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The Excess Of Fashion At The BAFTA Awards Puts A Spotlight On An Emerging Crisis

February 20, 2023 / Posted by:

If I’ve learned anything covering awards shows over the past few years, it’s that we, as a society, need to wake up and realize that we are on the verge of a cataclysmic sea-change that threatens to collapse all that we hold dear about awards shows. Forget global warming; there’s nothing we can do about that now (sorry, Greta et al). The peril we currently face has nothing to do with carbon emissions. André Leon Talley tried to warm us of this impending disaster. But did we listen? No. And now, tragically, we’ve allowed a dangerous build-up of too much fashion to occur. Right before our very eyes. And if something isn’t done to mitigate this awards fashion disaster, immediately, we risk losing the very carpet upon which they play out. I don’t even think Andre, in all his great wisdom, could have predicted that (still?) it-girl Anya Taylor-Joy would be personally responsible for 68% of the noxious plumes of excess fashion at last night’s BAFTA Awards, the runoff of which is polluting the Thames with a literal blanket of velvety tan sludge.

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The Legendary André Leon Talley Has Died At 73

January 19, 2022 / Posted by:

The fashion world and beyond are slipping on their most voluminous black Oscar de la Renta cape (Don’t we all have one in our closet?) and their vintage Chanel lace veil over the loss of pioneering fashion icon and true force, André Leon Talley. He was hospitalized near his home in White Plains, NY, and reportedly died of a heart attack yesterday. He was 73.

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A GoFundMe Has Been Set Up For André Leon Talley After The New York Times Wrote About His Mansion Eviction

March 2, 2021 / Posted by:

Woe is André Leon Talley! He could be evicted from his 11-room White Plains mansion by his (likely former) friends and landlords Anthony Yurgaitis and George Malkemus, the former head of Manolo Blahnik, who want to sell it. They filed to evict André last November, and in late January, André filed a counterclaim. Here’s the long and the short: André says he owns the mansion. He says back in 2004 he paid Anthony and George a $120,000 down payment, and they used that money and their own funds to purchase the home for $1,020,000. André says they all made a “gentleman’s agreement”  that he would pay them back over time, and he claims he has. But Anthony and George say that’s baloney. They claim André’s so-called “equity payments” were actually just rent, and he owes them $515,872,97.

The New York Times covered this mess in a piece entitled “The Dispossession of André Leon Talley.” They say André’s house predicament “throws light on a pattern of behavior long endemic to the fashion world, in which gifts, favors and influence were the currency of exchange.” In other words, what was the difference between bribes and personal gifts and actual business arrangements? Continue reading

André Leon Talley Is Facing Eviction From The Mansion He Claims He Owns

February 22, 2021 / Posted by:

The New York Post says that 72-year-old André Leon Talley is in danger of eviction from his mansion in White Plains, New York. It seems that ownership of the mansion has come into question. André claims that he owns the 11-room home, but his friends (and I’m guessing EX friends) George Malkemus, the former CEO of Manolo Blahnik, and George’s partner, Anthony Yurgaitis, claim it’s their house and André owes them over $500,000 in rent. Yikes, well André has been in fashion a while, I’m sure he can just live among his clothes in some kind of luxurious haute-couture tent.

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André Leon Talley Says That Nothing Will Get In The Way Of Anna Wintour’s White Privilege

June 13, 2020 / Posted by:

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past thirty or so years, you have probably been living under Vogue Magazine editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour, who is about as cold and unfeeling as an actual rock. I’m basing this, of course, on the decades of industry gossip, the words that have directly come out of Anna’s mouth, and those “Go Ask Anna” videos on YouTube, in which she can barely hold it together while pretending to be a relatable and feeling human being. Oh, and because I have eyes and ears.

As is the style nowadays, Anna (who never misses out on a trend) released an internal email to Vogue staff members last week, in which she acknowledged the lack of diversity at the magazine but mostly used go-to terms like “we will do better” and “I value your voices”…blah blah blah. Well, former Vogue editor-at-large, André Leon Talley, continued to burn that bridge, which is just a pile of ash now, and called Anna out.

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Anna Wintour Admits To “Hurtful And Intolerant” Behavior In A Note To Vogue Staff

June 10, 2020 / Posted by:

Today in SHOCKING, a boss infamous for their emotionally abusive management style admits that maaaybe their company’s toxic ways have been “hurtful and intolerant.” No, it’s not _________ (fill in the blank with literally any place any of us have ever worked… corporations are terrible, and many CEOs are finally being forced to ‘fess up to save face/money). This time it’s Anna Wintour of Vogue.

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