitter over the weekend, after a “One’s Gotta Go” meme format featuring the Four Chrises went a little viral. What started as a light-hearted internet joke has turned into a full-blown, “Avengers, ASSEMBLE” situation. Tons of famous types have swooped in to rescue Chris Pratt from his online haters by swearing he’s a super-good guy worthy of the Four Chrises Club.

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