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Aaron Carter’s Big Michael Jackson Revelation Was Neither Big Nor A Revelation

May 21, 2019 / Posted by:

The human embodiment of a cry for help, Aaron Carter, tested the waters a couple of months ago by teasing that he had a story to tell about Michael Jackson that might contradict his previous assertion that Michael was an innocent angel sent from heaven as a gift to the little boys and girls (ok, just the boys) of planet earth. Well I guess Aaron was holding onto to this explosive revelation until he had something new to promote. Aaron’s timed his big reveal to coincide with the announcement of his appearance on Marriage Boot Camp. And even though it was pretty much a nothing burger of a revelation (big surprise), it didn’t go over so well with MJ’s fans. So he walked it back.

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Aaron Carter Teases Upcoming Revelations About Michael Jackson

April 12, 2019 / Posted by:

Not only has Leaving Neverland revealed a ton of alleged child abuse grossness the likes of which spanned hours of details, it’s also turned Corey Feldman’s world upside down and now it seems to be taking its toll on yet another involved in the orbit of Michael Jackson: the original boy wonder himself, Aaron Carter.

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Aaron Carter Is Defending Michael Jackson Against “Leaving Neverland” Accusers

March 12, 2019 / Posted by:

TMZ is reporting that Aaron Carter is ready to punch someone in the face. Who is the target of Aaron’s aggression? We know it’s not Justin Bieber since he gave Aaron props for paving the musical path for semi-rhythmic white boys all across the world. Aaron is mad at Wade Robson and all the people involved in Leaving Neverland whom he views are slandering Michael Jackson‘s otherwise pristine name.

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Aaron Carter Is Not Going To Be A Father, After All

December 12, 2018 / Posted by:

Aaron Carter sure is great at making up his mind, eh? First he was bisexual, then he decided that was just a three-month phase. Then he and his girlfriend, Russian artist, Lina Valentina announced she was pregnant with his baby. But now it seems Aaron is throwing up a gigantic “JK” because he’s saying that they are indeed not expecting a little baby to soon. “Phew” said all of the babies who were due to be delivered by the stork in the next few months.  Continue reading


Aaron Carter Demanded Recognition For Paving The Way, And Justin Bieber Gave It

November 23, 2018 / Posted by:

Aaron Carter, is asking for justice. Justice for whom? Duh, for himself! Aaron is here to make it clear that he was the first twink singer, he was the most relevant twink singer, and he paved the way for the twink singers of today and beyond. He’s an icon. A vanguard. A legend. And he’s looking at you, Justin Bieber!

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Aaron Carter Is Going To Be A Dad

November 21, 2018 / Posted by:

Earlier this year, Aaron Carter let it be known he was looking for a lady to settle down with and make some kids after sowing his wild bi oats. Aaron wasn’t joking around. In September, Aaron reportedly slipped an engagement ring emoji on the metaphorical finger of his artist girlfriend Lina Valentina. And now it looks like there’s a chance he’s sped past the “then comes marriage” part of the K-I-S-S-I-N-G rhyme. Because E! News says that 30-year-old Aaron Carter has knocked his possible-fiancé up.

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