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Floyd Mayweather Bought An $18 Million Watch

June 28, 2018 / Posted by:

Floyd Mayweather is much richer than you are. And he will never let you forget about it. Not that the economy lets us forget, but thanks for the reminder Floyd!

TMZ  says that that, professional man fighter and amateur woman beater, Floyd Mayweather, let the people know on Instagram about his latest extravagant purchase 99.8% of the population will never be able to afford. This time it was a watch. And this time it was so expensive you could probably exchange it for a small island. If they do exchanges for rich people? I don’t know what that life is like. Continue reading

Justin Bieber Broke Up With Floyd Mayweather Jr.

August 21, 2017 / Posted by:

This will no doubt be terrible, sad news for asshole-type boxers with a scrappy lil’ popstar rooting for them in the corner. If Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Justin Bieber can’t keep it solid as a rock, what hope do the rest of them have?

TMZ is reporting that Justin Bieber has cut his former favorite professional punch-thrower out of his life. And guess who was whispering the suggestion to do so in Bieber’s impressionable ear? That would be his current alleged life managers at his church, Hillsong.

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The IRS Is Ready To Knock Floyd Mayweather Out

July 11, 2017 / Posted by:

Floyd Mayweather has said before God is first in his life. Well, the IRS may want to head on down to his church and start snatching from the collection plate once it passes him ‘cuz Pretty Boy has found himself in trouble with those pesky tax gods yet again. Forbes reports that Floyd (pictured above wearing his tax man invisibility cap) is seeking to delay payment on his 2015 taxes until after an upcoming fight with UFC fighter Conor McGregor (c’mon, you know you most certainly would).

Money claims he ain’t got none by saying he has no liquid cash to pay with until the August fight. The brawl is expected to bring in over $600 million in revenue from tickets, pay-per-view, and merchandise sales like some of McGregor’s beard clippings (fine, I’ll stop). Floyd’s petition for a payment extension commiserates: Continue reading

Soulja Boy’s Feud With Chris Brown Continues, And Now Floyd Mayweather Is Involved

January 5, 2017 / Posted by:

So much for that emotional apology. 24 hours ago, Soulja Boy claimed that he was going to be the one to end the stupid drama he started earlier this week after he liked a photo posted by Chris Brown’s ex Karrueche Tran on Instagram. Soulja Boy said he wanted to stop acting like a dumbass because his mama, who is in the hospital, wasn’t proud of his recent behavior. Soulja Boy’s mama might want to take an extended lap in the therapy pool this afternoon, because her son is acting like an idiot again. Soulja Boy still wants to fight Chris Brown.

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Ronda Rousey Won “Best Diss” On The ESPYs Red Carpet Last Night

July 16, 2015 / Posted by:

I know shit about fighting, save for what I remember from the 20 minutes of Double Dragon I played on Nintendo before I got bored and threw on Barbie’s Glamorous Quest. So I had to do a bit of research on Ronda Rousey. From what the internet tells me, Ronda Rousey is a really good MMA fighter. She’s so good, she went home with two ESPYs last night, including Best Female Athlete and Best Fighter. I also learned that Ronda can take a bitch down with her expert-level reading skills.

Ronda was presented with the award for Best Fighter on the red carpet last night, and the first thing she did after accepting it was to verbally slap the shit out of fellow Best Fighter nominee and baby mama beater Floyd Mayweather by saying:

“I can’t help but say that I wonder how Floyd feels being beat by a woman for once. I’d like to see you pretend to not know who I am now.”

I don’t know if you can get concussions from words, but Floyd Mayweather Jr. might want to swing by the hospital, just in case. The moment Ronda replaced 50 Cent at the top of Floyd Mayweather shit list happens around the 2:00 mark.

Normally this would be where I’d say “You in danger, girl” to Ronda Rousey, but we don’t even know if Floyd Mayweather even saw the ESPYs. If last night was his night to watch Justin Bieber, then the only channel they were watching was Nick Jr.

Here’s more of Ronda Rousey from last night, as well as Russell Wilson and the woman he’s not fucking, Lindsey Vonn, Halle Berry, A-Rod, and lovable party boy doofus Gronk (who was probably itching to get out of that suit and into a pair of shorts).

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