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Creator Of “Leave Britney Alone” Cara Cunningham Is Transitioning

August 18, 2021 / Posted by:

Back in April Cara Cunningham sold her legendary “Leave Britney Alone” video as an NFT (yep, still don’t understand what that is) for over $41,000. At the time, Tennessee-based Cara said that she planned to use some of the money to transition. Cara’s been wanting to transition since she was a teen, but she put her “identity and personal happiness aside” because she was terrified of rejection and possibly embarrassing her family. Now, at age 33, Cara is ready to make the change. She starts hormone replacement therapy today, and the name “Chris Crocker” is no more; she’s going by Cara Cunningham. Ooo, alliterative and Dynasty-levels of dramatique. 

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Universal Apologized To Laverne Cox For Dubbing Her With A Male Voice Actor In The Italian Version Of “Promising Young Woman”

May 13, 2021 / Posted by:

When Universal Pictures International dubbed the Italian version of the film Promising Young Women, they fucked up big time and chose a male voice actor, Roberto Pedicini, to dub Laverne Cox. This was discovered a week ago, when Universal Pictures Italy posted a clip of Una Donna Promettente and Laverne’s character spoke in a “distinctly masculine tone.” Trans activists and people on social media were rightfully outraged, and soon the clip was taken down.

Universal apologized, announced that Laverne’s voice will be redubbed with a female voice actor, and the Italian version’s theatrical release has been pushed back (it was supposed to come out today). Good! This isn’t Bob’s Burgers, this is an Oscar-winning film starring a trans woman. In the words of Stephanie Tanner, “How rude!”

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Elliot Page Did An Interview With Oprah

April 29, 2021 / Posted by:

Elliot Page sat down for an interview with Oprah to talk about his new life as an openly trans man. Their conversation will premiere tomorrow on Apple TV+. Elliot was also interviewed (by trans journalist Thomas Page McBee) for a feature with Vanity Fair. In it, he explains that he did the Oprah interview to use his platform to speak out against anti-trans activists and lawmakers and fight for trans kids. Elliot says he’s known he was a boy since he was a toddler. Well, and he also probably did the Oprah interview because you can’t truly say you’ve been interviewed until Oprah lowers her eyeglasses while looking at you and says, “Now, tell me about YOUR TRUTH.

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Elliot Page Covers TIME And Talks About His Transition And Trans Equality

March 16, 2021 / Posted by:

Elliot Page is on this week’s cover of TIME and gives his first interview since coming out as a transgender man at the end of 2020. Elliot talks about wanting to be a boy since he was a kid, how difficult it was having to present as a feminine actress, and how the world’s reaction to his announcement was a lot. He also discusses trans rights, his platform and privilege, and how getting top surgery “completely transformed” his life. Continue reading

RuPaul Discussed Transgender Inclusion On “Drag Race”

January 7, 2021 / Posted by:

The latest season of Rupaul’s Drag Race premiered last week, featuring a twist where every single queen had to lip-sync for their life. That shit got… repetitive. Especially with the knife slicing and pig squeal sound effect. But thanks to the show diversifying their audience (simulcasting on a bunch of different networks like the CW and MTV), the thirteenth premiere was the most-watched episode in  Drag Race history.

On Tuesday night, RuPaul went on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to plug the show, and addressed trans inclusion on the show. In the past, Ru has had to apologize for saying he wouldn’t let trans women who’d had gender-affirming surgery compete. He once tweeted that it would be like letting athletes on performance-enhancing drugs compete in the Olympics. Woof. Now, there have been trans contestants on the show (including Peppermint, Sonique, Monica Beverly Hillz, and the brainless Gia Gunn), but none of these queens had originally gone on Drag Race having had gender affirming surgery (as far as I know).

Trans activists and former contestants like Aquaria had a lot to say about this fuckery. And I guess they finally got through to Ru (or he realized it wasn’t a good look to be on the wrong side of history), because this season features Gottmik, the show’s first trans contestant (Gottmik is a trans man).

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