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SAG-AFTRA President Fran Drescher Applauds Disney’s Decision To Lift Its Vaccine Mandate On Sets, And Yes, People Had Thoughts

November 10, 2022 / Posted by:

After a contentious battle, Fran Drescher, the former flashy girl from Flushing on The Nanny, ascended to power as the president of Hollywood’s biggest union SAG-AFTRA after beating opponent Matthew Modine. Yes, I was just as surprised as you were to discover this nugget of knowledge because, for me, she’ll always be the gaudy governess on a constant mission to fuck her boss while raising his children in a daily uniform of elegant heels and Aquanet. Unfortunately, the Fran we know from television ain’t the same as this new President Fran, as she has recently applauded Disney for lifting its COVID vaccine mandate. And while some are with Fran, others are not so FranFine about her message.

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Open Post: Hosted By Fran Drescher Talking About A Possible Movie Adaptation Of “The Nanny”

September 30, 2022 / Posted by:

Fran Drescher, who turns 65 today (yes, that header pic is from this year), tells Entertainment Tonight that The Nanny might be getting a film adaptation. That’s right, Fran Fine is headed to the big screen, baybay! Hopefully, this idea actually pans out and doesn’t just fade into nothingness like Fran’s plans to reboot the series with Cardi B as her daughter. Actually, maybe that was a good thing. Could the eardrums of the world really handle hearing both women scream-talk “Mistah Sheffieeeeld!” at the same time? It’s a no from me, dawg!

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Joely Fisher Had Words For SAG’s New President Fran Drescher

September 7, 2021 / Posted by:

It’s really too bad these two hate each other so much because come on – look at the hair, the body, and the lethal levels of charm that radiate from these two. They’d be perfect for a sassy Las Vegas nightly double act. But as mentioned, Joely Fisher and Fran Drescher aren’t exactly work pals, as Joely Fisher has recently made it perfectly clear she does not like the words: “SAG-AFTRA President Fran Drescher.

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SAG-AFTRA Presidential Hopeful Matthew Modine Threatened To Sue His Rival Candidate Fran Drescher

August 27, 2021 / Posted by:

The 90s girls are fighting again! It’s election season for SAG-AFTRA and it’s already turning into a bloodbath with scrunchies and flannels flying every which way. With outgoing president Andrea Zuckerman, sometimes if rarely referred to as Gabrielle Carteris, off to California University, she’s endorsing her fellow Unite For Strength party candidate, The titular nanny herself, Fran Drescher, as her replacement and noted Rent delinquent Anthony Rapp as secretary-treasurer. But not if the Budget Dread Pirate Roberts from Cutthroat Island, Matthew Modine, has anything to say about it!

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Open Post: Hosted By Fran Drescher’s Rainbow Vest From “The Nanny”

June 10, 2021 / Posted by:

We were so focused on the coming of the Lohanaissance, we were in danger of missing the Franaissance! Thank god HBO Max wasn’t about to let that happen, and now everybody’s tapping their foot to the theme song from The Nanny and making sure its star Fran Drescher gets her flowers. Lord knows that her character Fran Fine has given us plenty of them herself. Not only flowers but also stars and stripes, polka dots and plaid, zebra and leopard, sequins and snakeskin, leather and feathers, lace and latex and camo and cashmere. One of Fran’s most iconic outfits featured a rainbow-striped vest that costume designer Brenda Cooper once calledthe inspiration and the embryo of the Fran Fine character.” Recently, Fran proved that she’s still got IT, both figuratively and literally, and posted a picture on Instagram to prove it.

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Fran Drescher Got Surprised Hitched This Weekend

September 8, 2014 / Posted by:

Velvet-voiced actress, ageless Broadway star, cancer survivor, and my #1 style icon in the mid-90s (but then again, who’s wasn’t she? FRAN FINE WAS PERFECTION) Fran Drescher announce on Twitter yesterday (via People) that she went and got surprised hitched this weekend to her piece of just over a year, Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai. Franny married Dr. Shiva (I can just picture Val Toriello squealing “He’s a doctah honey – A DOCTAH!“) at their home on the beach in front of a small group of family and friends and I hope she wore that exquisitely beaded-to-hell-and-back gold ball gown from The Beautician and the Beast, but she probably went with something a little more understated and tasteful (I mean, when you’re already the most glamorous person in the room, why rub it in?)

Fran was married for almost 20 years before to her current producing partner, The Nanny creator Peter Marc Jacobson, but they split up in 1999 when Peter came out. 15 years later, Fran met Dr. Shiva at a Deepak Chopra event. Oh, but he’s not just a doctor – Dr. Shiva owns the patent for creating email. Fran married the Steve Jobs of internet correspondence! And now you know the name of the person you can curse out the next time you receive an email with the subject line “Fwd: Fwd: Fwd: Fwd: Re: the truth about obama PLEASE READ!!!

Dr. Shiva says that during his talk at the Deepak Chopra event, Fran “heard my talk and we fell in love, and we’ve been together since that talk.” Imagine if it was the other way around? Fran steps up to the podium, taps on the mic, clears her throat, and says: “Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii everyyyyybawwwwwdyyyyy!“. It wouldn’t just be Dr. Shiva with hearts in his eyes; every man, woman, dog (the only creatures who can truly appreciate every note in her register), and Deepak Chopra himself would drop to their knees and propose. How could you not?? She has the voice of a goddamn angel!

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