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Keanu Reeves And Alexandra Grant Might Be Engaged

April 18, 2022 / Posted by:

OK! Magazine is reporting that Keanu Reeves and his girlfriend of four years, artist Alexandra Grant, are engaged. According to a very invested source, Keanu “tried to keep a low profile” on March 31, when he was spotted in L.A. “eyeing diamond rings” at a jewelry store. The insider claims that 57-year-old Keanu asked 49-year-old Alexandra to marry him after they spent an extended period of time together in Europe, where he was shooting back-to-back movies, including John Wick 4. Ahhh, nothing more romantic than playing a tortured killer hell-bent on revenge.

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“The Matrix 4” Cast And Crew Reportedly Got Around COVID-19 Rules By Disguising A Wrap Party As A Film Shoot 

November 16, 2020 / Posted by:

The people working on the fourth Matrix movie have allegedly pulled a Kim Kardashian West and partied it up during coronavirus lockdown. But they didn’t need a private island to avoid disease. The Matrix 4 recently wrapped filming in Germany and they got around the country’s partial lockdown, which started at the beginning of the month, by throwing a party scene for the movie which really wasn’t for the movie. Technicalities: they only work for the privileged!

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Keanu Reeves’ Girlfriend, Alexandra Grant, Got A Restraining Order Against His Stalker

July 21, 2020 / Posted by:

Keanu Reeves is the Internet’s Boyfriend. He also happens to be the actual boyfriend of artiste Alexandra Grant. So yeah, he’s cheating on us. And that doesn’t sit well with some Keanu fans, who loathe Alexandra for having the audacity to enter an adult relationship with their prized Canuck gentleman movie star.

One such obsessive, a 67-year-old woman named Cathryn, has taken it to the next (terrifying) level. Alexandra says Cathryn, who has an “extensive history of criminal acts”, is stalking and harassing her. It got so bad she filed a restraining order.

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Alexandra Grant Joined Keanu Reeves In Berlin Where He’s Shooting “Matrix 4”

June 24, 2020 / Posted by:

Psst, I got what you need. I heard you were looking for some of that good wholesome content. And it’s not that nasty shit they’re cutting with blackface and coronavirus or whatever. I got the pure shit, straight from the streets of Berlin. According to Us Weekly, Keanu Reeves was photographed giggling with his girlfriend Alexandra Grant as filming on Matrix 4 resumed in Berlin. I know, right! Giggling? In this economy?!?

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Alexandra Grant Says That Every Single Person She Knew Called Her After She Went Public With Her Boyfriend Keanu Reeves

March 12, 2020 / Posted by:

Alexandra Grant, artist and girlfriend to immortal prince Keanu Reeves, talked to British Vogue about her fancy life as an artiste and also about how she really burst onto the celebrity scene when it was revealed she was dating John Wick. And after the news broke she said that “every single person” she knew called her. They were obviously hitting her up to get her boyfriend to sign their Dogstar CD.

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Keanu Reeves’ Girlfriend Explained Why She Doesn’t Dye Her Hair

December 5, 2019 / Posted by:

Keanu ReevesgirlfriendAlexandra Grant, is probably so sick of hearing “has anyone ever told you you look just like Helen Mirren?,” it’s a shock she hasn’t just gone ahead and dyed her hair purple just to make it stop. However, in an Instagram post, Alexandra revealed that she doesn’t dye her hair for health reasons, and cited a recent Newsweek article that reported a link between breast cancer and the use of permanent hair dyes and relaxers. Can you believe this lady? She’d rather be compared to a glamorous, titled, international superstar like Dame Helen than have her tits try to murder her in her sleep. In 2019? I can’t understand what Keanu sees in her!

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