Shakira Pulled A Beyonce And Rented Out The Entire Floor Of A Hospital For The Birth Of Her Second Son

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I’m sure some of you read the words “pulled a Beyonce” and your brain immediately pictured Shakira shopping for a Publicity’s Choice™ 3rd trimester pillow, but no – that baby bump actually has a baby in it. Well, at least it did at one time; according to The Mirror (via NY Daily News), that baby is now living on the outside and has been since about 11pm Thursday night. Congratulations, Shakira – you’re one baby closer to that all-baby football team you wanted!

Shakira and her low-budget Scott Disick-looking professional football-kicking baby daddy Gerard Piqué already have a 2-year-old son named Milan, and last night another baby boy was pulled from her body via c-section at the Quiron Teknon Hospital in Barcelona. The Mirror says Shakira’s new baby is called Sacha, but Shakira hasn’t really confirmed that yet, so it could be Sacha or it could be Santa or it could be Shakira Jr. (but it’s probably Sacha). Also, if Baby Sacha ever wants to do drag, Sacha Piqué is a super hot name.

And Baby Sacha apparently didn’t have to compete with any other babies for the title of Cutest Baby Thing on the birthing floor, because Billboard says Shakira rented out the whole floor for privacy. That, or it was because Gerard didn’t want any of those other babies looking at his his lady. Either way, congratulations on your new baby Shakira, and enjoy your empty-ass hospital! Sleep in all the beds, pee in all the toilets – really get your money’s worth.


Hot Slut Of The Day!

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Dolfin shorts, the IT shorts of the early 80s!

Dolfin shorts were a little before my time, but I know that they were the epitome of hot sportswear glamour. Dolfin shorts were made of nylon, cut up to your armpits and some came with a built-in pair of chonies so you didn’t have to worry about flashing your goods for free. They were like a flimsy bib for your crotch. They made their debut sometime in the late 70s and were everywhere by the early 80s.  You weren’t ready to go running in the early 80s unless you were wearing candystripe Dolfin shorts with built-in panties, a pair of shiny beige hose and sensible workout heels.

I hadn’t really thought about Dolfin shorts in a while until Wednesday night. I was in the chips section at Vons, a grocery store, when a cloud of steam and heat hit my back. I turned around to see a giant wall of steam and out walked a pepaw in black Dolfin shorts, white gym socks, bright blue sneakers and a white windbreaker. It was a vision and I’m surprised that oxygen masks didn’t drop from the ceiling, because everyone in that aisle hyperventilated over the sex he served up. I don’t even know if he was wearing underwear. I’m surprised the wind from all of the air kisses his new admirers blew at him didn’t cause his Dolfin shorts to blow up and give us a peek of his pepaw nalgas.

I wish I had the body confidence to wear a pair of Dolfin shorts. They’re classic, highly fashionable and provide easy access for quick hook-ups.

Dolfin still makes a version of these shorts today and we can thank the Patron Saint of Athletic Glamour, Richard Simmons, for that. They’re practically the only thing he wears and he owns hundreds of pairs of the original style. How he hasn’t gotten a Nobel Peace Prize for that act alone is one of life’s greatest mysteries.

Pic: Bike Forums 


Birthday Sluts

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Christian Bale (41)
Eiza González (25)
Jake Thomas (25)
Kid Cudi (31)
Wilmer Valderrama (35)
Josh Kelley (35)
Andy Milonakis (39)
Yumi Yoshimura (40)
Jemima Khan (41)
Chris Jacobs (45)
Carolyn Kepcher (46)
Mary Kay Letourneau (53)
Jody Watley (56)
Brett Butler (57)
Phil Collins (64)
Charles S. Dutton (64)
Dick Cheney (74)
Vanessa Redgrave (78)
Tammy Grimes (81)
Gene Hackman (85)
Harold Prince (87)
Dorothy Malone (90)

Pic: Esquire UK


Suge Knight Ran Over And Killed A Man On A Movie Set (UPDATE: His Ass Finally Got Arrested)

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The 90s really are back and not in a good way. TMZ says that Death Row Records founder Suge Knight is getting ready to surrender himself to the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department after he pulled a first degree Halle Berry by hitting a man with his car and fleeing the scene. The man later died. The hit-and-run happened on a film set in Compton where Dr. Dre, Ice Cube and The Game were shooting something. Suge was told to leave by security and that’s when shit got really serious. A witness says that 2 dudes started a fight. Poor old Suge wasn’t up for a fight since his body is weak from getting shot six times last summer and almost dying from a blood clot in November. So Suge got back into his car and when he put the car in reverse, he hit three men.

One of the men was Terry Carter, a friend of Suge’s who drove with him to the set. Terry was walking to the passenger side of the car when Suge hit him. Now, any normal person who isn’t an evil piece of trash and has at least a sliver of a heart would’ve called for an ambulance and stayed with their friend. But not Suge. He took off Lizzie Grubman-style.

Paramedics tried to bring Terry back with CPR but were unable to. He died at the scene. The other men were taken to the hospital and they’re going to be okay. TMZ says that cops haven’t decided if they’re going to arrest Suge for hit-and-run or manslaughter.

This is kind of shocking actually. This might be the first time that Suge Knight killed someone accidentally.

UPDATE: The L.A. Times says that The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department detective’s unit is treating the case as a homicide. During a press conference, a rep for the Sheriff’s Department said that Suge and two men, one of which was a member of the crew, got into a fight at around 3pm on the set of the N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton. 20 minutes after the fight, the two dudes went to a nearby burger place and Suge followed them in his truck and ran them both over. Witnesses say Suge hit them, then backed up over them before busting out of there. This is totally different than TMZ’s report which made it sound like an accident. So I take back what I said. I should’ve known better. Like Suge Knight would kill someone on accident.

UPDATE 2: TMZ says that Suge turned himself early this morning and was arrested for murder. His bail was set at $2 million.


Night Crumbs

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Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe are still shooting a movie together. Whenever their movie comes out, you can expect Ryan Gosling to campaign hard for an Oscar by saying that he really fugged himself up and messed with his pretty for the sake of the role. He’ll have a point. I mean, look at that soul patch – Lainey Gossip

Alessandra Ambrosio is wearing bikinis in a magazine. This has happened before and it will happen again. – Drunken Stepfather

Julianne Moore doesn’t believe in God. Okay, but then who is she going to thank when she wins the Oscar???!!!? – Celebitchy

Tila Tequila let Backdoor Farrah have her AVN Award for Best Celebrity Sex Tape, because she’s holding out for a Mother of the Year Award. I’m not being sarcastic. – WWTDD

Bravo is queefing up a show that looks, sounds and smells like Real Housewives of New Jersey but isn’t Real Housewives of New Jersey - Reality Tea

The 80s child inside of me screamed for about a millisecond, because I thought Alessandra Ambrosio was wearing a Hypercolor jacket – Hollywood Tuna

A gay blow job is why Ben Affleck and Matt Damon sold Good Will Hunting to Harvey WeinsteinTowleroad

If Sir Mix-A-Lot was the Secretary of Defense, this is what the average US soldier would look like – The Superficial

Selena Gomez went hitchhiking and hopefully the person who picked her up drove her directly to the nearest mental hospital where she was treated for her addiction to douches (see: Justin Bieber) – Popoholic

Kim Kardashian took a selfie in a public bathroom and the urinal jokes write themselves – IDLYITW

The Ted 2 trailer is here – Pajiba

And when you scroll down to the picture of Parasite Hilton, try not to scream, “Bite that trick, BITE HER,” too loud – The Berry

In case you had any doubt, yes, Courtney Love used heroin while knocked up – HuffPo

And here’s another picture of Nikki Reed’s engagement ring which doesn’t look like an engagement ring – Popsugar

Just call her FKA RiRi from now on – ICYDK

How To Enter A Room Like The Bad Bitch You Are: A Training Course by Cookie LyonGawker

I can almost hear Wisconsin saying, “Just give me the tip, Michigan, Just the tip.”SOW


Stanley Tucci Is A Daddy Again

January 29, 2015 / Posted by:

About two weeks after I moved to NYC, I went out with some dude I met on the Internet. We went to a bar and sometime during the date, we were talking about movies and he asked me what my favorite was. I told him the usual, Showgirls and Angel. I asked him what his was and he spit out some movie called Monkey Shines. I had never heard of that shit before and he went on to tell me that it’s his favorite, because there’s a scene where Stanley Tucci is wearing nothing but a towel. I think his tip got extra moist when he said that. That opened up a can of Tucci. He went on to tell me that Stanley Tucci is his dream dude and he once dated a German guy who looked like a taller Stanley Tucci. The Tucci-a-like barely spoke English and my date barely spoke German. They had a hard time talking to each other, but they dated for over a year, because but my date just couldn’t break up with him since he looked like Stanley Tucci so much. He probably talked about Stanley Tucci for a good 20 minutes. I get it, Stanley Tucci is hot. I’d hit it until we both needed medical attention. But maybe you should want until date 2 to let me know you’re a Tuccihead. So when I read this news about Stanley Tucci being a dad again, I pictured my date from 14 years ago screaming, “It should’ve been meeeeee,” while sliding against his bedroom wall covered in shirtless Tucci pictures.

Stanley Tucci and his wife of about two years Felicity Blunt, who is a literary agent and Emily Blunt’s sister, are now parents to a boy. The Tucci Blunt baby was born on Sunday in London. This kid is Felicity Blunt’s first and Stanley’s fourth (he has 14-year-old twins and a 12-year-old daughter with his late wife Kate who died from breast cancer in 2009). Stanley’s rep gave this jokey statement to People:

“I believe he is mine. We are all thrilled to welcome him to this cold, cruel world. We are all thrilled that he is here and healthy.”

Stanley and Felicity named their son Matteo Oliver. Matteo Oliver is a normal and not-at-all crazy name, but if I was him I wouldn’t go by Matteo Oliver. I’d go by my parents’ last names, because Tucci Blunt is a way better and more glamorous name. It sounds like the name of a drag queen rapper.

And here’s Matteo Oliver’s auntie and uncle, Emily Blunt and John Kransinski, with their baby at the farmer’s market in L.A. over the weekend.


Open Post: Hosted By Jamie Dornan’s “Why Me?” Face On Glamour

January 29, 2015 / Posted by:

Dakota Johnson’s face is the face I make when I’m about to gobble down a Triple Steak Stack and a Cinnabon iced coffee from Taco Bell.

Jamie Dornan’s face is the face I make an hour later when all that Taco Bell has attacked my bowels in a bad way and I’m a fart away from letting it all go and there’s not one available toilet nearby.

The new Edward and Bella, Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, are on the cover of Glamour giving off the sexual chemistry of a dead Tilapia and a taxidermied squirrel. If John Travolta and Rojo Caliente made a porn together, they would have more hot sexual chemistry than these two. It’s as if thirty seconds before that picture was taken, Jamie Dornan’s assistant told him that his puppy was murdered, Betty White is in jail for doing it, Orange is the New Black was canceled, a reboot of Showgirls starring Ariana Grande and Meghan Trainor was announced, Andy Capp Hot Fries filed for bankruptcy and he found out that he just lost a bunch of money on his car insurance by switching to Geico. It’s like he got the worst news ever all at once and then had to pose with her.

This was probably the exact moment when he realized that every magazine will call him “Fifty Shades of Grey star Jamie Dornan” for the rest of his life!

via ONTD


David Beckham Is A Fatso, According To 3-Year-Old Harper Beckham

January 29, 2015 / Posted by:

Former frosted-tipped douche fashion vanguard and current panty model David Beckham appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday night to talk about being a delicate-voiced DILF or something, and Jimmy Kimmel made a sarcastic joke about how he’s really let himself go since retiring from soccer in 2013. However, what Jimmy didn’t know is that his joke about being a fat would hit a little too close to home.

David confessed that after he recently took a bath with his 3-year-old daughter Harper Seven Eight Nine Beckham, she looked at her grotesque lardass of a father and hissed: “Daddy, I love you so much, but I don’t like you, you’re so chubby.” Yeah, are we sure it wasn’t actually Victoria Beckham throwing her voice while hiding behind a toothbrush? “Oooh, Daddy, it looks like you’ve gained 1/16th of a stone, you hideous slob. No more lemon and water smoothies for you, tubby.” Or maybe she was just delivering a subtle message from Auntie Anna Wintour. “Harper, I’ll put your mommy and daddy on the cover of American VOGUE, but daddy needs to lose a couple pounds first, capiche?

You can hear the story of Harper fat-shaming her naked father at the 0:24 mark:

He also went on to talk about how he’s basically an Uber driver now that he’s retired. That’s probably why Harper read his ass in the bath – she was just getting him back for the terrible service she received the last time he drove her to nursery school. That’s what you get for forgetting to offer your passenger a bottle of water, David!

Here’s Harper’s so chubby daddy on his way into Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night:

Pics:, Splash

Kanye West Is All Grown Up Now

January 29, 2015 / Posted by:

It must be Asshole Redemption Week on Ellen. You’re up next, Charlie Sheen.

Kanye West was on Ellen today to do two things: Show his video for “Only One” and suck on Adidas’ ass lips skin while talking about his deal with them. Between doing that, Kanye talked about his past asshole-ish behavior and he also changed the world by actually smiling! I bet the people in every old castle painting on the planet are smiling too. Kanye told Ellen that one thing he’s learned while being married is how to shut up. Being around a Kardashian will do that to you. They are always talking and nearly everything they say makes you want to barf, so you have to keep your lips firmly shut or you’ll vomit all the time.

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