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“Arthur” Has Been Canceled After 25 Seasons

July 28, 2021 / Posted by:

Shocking news outta PBS (said no one ever)! The legendary kids’ show Arthur has been canceled after 25 seasons. Arthur, based on the books by Marc Brown, debuted in 1996, which makes it the longest-running children’s animated series in America. It’s the winner of four Daytime Emmys for Outstanding Children’s Animated Program, a Peabody Award, and the 2019 episode where Mr. Ratburn gets gay-married was banned in Alabama. That last one just might be the highest honor of all.

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Yahoo! Answers Is Going Offline For Good

April 6, 2021 / Posted by:

Mark your calendars — An ominous date is nigh. On May 4th, Yahoo! Answers, that lawless digital milieu will go dark. According to The Verge, after 16 years of hosting one of the internet’s most egalitarian sources of hilarity and confusion, Verizon Media Group, which now owns Yahoo!, has decided to pull the plug, thus extinguishing the light of knowledge before we ever get a coherent answer to the question “how is babby formed?” Sorry, kavya. You’re on your own, kiddo.

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The 2019 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Has Officially Been Cancelled

November 21, 2019 / Posted by:

Well folks, it’s the end of an era. Pump out a spritz of sticky sweet Eau So Sexy Dream Angel eau de parfum for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. According to USA Today (fitting), the annual parade of culturally confused be-winged Angels has officially been cancelled this year. The American flag on Leonardo DiCaprio’s yacht is flying at half mast today.

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Adam Duritz Shaved Off His Signature Dreadlocks

August 15, 2019 / Posted by:

We’ve covered some earth shattering haircuts here on Dlisted. There was the time Mickey Rourke cut his hair and suddenly looked like Channing Tatum morphed with Daniel Craig, aka HIGHLY FUCKABLE. There was also the time Justin Bieber shaved his shaggy dog shaggy do and served lone gunman realness. And the image of a newly shorn Pamela Anderson sent shivers down our spines with her uncanny resemblance to Anderson Cooper. But this one, this one will rock you to your core. Counting Crows front man Adam Duritz shaved his head. I’ll give you a moment to process this unbelievable information.

How are you holding up? Are you ready to see? Don’t rush it if you’re not ready. Take your time. Breathe. OK?

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The End Of An Era: Jeremey Meeks And Chloe Green Are Officially Over

August 12, 2019 / Posted by:

Time to pour one out for an absolute legend. Jeremy Meeks’ watch has ended and it’s time to hold whatever the equivalent of a viking funeral is for the storied career of a Gold Digger nonpareil. According to Us Weekly, Jeremy and his TopShop ATM Chloe Green have officially split after two years, one baby (Jayden Meeks-Green), and one hundred trips around the globe on daddy’s yacht. For his achievements in the arts of The Come Up, Fortuitous Insemination, and the Commodification of What Your Momma Gave You, Jeremy has earned himself an entire wing in the Gold Diggers Hall Of Fame.

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