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Amanda Bynes Is Possibly Pregnant With Her First Child (UPDATE)

March 18, 2020 / Posted by:

About a month ago, we all found out that 33-year-old Amanda Bynes got engaged to a dude in his 20s named Paul Michael, a dude she met in AA and has only known for a few months. We then heard that Amanda’s mom wasn’t exactly buying mason jars and raffia bows on Amazon (since nearly every damn wedding I’ve been to in the past 5 years has those as their centerpieces) and vowed to not sign off on the marriage, which is something she’d have to do for it to happen because Amanda is still under a conservatorship. And then we heard that during a court hearing, a judge ordered Amanda into a psychiatric facility after meeting with her family, and Amanda at first agreed to go but never checked in, and Paul reportedly called off the engagement when he heard about the current state of her mental health. But THEN, Paul Michael himself ran his ass of to Page Six to tell them that they never broke up, she’s in a residential treatment center (but can come and go as she pleases), and that a hacker got into their Instagram accounts and deleted all the pictures of them together. So yeah…

So while I may have gotten the doctor card a couple of times while playing the Game of Life, I am not a psychologist, but to me, bringing a baby into this situation doesn’t seem like the best idea. But last night, both Amanda and Paul posted an ultrasound picture of a fetus and “sources” claim she indeed has a case of the babies. Well, I guess 2020 just had to throw another Molotov cocktail on the bonfire of WTF that is itself.

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Amanda Bynes Is No Longer Engaged And Has Been Ordered To Enter A Psychiatric Facility But Refuses To Go

March 9, 2020 / Posted by:

Keep Amanda Bynes in your thoughts, she is going through it right now. According to The Blast, a judge in her conservator case has ordered Amanda to enter a psychiatric hospital after holding a “secret court hearing” that was attended by Amanda, her parents, and her then-fiance of 3 weeks, Paul Michael. As a result of that meeting, Paul ended their engagement and Amanda scrubbed all evidence of him from her Instagram page. She also agreed to enter treatment, however, she apparently changed her mind and didn’t show up when she was supposed to. Now, “her family are weighing their options.” Hopefully all of those options include lots of hugs and a coupon for free laser tattoo removal, redeemable anytime she’s ready.

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Amanda Bynes Returned To Twitter To Announce Her Graduation From FIDM

June 25, 2019 / Posted by:

It’s been 7 months since Amanda Bynes graced the cover of Paper magazine and revealed that she was 4-years sober, working towards a bachelor’s degree at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, and planning a return to acting. Unfortunately things didn’t exactly work out as planned and Amanda wound up back in rehab just 4 months later, and we haven’t heard a peep from her since. The good news is she’s apparently been doing well enough to graduate from FIDM, as evidenced by a photo she posted on Twitter, her first social media activity since November.

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