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Pat Sajak Will Retire From Hosting “Wheel Of Fortune” At The End Of The Upcoming Season

June 13, 2023 / Posted by:

It seems like Pat Sajak has had a wild hair up his ass to leave Wheel of Fortune for a few years now–straight up saying he’d be done soon and lamenting that the show “will not die” and rubbing elbows with that Cro-Magnon queef Marjorie Taylor Greene, tweeting in an I-don’t-give-a-fuckily manner, and being extra shitty to production and contestants. Pat has now finally decided that after 40 years and three daytime Emmy Awards for outstanding game show host, he’ll retire after heading the show since 1981.

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Open Post: Hosted By Pat Sajak “Wresting” A “Wheel Of Fortune” Contestant

March 22, 2023 / Posted by:

Pat Sajak is definitely getting tired of hosting the sophisticated version of Hangman known as Wheel Of Fortune because these past few seasons have seen quite a few questionable moments. And normally, Pat is the culprit because Vanna White isn’t letting anything stop her forty-year-long check of revealing letters with a smile. In recent years, Wheel producers have been hoping Pat would finally solve theirP_EASE RETIRE” puzzle while Pat himself has been getting nastier with contestants to the point where he basically told one of them to shut the fuck up. And now, Pat is taking out his rage on another contestant by practicing his sweet wrasslin’ moves at the end of the bonus round.

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Open Post: Hosted The Renewal Of “Jeopardy!” And “Wheel Of Fortune” For Five More Years

January 12, 2023 / Posted by:

Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings can keep vying for wittiest Jeopardy! host (verdict: sorry, it’s still the legend, Alex Trebek), and Pat Sajak gets to continue to curmudgeonly condescend to a fresh crop of contestants and bitch to a probably very tired Vanna White backstage until the producers’ wish of him retiring is finally granted–because ABC just held on to two of the very lucrative “feathers in their cap” by forking out even more money than they had to last time to secure a five-year renewal for both shows.

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Pat Sajak Teases His Retirement And Was Also Pictured With Margorie Taylor Green

September 18, 2022 / Posted by:

The end is near according to TV host and eternal curmudgeon Pat Sajak. Well, the end of Pat’s run at the Wheel of Fortune, anyway. We have a least seventyish more years until the world gets too hot for us to be outside. Yes, the wheel that grants its contestants trips to the Bahamas or bankruptcy will no longer have Pat by its side. We’re entering a world where Vanna White isn’t smiling nervously while Pat insults contestants or solving the puzzles himself on-air. This trainwreck is approaching the station!

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Pat Sajak Made Fun Of A Contestant For Telling “The Most Pointless Story Ever Told”

March 10, 2022 / Posted by:

Pat Sajak has been known to get a little sassy with the contestants on Wheel of Fortune. A year ago there were reports that producers were sick of his snark and wanted him to take a break. But he didn’t. And now 75-year-old Pat is getting some backlash online after joking that a contestant’s interview anecdote was “the most pointless story ever told.” Aw geez, is all the rage he suppressed during the “Another feather in your cap” debacle finally starting to bubble over?

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