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Madonna’s Fall At The BRIT Awards Gave Her A Case Of Whiplash

February 27, 2015 / Posted by:

When Madonna’s cape pulled an En Vogue and got all “Don’t Let Go” on her neck during her performance of “Living For Love” at the BRIT Awards on Wednesday, I figured the only damage done would be to her inbox. You know, after it blew up with emails from personal injury lawyers inquiring about her recent workplace slip and fall accident. I trusted that Madonna’s creaky granny bones and butt organs would be protected by her rock-hard ass muscles and she’d walk away without a scratch.

As it turns out, I was totally wrong. Madonna might have fallen, and she might have been able to get up, but she suffered some whiplash on the way down. Don’t worry, I’m sure there’s already a meme of Madonna getting slapped by J.K. Simmons as we speak. Madonna explained the aftermath of her Grape Stomping Lady moment to The Jonathan Ross Show on Thursday (via Billboard), saying:

“I had a little bit of whiplash, I smacked the back of my head. And I had a man standing over me with a flashlight until about 3 a.m. to make sure I was compos mentis.”

She also said she’s sworn off capes in the future. Good call – I think if we’ve learned anything from this, it’s that capes ain’t nothing but trouble.

I still can’t believe Madonna got back up and kept singing after hitting her head. Bitch is brave as hell! If I even so much as stub my toe, I’m on the ground wailing for someone to call the paramedics while mentally preparing a funeral for my toe, which will no doubt need to be amputated. Something nice, not too fancy; it’s what my toe would have wanted.

Here’s Madonna one day after Madonna pulled a Scarlet wearing a pair of shoes that look like she’s about 2 seconds away from a repeat performance:

Pics: Splash,


Bitch Goes Down: The Iggy Azalea Edition

August 23, 2014 / Posted by:

Normally whenever Australian rapper Iggy Azalea performs live, her biggest concern is making sure that sick fucks don’t try to turn her pussy into a finger puppet while crowdsurfing, but last night she discovered there are some problems a douple-pair of Hooters tights can’t prevent. During a performance of “Fancy” at a pre-VMAs benefit concert at The Avalon in Hollywood, Iggy backed up her Outback bloomin’ onion a little too much and fell right off the stage. Thankfully, security guards were close by to pick her ass up off the ground and she didn’t appear to be hurt, so she got back on stage and kept singing. She’s such a pro, she even managed to keep “singing” while falling backwards off the stage!

The NY Daily News says that neither Iggy’s reps nor MTV have said anything regarding whether or not the fall done did any damage, but shortly after the show Iggy was laughing about the whole thing by posting a video of her fall to Instagram, so she’s probably fine.

But damn, something in the VMA milk ain’t clean! First one of Nicki Minaj’s dancers gets taken out by a snake, then Iggy Azalea eats shit off a stage? I’ve seen Drop Dead Gorgeous ten hundred times, I know what’s going on here! Some greedy ho is trying to eliminate the competition so that they can steal the spotlight at the VMAs. Hmm, I wonder who it could be? Who always has to be the center of attention? Who can’t go five seconds without making sure all eyes are on her? Who is powerful enough to make people disappear? Who’s name starts with a B, is receiving the Vanguard Award, is maybe performing with her maybe estranged camel husband??? I see you Stuntyoncé! This has your weave-adhesive stink all over it!

And here’s Iggy, pre-fall, at an event in Las Vegas last night with her partner-in-White Chicks-lookalike-crime Rita Ora:


Bitch Goes Down: The Luke Bryan Edition

May 30, 2014 / Posted by:

That high-pitched dog whistle sound you just heard was Ariana Grande Latte gleefully squealing “karma’s a biiiiiiitch” at her highest register as she watched the video of country singer Luke Bryan falling off the stage during a concert in Charlotte, NC on Thursday night.

Luke Bryan was in the middle of singing Macklemore’s Can’t Hold Us” (why? + wut? = I have no fucking idea) when he stepped a little too close to the edge of the stage and bailed. Luckily he was alright (TMZ says he had to get a couple stitches but he’s fine). He climbed back up and joked to the crowd that the last time he was in North Carolina he busted his ass on stage as well. There must be something in the North Carolina water to make him so tipsy; is NC getting moonshine run-off from Virginia?

I decided to re-watch it a couple of times as a reminder to always watch where I’m going when I walk down the stairs so that I don’t pull a Luke Bryan and end up in the ER with a doctor giving me ‘Uh huh, sure you broke you ass falling down the stairs’ attitude. But I discovered why Luke fell. It was too damn dark! Dear Luke: to prevent another slip and fall accident in the future, place your glowing sunset-colored wife Caroline front row center to act as a human night-light and illuminate the lip of the stage.

Proof There Is A Higher Power Looking Out For Us

March 18, 2014 / Posted by:

If this isn’t proof of divine intervention from a merciful god or an all-knowing plate of cheese fries (whichever you choose to believe in), then I don’t know what is. According to TMZ, one of Miley Cyrus’s tour buses, who’s nickname is either The Big Itchy or Toxic Thunder, burst into flames Monday night while travelling from Houston to New Orleans after a a tire exploded. The bus was carrying Miley’s sister Noah and her mother, the elegant Nashville pussywillow Trish Cyrus, both of whom managed to escape unharmed.

There’s no black box on a tour bus, so we’ll never really know what happened, but I have a theory. After running out of things in her tour bus to rub her dirty possum pouch against, Miley starts getting creative and looks to the exterior of the bus for things to hump on. First she tries the exhaust pipe, but her toxic snatch corrodes the chrome and it crumbles into a pile of rust dust. Then she tries the side mirrors, but they spontaneously shatter when they catch the reflection of her Fright Night face. Refusing to give up, she spots a tour bus tire and ecstatically backs her b-hole onto it.

At first the tire reassures itself that it will all be over soon, but Miley won’t stop, and she twerks so fast and so aggressively that she wears the tire treads down to nothing. Eventually there’s too much friction between Miley’s Hank Hill ass and the rubber, and the tire bursts into flames. At which point, Miley begins humping on the fire, which leads to Miley humping on a gauze bandages and a whole mess of Polysporin. Of course, this is only a theory, but I’m confident in my hypothesis.

Carrie Takes A Tumble

September 6, 2013 / Posted by:

This proves that nothing good comes from wearing a mullet shirt. When you wear a mullet shirt, bad shit happens to your ass.

Carrie Underwood was performing at a show in Corpus Christi, TX last night when her heel and her fug ass mullet shirt worked together to take her ass down. After Carrie’s ass and the stage floor became one, she kept on yodeling. CNN broke into their story on Syria last night (they probably did) to report that Carrie didn’t break any bones and she’s not canceling any dates.

After the show, Carrie tweeted a picture of her leg and foot wrapped in something every woman wears when she’s around Quentin Tarantino and doesn’t want him to attack her feets with his mouth. It’s a QT blocker.


And in the doll room of her Rhode Island mansion, Taylor Swift is giggling while jumping on top of the foot of her Carrie Underwood voodoo doll.

Source: Instagram via UsWeekly

Even An Antichrist Superstar Gets The Flu

February 7, 2013 / Posted by:

Warning: If you don’t want to have a seizure and if you care about your ear holes, don’t put your mouse tip over the play button. Now that we’ve gotten that warning out of the way, at around the 1:13 mark, Marilyn Manson stops singing “Beautiful People,” drops and barfs out whatever was in his stomach bag (homemade absinthe, Lucifer’s jizz and maple syrup-flavored coke… well, he was in Canada) before trying to go on with the song. Some of Marilyn’s fans who were standing in the back couldn’t see what was happening on stage and the sound of him yacking sounded better than his usual singing voice, so they knew something was up. The band kept playing before they realized that it wasn’t part of the act. EMTs came on stage and took the sick antichrist off the stage.

Marilyn later told TMZ that when he got to Saskatoon yesterday, he had the sicks in a bad way, but didn’t want to cancel the show. When he got on stage, it hit him harder and that’s when the barfs came. Marilyn skipped the hospital and went to his hotel room to rest instead. His Canadian tour will go on and he plays Calgary tomorrow.

The flu really isn’t here to mess around. Marilyn Manson gives a human sacrifice (or an Emily the Strange doll from Hot Topic, he’s not picky about his sacrifices) to his creator the devil every week and the flu still screws with him.

Bitch Goes Down: The Little Monster Edition

August 16, 2012 / Posted by:

While Lady Gaga strolled through the lobby of her hotel in Romania, somebody came at her ass and surprisingly it wasn’t a ragey PETAhead trying to turn her into CaCa cakes by dropping Gold Medal flour on her head. It was one of her Little Monsters who probably quit his job and used the last leu (Note: Yes, that was me who just Googled “How do you say ‘dollar’ in Romanian talk?”) in his bank account to travel to her hotel and sleep in front all night to meet her dumb ass. How does he get greeted? Bitch was forced to make out with the glass before getting body slammed to the floor. Damn, and all for CaCa’s ass. Not worth it.

It’s just CaCa’s, it’s not the damn Queen. Those bodyguard acted like CaCa was Anderson Cooper and that crazy fan was me. You know who should’ve been tackled to the floor and dragged back to her room? CaCa, because she needs to change that outfit. Who does she think she is? This ain’t Big Business and you ain’t Bette Midler, bitch.

via TMZ


Johnny Takes A Tumble

October 11, 2011 / Posted by:

Before hitting play, you might want turn your speakers all the way down or staple your ear flaps to your face, because the dramatic ass paparazzo screeching out “You dropped Johnny!” til his tonsils fell off could wake a Lohan from her drunk coma.

Fresh off of pissing people off with his rape comment, Johnny Depp took on the drunk celebrity obstacle course in Hollywood as he left some restaurant called 25 Degrees the other night. Johnny made it out the door (1 point), scribbled out an autograph (2 points), got bro hugged to the ground by some Gallagher looking ho (-3 points), got back up (3 points) and then kept on signing his name like his nalgas just didn’t eat sidewalk (20 points!!!!). You can’t keep a drunk Johnny down! But the most impressive part of Johnny Herp Derp’s tanked bitch stroll to the SUV is that not once did he shove his BIC down that pap’s mouth to stop the fake scream madness. If there’s such a thing as beer goggles, there must be such a thing as beer plugs and Johnny definitely has them shoved in his ear holes.

Johnny eventually got into his SUV and showed everyone he was okay by doing the heroin tap and the fisting an imaginary asshole salute! And no, I’m not entirely convinced that this isn’t John Mayer.

via Gossip Cop

A Romanian Grandma vs. Chris Brown: Who Fell Better?

September 26, 2011 / Posted by:

Above is somebody’s Romanian grandmama straight-up falling out of her good shoes after trying to conquer two tiny steps and losing. Below is everyone’s least favorite long-donged douchehole eating floor with his butt during a show in Indianapolis last night. Watch and compare:

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The Chris Brown one is making me HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA until my keyboard goes hoarse. Watching Chris slip and bust his ass feels like two tiny kittens hugging my eyeballs. What a beautiful sight. The only way this could’ve been better is if the falling satellite played the role of Chris Brown’s ass and Chris Brown’s head played the role of the stage floor during a reenactment of this minutes later.

The other video, I refuse to laugh at. I REFUSE! I have been trained to swallow down any laugh crawling up my throat over a granny going BOOM. My abuelita once crashed through a screen door and the first thing she did after adjusting her control-top hose was to check to make sure that not even a sliver of a smile was on my face. So I must not laugh at this Romanian memaw’s hair cape hilariously flying through the air as she does the twist onto the floor. This is a setup and I will not fall for this trick!

That being said, all points go to the Tumbling Romanian Grandma!

via Best Week Ever & TMZ

Bitch Goes Down: The Kanye West Edition

August 11, 2011 / Posted by:

Instead of watching the throne, Kanye West watched the world turn upside down when he slipped, fell and went both legs up at a show in Norway during All of the Lights (more like All of the HAHAHAHAHAHAs). You’d think that since Kanye can walk on water, he’d be able to walk on floor without his ass eating stage. Those wings that pop out of his shoulder blades and that halo on his head failed the fuck out of him.

There are so many “Imma let you fall” jokes and so little time. But it’s true. Beyonce really did have the greatest fall of all time.

via ONTD & Buzzfeed

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