Rob Kardashian Picked Up Blac Chyna From Jail In A 1,377 Miles Road Trip

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If your initial reaction upon reading this headline was to remark, “You know damn well Rob borrowed his mom’s car to pick up Blac Chyna, congratulations, you’re my type of petty. 2016’s poster couple for petty personified proved their unwavering love for each other when Rob Kardashian drove 1,377 miles to Austin, Texas from Los Angeles, California to pick up Blac Chyna from jail after her drunken debacle at the Austin International Airport. And because Amber Rose’s fellow sister in heaux shit is a gushing well of pettiness who wanted to prove to the Kardashian clan that she’s still the apple of Rob’s eye, she decided to beat them at their own game. The family that’s famous for turning any moment into a social media announcement or TV episode witnessed in horror (I presume) as Blac Chyna posed for a photo where she stood next to a Bentley with a Bentley Beverly Hills license plate frame. She also filmed a video of her ride out of Austin which she immediately posted to her Instagram. For those of you keeping score that’s three points for Blac Chyna.


A video posted by (@blacchyna) on

Take it from here TMZ for all of the salacious details.

Now our Kardashian sources confirm Rob drove the Bentley 26 hours to pick Chyna up.  He started the journey minutes after Chyna got arrested for public intoxication at the Austin International Airport Friday at 4:20 PM Texas time. 

The pic was posted at around 12:20 PM—22 hours after her arrest. The drive is 19 hours minimum […] We’ve confirmed it’s Rob’s Bentley—the same one in which he and Blac Chyna were tooling around L.A. earlier in the week.

And like clockwork, TMZ reports that the Kardashian family is alarmed by Rob’s behavior. Apparently the family of sound moral character is fearful that Rob’s road trip is a clear sign that he’s acting irrationally and they’re worried drugs or alcohol might be behind it. The only way this relationship could irritate Pimp Mama Kris even more is if Rob and Blac Chyna landed a reality show on E! that replaced Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Pic: SnapChat via TMZ

Alicia Vikander Channels The Ugly Afghan On Roseanne’s Couch

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The Screen Actors Guild Awards was last night and as you know big things happened in diversity. (Well, hello #SAGsSoBlack) But as you also know in life, the good comes with the bad. And if you need further proof of the latter statement take a look at the nominees who walked the red carpet. While many actresses effortlessly slayed (I’m looking at you Rachel McAdams.. And I’m looking at you, Lori Petty!” – Michael), others lost sense of the space-time continuum and common sense, showing up dressed like a Project Runway reject designed their gowns. The latter remark is best applied to actress Alicia Vikander who wore a long-sleeved, sparkly Louis Vuitton dress that bore a striking resemblance to the afghan on Roseanne’s couch. The dress just screams, “We were short on material while sewing this number” with its large patchwork of mismatched colors and unflattering large squares. Instead of shutting down questions, Alicia’s dress incited a lot more. I ask you, “When has gold and blue ever worked as a color combination?”

I’m sure the snooty fashion mavericks at Louis Vuitton convinced her on that wolf ticket of a dress by saying, “Darling! It’s gorgeous on you! What more can you ask for: chic and 70s-inspired? Voila!” And of course, because she’s obligated by contract as the face of Louis Vuitton to wear it, she fell for it. But I don’t blame Alicia because her thought process is technically hazy considering she’s at stage 10 of dickmatization courtesy of her, er, well-equipped boyfriend Michael Fassbender. Yes, she did nab an award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Movie for her performance in The Danish Girl which is lovely. But I’m positive all she was concerned about was running back to her hotel room to get some Fassbender lovin.’ “Who cares about this God-forsaken borrowed dress,” Alicia mumbled to herself, statue clutched in her hand, as the elevator ascended back to her complimentary room. “I’m going to get plowed by the best of them as soon as I enter my room.”

My thoughts exactly, Alicia. My thoughts exactly.

For more of the horror show known as the red carpet, browse the slideshow below for WTF moments from some of your favorite actresses such as Nicole Kidman, Kaley Cuoco, Christina Hendricks, Laverne Cox, Rooney Mara, Kate Mara, January Jones, and many more.


Vanessa Hudgens’ Daddy Has Died

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Y’all, 2016 is proving to be The Year of Ls (that means “losses” for anyone here who doesn’t speak hip-hop)—even for the parents of celebrities. Today, Vanessa Hudgens is mourning the loss of her father, Greg Hudgens, after he passed away at the age of 65 from battling stage 4 cancer. Just in case you need a reminder as to how much Vanessa hates cancer, here’s a snippet of her speech she shared Wednesday at the 2015 Industry Dance Awards & Cancer Benefit Show held at Avalon in Hollywood:

“Last year, my boyfriend, Austin, lost his mom, Lori, to cancer, and my dad has just been recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Let me tell you, I hate cancer. I hate cancer with every cell of my being.”

“If you would have asked me two years ago what I thought of cancer, I would have said, ‘Man, you know, it sucks. It’s a horrible disease,'” said Vanessa. “But that’s only because I had not been faced with it personally.”

The 27-year-old Mila Kunis doppelgänger shared the sad news on Twitter with her fans who have watched her document her father’s bout with cancer since August of last year.

Gabriella Montez’s loss comes hours before she plays Rizzo in FOX’s Grease: Live which tonight. In light of her father’s passing Vanessa is going on with the show and will actually perform tonight as a tribute to her daddy.

Greg is survived by his wife Gina Hudgens, Stella Hudgens, Vanessa’s 20-year-old sister and Vanessa.


Idris Elba Won The Screen Actors Guild Awards, Twitter Responds With #SAGsSoBlack

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(Note from Michael: Yes, I’ve already done some things to that pic in Photoshop.)

Take notes, Academy Awards. Unlike you, the Screen Actors Guild Awards was very, er, diverse last night #SAGsSoBlack. The winners included Black actresses such as Viola Davis, Uzo Aduba and Queen Latifah who won statues for their performances in TV shows or movies, prompting Twitter to respond in appreciation with the hashtag, #SAGsSoBlack. Idris Elba made history during Saturday night’s show for his record breaking win for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Television Movie or Miniseries for his starring role in Luther, and for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role, in Beasts of No Nation. He’s the first male Brit to walk away with two statues on the same night. Helen Mirren was the first female Brit to do the same.

The hot piece of British ass was dapper, unlike some other Brits (I’m looking at you, Daisy Lowe) and thanked everyone. He literally spends 47 seconds thanking everyone he’s ever met in his life. Take it away, Mr. Elba.

If you’re too lazy to press play, read Idris’ thank you speech below.

“I remember getting my SAG card from [the TV show] Law and Order; that was 20 years ago so thank you for that, man.

Cary Fukunaga you are a G for making this movie. You toyed around with this script for seven years and I’m thankful to take this award on your behalf.

Ted-something from Netflix, well done for your belief, bro.

We made a film about real people and real lives. And to be awarded for it is very special because a lot of people were damaged through that. So thank you for giving this film light, respect, love.”

Idris also got really reflective and gave his two cents on the #OscarsSoWhite controversy and shared:

“Welcome to diverse TV.”

Take that, take that #OscarsSoWhite for snubbing Idris for a Best Supporting Actor nod for Beast of No Nation. Did you really think the Universe wouldn’t find some other way to make amends?



Open Post: Hosted by Daisy Lowe Giving You S&M Nicki Minaj

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Last night, Gavin Rossdale’s one-time secret love child and (insert whatever she does here) Daisy Lowe celebrated her 27th birthday at London’s Tape nightclub with the usual suspects–Rita Ora, Nick Grimshaw, Laura Whitmore and her boyfriend Thomas Cohen. Yes, that Thomas Cohen who was married to her deceased friend, Peaches Geldof. Scandal aside…

Apparently, Daisy wanted to prove she’s as daring as they come and decided to wear two frocks that would cause a pious woman to shriek, “What the fuck is she wearing?” For her first look, the model (Who knew she worked?) channeled Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj in a pink concoction of an outfit that resembled a condom lightly dipped in Pepto-Bismol. Daisy’s latex dress was see-through, which is bizarre, but luckily she kept it coy with pasties. She followed that look with an actual negligee and tried to be conservative by throwing on a boa cape. I know she thought she was pulling off some next-level Rihanna haute couture but she ended up looking like an extra in a Glamour Shots photo shoot. Both outfits essentially make her look like a kitsch-y call girl. But the real question is this: For someone who’s a socialite why does Daisy buy her wigs from Ali Express like Aretha Franklin does? Does that site have a discount deal for the one percent?

Pics: Splash


Kanye West Promises He Won’t Speak About Other People’s Kids Again

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Some people are just naturally remorseful. They carry this sense of personal accountability, constantly apologizing for some behavior or comment. It’s safe to say Kanye West—or Yeezus if you’re sacrilegious—isn’t one of those people. And nothing screams, “I need a prayer circle as soon as possible” like bringing a toddler into an already bizarre feud that may or may not be fueled by your unwavering lust for your ex and her fingers.

A few days ago Yeezus claimed in a Twitter fight that he “ownsAmber Rose’s 2-year-old son with Wiz Khalifa and that neither “wouldn’t have a child if it wasn’t for me.” Yeah, it was pretty awful but not awful enough to garner an apology out of Yeezus. Beyonce’s most dedicated super fan went on Twitter and pretty much told Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose, “I’m sorry” without ever mentioning the words “I’m sorry.”

Call it the tweet representation of the Kanye shrug.


You know who else is unapologetic? The scallywag that is Amber Rose who started her Friday night by celebrating her total annihilation of Yeezus by wearing a curve-hugging black-and-white mini dress to Lure nightclub. Yeah, her shoe game was on point, but I’m more concerned about Amber trying to make sunglasses in the club happen in 2016.

She does know she’s not T-Pain, right?

Pics: Splash, Tumblr

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