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Matt Lauer Talks About Getting Fired From NBC

April 27, 2018 / Posted by:

After five short months in hiding, Matt Lauer is back to talk about allegations of sexual harassment that got him canned from the Today. His first comments didn’t come via a tone-deaf interview with Charlie Rose, but in a piece by The Washington Post. Lest you think it’s a puff piece to fluff up Matt Lauer’s already-too-bloated ego, there are some comments by several anonymous sources and Ann Curry that imply things were rotten at NBC for a while.

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Ann Curry Wasn’t Feeling Megyn Kelly’s Response To Jane Fonda

January 24, 2018 / Posted by:

On Monday, Megyn Kelly used her time on Megyn Kelly TODAY to slap back at Jane Fonda. Jane has been scratching at Megyn ever since Megyn asked her about her plastic surgeries during an interview in September. Megyn probably high-fived herself in the mirror after her Jane takedown, but not everyone thinks what Megyn did was totally badass. Specifically, former TODAY co-anchor Ann Curry.

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Ann Curry Finally Says Words About Getting Fired From “Today” And The Downfall Of Matt Lauer

January 17, 2018 / Posted by:

Ann Curry hasn’t said much about how Today dropped her ass in the dumpster after being a co-anchor for about three seconds (if you want to get technical, she was co-anchor for a year) and how she feels about the career of Matt Lauer (aka the smug dildo who may have played a big part in her firing) also ending up in the dumpster. But Ann is finally (just pretend this text is blinking for dramatic purposes) BREAKING HER SILENCE!!!

Ann is on the cover of this week’s People giving us an “Oh honey, sit down and put on a plastic poncho because I’m about to spill the tea all over the place” pose. But you don’t need to keep the burn cream handy because Ann’s tea ain’t boiling hot.

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Justice 4 Ann Curry: Matt Lauer Got Fired By NBC For Sexual Harassment 

November 29, 2017 / Posted by:

When the Fall of Pervs 2017 started to hit the world of TV news and Ryan Seacrest was accused (sort of) and Charlie Rose went down, I waited and waited for the creepy perv curtain to be lifted off of bald pillar of potent smug Matt Lauer. Well, that day has come… and you probably didn’t read anything beyond “was accused” because your vision was blurred by the tears you let out while laugh crying over me saying that sneaky garden gnome Ryan Seacrest is in the world of TV news.

But anyway, NBC News announced today that after getting a detailed sexual harassment complaint from an employee on Monday night, they have fired the seemingly untouchable don of morning TV. Meanwhile, employees at Good Morning America are making a mental note to keep the receipt for the holiday gifts they bought for George Stephanopoulos and Michael Strahan.

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Matt Lauer Was Basically Ann Curry’s Only Supporter, So Says Matt Lauer

March 12, 2013 / Posted by:

Before and after Ann Curry was dumped from the Today show, there were dozens of stories about how Matt Lauer was the one who ordered a hit out on her and he’s the one who drafted her walking papers. Fuel was added to that fire when Ann hugged everybody but Matt on her last day. With Good Morning America beating Today in the ratings, Matt is now trying something called last-minute damage control. Matt tells The Daily Beast that while everyone was thinking he’s the one who dragged Ann out the exit door, he was telling NBC to give her more time as his co-anchor.

Some source tells The Daily Beast that when Matt was told that Ann was out, he begged them to give her more time before pushing her into a smaller role. Steve Capus, the former president of NBC News, backed up that source’s claim by queefing this out:

“When Matt was informed that we had made this decision, his good counsel was to go slow, to take care of Ann, and to do the right things. He was quietly and publicly a supporter of Ann’s throughout the entire process. It is unfair that Matt has shouldered an undue amount of blame for a decision he disagreed with.”

Matt admits that before Ann was let go, he took her to lunch and told her that he initially didn’t want her as his co-host. Ann didn’t have an agent at the time, so Matt advised her to get one right away. Ann already had an open sore on her heart from knowing that she was about to lose her job and then Matt pissed on that open sore by telling her he never wanted her to have the job in the first place. How nice of him. Matt really is supporting.

Matt then said that he knows Ann’s firing wasn’t handled very well.

“I don’t think the show and the network handled the transition well. You don’t have to be Einstein to know that. It clearly did not help us. We were seen as a family, and we didn’t handle a family matter well.

In some ways being No. 2 in the ratings is a real shot in the arm, a kick in the pants. It makes you hungrier … I don’t think it’s a bad thing to have a fire lit under your ass.”

What I got from this piece is that when Matt takes you out for a work lunch, he’s only taking you out to tell you that he wishes he wasn’t having lunch with you, because he wishes you weren’t hired to work alongside him in the first place. What I also got from this piece is that Matt likes his side hos to dip their fingers in some hot sauce before fingering his b-hole.

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