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Elliot Page Says He Was Verbally Assaulted By An A-List Actor After Coming Out As Gay

June 5, 2023 / Posted by:

You know it’s not really Pride month if we don’t expose the reason why Pride exists in the first place: Discrimination! Well, honestly, Pride is now all about parties and endorsements, however, what its intended use should be is for fighting against discrimination and horrible homophobes. Enter Elliot Page, who has quite a few stories of the things he’s encountered as a gay and trans actor in Tinsel Town. In his memoir, Pageboy Elliot recalls a time after he came out as gay in 2014 (and before his transition in 2020) when he and an unnamed A-list actor were having a conversation about homosexuality, to which the actor replied, “Nah, that’s not real. Lemme give you some dick!” And the reason Elliot added this story to his memoir is because he knows these are the kinds of stories that are relatable for every member of the LGBTQ+ community.

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The Men Of The Met Gala: They Were Also There!

September 14, 2021 / Posted by:

The Met Gala is usually Ladies Night plus Jared Leto as most of the men just throw on a tux and call it a day. But this year saw a lot more fellows willing to risk it all in the name of FASHION! Ok, maybe not risking it all, but at the very least, risking falling down the stairs ass-over-tea kettle like Jason Derulo by wearing a chunky shoe. Of course, you’re gonna have your showboats like Lil Nas X here who’s outfit included two separate reveals and enough tooch-booching to make even Tyra Banks scream “THIS IS TOO MUCH!

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Elliot Page Did An Interview With Oprah

April 29, 2021 / Posted by:

Elliot Page sat down for an interview with Oprah to talk about his new life as an openly trans man. Their conversation will premiere tomorrow on Apple TV+. Elliot was also interviewed (by trans journalist Thomas Page McBee) for a feature with Vanity Fair. In it, he explains that he did the Oprah interview to use his platform to speak out against anti-trans activists and lawmakers and fight for trans kids. Elliot says he’s known he was a boy since he was a toddler. Well, and he also probably did the Oprah interview because you can’t truly say you’ve been interviewed until Oprah lowers her eyeglasses while looking at you and says, “Now, tell me about YOUR TRUTH.

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Elliot Page Covers TIME And Talks About His Transition And Trans Equality

March 16, 2021 / Posted by:

Elliot Page is on this week’s cover of TIME and gives his first interview since coming out as a transgender man at the end of 2020. Elliot talks about wanting to be a boy since he was a kid, how difficult it was having to present as a feminine actress, and how the world’s reaction to his announcement was a lot. He also discusses trans rights, his platform and privilege, and how getting top surgery “completely transformed” his life. Continue reading

Elliot Page Has Filed For Divorce From Emma Portner After Three Years Of Marriage

January 26, 2021 / Posted by:

Back in December, Elliot Page announced that he’s transgender, adding that his “joy is real” over being able to come out and live honestly and authentically. Many wished Elliot nothing but the best for the coming year. Well, nearly two months into Elliot’s new life, and it looks like it’s not all joy. It’s gonna be a year of divorce too. Because Elliot filed papers to divorce his wife, dancer and choreographer Emma Portner.

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