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Jonathan Groff Wrote A Glowing Tribute To Lea Michele For Variety

October 12, 2022 / Posted by:

I guess the anatomy lessons Lea Michelle gave to Jonathan Groff back in their Spring Awakenings days must have included a skills lab on kissing ass because here he is years later teaching a master class on the subject. As we know, right now Lea’s the talk of the town with her turn as Fanny Bryce in Funny Girl, having taken over the role from Beanie Feldstein who was having difficulties getting butts in seats even once, let alone the multiple times a night Lea gets their asses clapping in standing ovation. As for her own ass, which got handed to her last year by scores of former coworkers who reported her shitty behavior with much glee, Jonathan’s buffed it to a glossy shine with his lips by penning a “tribute” for Variety in which he all but credits Lea for single-handedly saving Broadway, and by extension New York City itself. Which leads me to ask, what the hell did Jonathan see when he looked inside Lea’s pussy? Was it God?

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Samantha Ware Comments On Lea Michele Becoming The New “Funny Girl” On Broadway

July 12, 2022 / Posted by:

A few years ago, Samantha Ware–who starred on Glee as the character Jane during its sixth season–casually burned down anything that could have been positive regarding Lea Michele‘s reputation. Samantha took to Twitter to let us all know that Lea made the set of Glee a living hell for her and bullied her on more than a few occasions including threatening to “shit” in her wig. But while Samantha has never said Lea is a racist, she’s definitely not pretending she doesn’t benefit from the “whiteness” that gets rewarded in Hollywood. And because that “whiteness” just got cast as the lead in Funny Girl on Broadway, Samantha has something to say.

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The Producers Of “Funny Girl” Reportedly Want Lea Michele To Replace Beanie Feldstein

June 18, 2022 / Posted by:

After news broke that “greatest star” Beanie Feldstein (along with normal star Jane Lynch) would be leaving the Funny Girl Broadway revival after five grueling months and one week of battling COVID, it’s anyone’s guess as to who will be taking over the coveted lead role of Fanny Brice. Will it be Beanie’s understudy Julie Benko who reportedly killed it during Beanie’s absence? Or maybe THE Barbra Streisand herself, Lea Michele? Well, according to the rumor mill, Lea might actually be in the running for replacing Beanie. See, kids? If you cast the right voodoo curse, dreams CAN come true!

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Idina Menzel Thinks She Should Have Played Lea Michele’s Sister Instead Of Her Mom On “Glee”

September 29, 2021 / Posted by:

There’s perfect casting, and then there’s Idina Menzel being cast as Rachel Berry’s biological mother on Glee. The only way Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk could get a closer match would be to put Lea Michele in some digital wrinkles and shoot a split-screen take of her singing against herself (fast forward several years into the future when digitally aged Lea Michele comes forward to accuse Lea Michele of calling herA pitchy old hag“). Idina played Rachel Berry’s biological mom, Shelby Corcoan, in several episodes. Now, looking back, Idina is admitting that she thinks she would have been better suited to play Rachel’s older sister instead.

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Fox Is In Talks To Bring Back “24” And Would Also Love To Do A Revival Of “Glee”

September 10, 2021 / Posted by:

You’ll never guess what Hollywood is up to! Oh, honey, you wanted a twist? Well, you’re never going to get one. The people at Fox are in “active creative discussions” to bring back 24, which starred Kiefer Sutherland. 24 has already been brought back twice: as a limited series and a remake that starred Corey Hawkins. But now Fox is thinking about how to bring Kiefer back into the world of highly-time-sensitive anxiety-inducing terrorist drama. They’re also thinking about bringing other Fox hits back like Glee! Wow, and my skin just finished growing back after crawling off from the first version of that show.

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Heather Morris Says No One Wanted To Say Anything About Lea Michele’s Bullying During “Glee”

May 27, 2021 / Posted by:

About a year ago, actress Samantha Ware told the whole world what it was like working on Glee back in the day with Lea Michele, and it pretty much confirmed that Lea Michele is the worst parts of Rachel Berry, all wrapped up in a yard of intimidation and topped with a vindictive bow. Many former Glee cast members and actors who have worked with Lea came forward with their own stories, and the general consensus was that if Lea was on set, no one was having a good time but Lea. Heather Morris, who played Brittany on Glee, recently spoke about Lea’s behavior, and she said that pretty much everyone but Naya Rivera stayed silent when it came to Lea’s alleged reign of terror.

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