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Jake Gyllenhaal’s Rumored Cat, Ms. Fluffle Stilt Skin, Has Spoken Up On His Behalf

November 17, 2021 / Posted by:

Ms. Fluffle Stilt Skins has spoken! Ok well, she’s meouched. Jake Gyllenhaal’s unofficial spokescat has issued a statement on Instagram pleading “ya’ll need to calm down and stop cyber bullying.” And I think we know, all too well, who “y’all” is here. While a source tells E! News that Jake doesn’t “read gossip” and has “no interest in it,” Jake himself hasn’t publicly commented on the renewed vitriol coming his way from Taylor Swift fans since the release of Red (Taylor’s Version) version of All Too Well (10-Minute Version) with an accompanying music video directed by Taylor herself. But Ms. Fluffle isn’t afraid to let her 44.5K followers know there will be no Jake slander tolerated on HER interwebs! Now, you may be wondering why and how Jake has come to have an official spokescat, even though he’s allergic. Well, the answer is simple. The internet is a vast and ponderous place where tear-stained pussies wield the power of Gods.

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