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What Year Is It Again? Fans Think Nelly And Ashanti May Have Rekindled Their Relationship

April 25, 2023 / Posted by:

Grab your ornamental face Band-aids and/or your best sparkly going-out top with a wide-ass belt; because Nelly and Ashanti might be providing us with the early aughts nostalgia we didn’t know we needed by getting back together! Fans think the two may have pulled a “Bennifer 2.0” after they were seen arriving and sitting together at a boxing match and holding hands as they left, 20 years after they’d first started dating before being on and off for over a decade and then breaking up for good in 2013.

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Ashanti Says That A Predatory Producer Demanded Shower Sex In Exchange For Her Recordings, Or She’d Have To Pay Up

December 2, 2022 / Posted by:

Now that Ashanti has magically appeared from the depths of the late aughts to remind us who she is; it’s time for a dark tale from the industry. Recently, Ashanti appeared on the early morning tea party known as The Breakfast Club to pour a cup of piping hot sleaze for all the listeners. Apparently, at some point during her career, Ashanti and an unnamed producer were working together on a few songs. After the tracks were completed, Ashanti attempted to give him a quick high five before running out the door to sing a few more songs J. Lo could take credit for (we haven’t forgotten!). But the producer had other plans in mind when he requested they both take a shower together or she would have to pay for the tracks.

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Nelly Is Sorry For A Beej Video That Was Posted To His Instagram Account

February 9, 2022 / Posted by:

Nelly has been trending since yesterday because he accidentally posted a video of himself getting a blowjob to his Instagram Stories. As far as Nelly News® goes, this is an improvement over all those sexual assault allegations. But not by much, since it’s just his dick in the video, and the woman’s face is on full display. To quote Nelly’s comment on Madonna’s scantily-clad Instagram photo from just last week: “Some things should be covered up!” Continue reading


Ja Rule Managed To Book A Headlining Gig At A Musical Festival But Didn’t Show Up For It

September 28, 2021 / Posted by:

As everyone knows, Ja Rule was one of the original architects of the absolutely criminal Fyre Festival–where a bunch of people paid way too much money to party on an island and ended up stranded and starved. Ja Rule was legally cleared of any wrongdoing, and Fyre Festival’s main schemer, Billy McFarland, was sentenced to six years in prison after pleading guilty to two counts of wire fraud in 2018. It seems like music festivals and Ja Rule really do not mix, but he recently agreed to headline the 90s Nostalgia Music Festival in Toronto, which happened over the weekend. But while Ja Rule did show up to perform during Jennifer Lopez’s set at the Global Citizen Live show in NYC on Saturday night (see: above), he ghosted the 90s Nostalgia Music Festival. He’s not always there when you call, he’s not always on time, he might not even show up at all!

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Ashanti Got Body-Shamed For The Megan Thee Stallion Cosplay She Wore For A Performance

September 15, 2019 / Posted by:

I realize that Halloween is quickly approaching, and after the long, balmy Hot Girl Summer, I can only imagine how many women will be quick to throw on ass-less chaps and tight titty tops to recreate the magic that is Megan Thee Stallion as their costume of choice. Apparently, Ashanti‘s calendar app must be broken, because she must think it’s already time to break out her costume. And one Twitter user immediately pulled out the shame bell to let Ashanti know that this ain’t the look for her. However, Ashanti’s fans aren’t here for any of that mess. And they immediately came to her defense.

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