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Olivia Wilde Says She Fired Shia LeBeouf From “Don’t Worry Darling” To Protect Florence Pugh

August 25, 2022 / Posted by:

Given all the drama surrounding Olivia Wilde’s upcoming psychological thriller/unintentional comedy Don’t Worry Darling starring Zach Braff’s former boo Florence Pugh and Olivia’s current boo Harry Styles, it’s easy to forget that things could be worse. When the movie went into production, Shia LeBeouf was starring opposite Flo “as suburban husband” who “may or may not be gaslighting his wife,” but was replaced by her first-choice, Harry, with no reason given other than a “scheduling conflict.” A bit later Olivia admitted that she shit canned Shia for violating her “no assholes policy on set, but in her recent Variety interview, she claims that she fired him because her priority was to make sure Flo felt safe and supported given the “vulnerable situations” she’d be putting her in. Based on what we’ve heard, I’m not sure how safe and supported Flo felt when Olivia started fucking her co-star, but at least she never had to see Shia with his shirt off. That creeper” clown chest tattoo alone is enough to send anybody to trauma therapy.

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Prince William And Duchess Kate’s Royal Tour Of The Caribbean Is Being Met With Protests

March 21, 2022 / Posted by:

Even after the British Commonwealth nation of Barbados decided that Rihanna is the only queen they will be fucking with from here on out last November, The Firm’s inability to read the room continues to be appalling. According to People, Prince William and Duchess Kate have been trotted out on a royal tour of the Caribbean with stops in Belize, Jamaica, and the Bahamas as part of THE QUEEN’s Platinum Jubilee to smile and wave and reinforce stereotypes about white people not being able to dance. Only instead of being met by a sea of adoring royal loyals in Belize, William and Kate were greeted by protesters who didn’t want colonizers landing their helicopter on their football field. And according to The Express, there’s another protest planned ahead of their next scheduled stop in Jamaica where, in an open letter addressed to them, “a group of politicians, business leaders and doctors have called for the British monarchy to pay slavery reparations.” Needless to say, Will’s going to have to pull out some big moves if there’s any chance of salvaging this mess. He’s going to have to drop and do the worm.

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