Aaron Carter Presidential Update: Not Voting Trump

April 30, 2016 / Posted by:

It’s important that the public have people to turn to during times of change, like elections. Some choose to tune into CNN while others rely on Fox News’s zany, Gong Show style approach to “news” and “the truth“. No less important, perhaps more so, are individuals. Like past presidents or others in government. Or the national face of Florida, Aaron Carter. Here at Dlisted, we take Aaron Carter’s political views and opinions very seriously.

Michael K let you know back in March that the living scared straight ad was pretty much a lock for orange birth turd, Donald Trump. Aaron opened up to Esquire and said that despite not being a fan of many of Trump’s stances, like the border wall and banning gay marriage, he was down for him because of tax shit. Aaron filed for bankruptcy to get out of a hefty IRS back tax bill and seeing what Trump is talking about in relation to taxes and the fact Trump has been through a couple bankruptcies with his businesses made Aaron feel like he could relate to him. Well, Trump is probably crying and considering ending his campaign, and hopefully his life, because Aaron has changed his mind!

Aaron tweeted the above yesterday and thank God he did. We can all breathe easy knowing that there’s no way Trump can win now he’s lost this incredibly important voice within the presidential race. I want to know what exactly he’s referring to though by saying he’s “seen a lot”. Does this have anything to do with Kirstie Alley? Did she invite him over under the pretense of talking Trump but then at some point he realized it was just John Travolta in drag? That’s probably what happened. Regardless, let’s all take a moment to thank Aaron for swinging the pendulum away from Trump.

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Hot Slut Of The Day!

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Every time I see the name “Sybil,” I immediately think of the TV movie that scarred me as a child, where Sally Field has 16 personalities and gets brutally abused by her mom (let’s not even get into that enema and broom scene). But Sybil is also the name of a singer from New Jersey who put out a few albums in the 80s and 90s, and got her biggest hits thanks to Dionne Warwick. Sybil did a cover of “Walk On By,” which I didn’t know about until this morning. The cover of hers I know best is “Don’t Make Me Over.” It came out in 1989 and it played on the radio all the damn time. Burt Bacharach, who co-wrote the song, probably added a big addition to his house using all the money he made from Sybil’s cover.

The video is also pure late-80s and early-90s. It’s got shadow dancing, the Running Man, Hammer pants, vests and chunky dangling earrings from Charlotte Russe. In the late-80s, if you weren’t dancing in dim lighting in front of a white backdrop or behind a white scrim thing, you weren’t dancing at all.

While going through the comments under Sybil’s masterpiece on YouTube, I read a truly touching one. This song was the soundtrack for some special childhood moments:

remember my moms whooped my ass in JC Penny’s in 1989 while this was playing lol

Wikipedia says that Sybil (born name: Sybil Lynch) still performs, but she mostly works as a teacher. If Professor Sybil teaches a course on how to master the art of shadow dancing, sign me up!


Birthday Sluts

April 30, 2016 / Posted by:

Cloris Leachman (90)
Luke Friend (20)
Travis Scott (24)
Dianna Agron (30)
Gal Gadot (31)
Lilly Ghalichi (33)
Kirsten Dunst (34)
Drew Seeley (34)
Kunal Nayyar (35)
Amanda Palmer (40)
Johnny Galecki (41)
Jeff Timmons (43)
Adrian Pasdar (51)
David Miscavige (56)
Stephen Harper (57)
Lars Von Trier (60)
Michael Wright (60)
Jane Campion (62)
Bobby Vee (73)
Burt Young (76)

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Night Crumbs

April 29, 2016 / Posted by:

Damn that sneaky bitch Conan O’Brien. Thanks to a little skit on his show, everyone who Googles “Zac Efron putting his leaky peen on a ginger’s face” is going to be really disappointed and will have to pull up their chonies and keep searching – The Superficial 

Emma Stone as Billie Jean King looks more like somebody’s mother circa 1970s going to her weekend job at Hot Dog On A Stick, but I’m still into it – Lainey Gossip

Tobey Maguire is the new Ben Affleck, so says Star Magazine – Celebitchy

What in 90s tragedy HELL is Bella Hadid wearing? – Drunken Stepfather

A warrant was issued for Kim Richards after she skipped out on a few AA meetings. But even though her rep showed up in court and pretty much confirmed that she’s been skipping out on AA meetings, the warrant was pulled. Oh, that L.A. justice system – Reality Tea 

So I guess Amanda Peet really wanted to play Lara Croft? – Pajiba

Not even Brit Brit Spears would fap to this – Towleroad

The Porn Iguana continues to prove that she’s one of the greatest performance artistes of this generation – Jezebel

“I feel like I’m an inspiration for a lot of young girls…” is a sentence that actually came out of Kylie Jenner’s obese rubber worm lips – IDLYITW

And here’s Taylor Swift wearing coochie cutters… – Popoholic

Who cares about Lemonade! Kelly Rowland has some Claritin to peddle – OMG Blog

A PUPPEH!!!! (Oh yeah, and Bella Thorne is in the picture too) – Hollywood Tuna

FYI: Jennifer Lawrence hasn’t touched a peen in a while – HuffPo

The answer is: all of them are sex toys! – The Berry  

Superhead fucked Jay-Z once – Just jared

“Damn, I said stick it in slow...” – Zac Efron in that picture – Popsugar

People are selling rain water from the day Prince died on eBay, because why not? – SOW


Tom Brady’s Got A Vintage Bieber On His Head Now

April 29, 2016 / Posted by:

Go ahead and add that picture to Tom Brady’s ever-growing gallery of one hundred percent pure hair fabulousness:


Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen and their kids strut out of some restaurant in NYC today after having lunch and you can’t tell from these pictures, but animal control chased after him, because they thought that thing on his head was a dead Lhasa Apso.

Yes, Gisele Bundchen was at one time the highest paid model in the world and was on the cover of a bunch of magazines or whatever, but the real fashion star of the family is Tom Brady. Tom has given us a douche mop (see: picture on the left), a douche tail (see: picture in the middle), a douche hawk (see: picture on the right), and today he looked like he scalped Justin Bieber circa 2010 and threw that trick’s hair on his head. There’s also a touch of early-90s Bruce Jenner in there. You know the Salon Selectives jingle was playing in his head as he strut in front of the paparazzi. Salon glow….

With those glasses on, Tom looks like he’s starring in a really low-budget community theater production of American Gigolo: The Musical and that really is the look.

Pics: Splash, FameFlynet

Open Post: Hosted By THE QUEEN And Prince Hot Ginge Dropping A Boom On The Obamas

April 29, 2016 / Posted by:

Yesterday the TSA sent me a letter saying that I was put on the Do Not Fly To Florida list, and that could only mean one thing: The Invictus Games begin next week in Orlando, FL and Prince Hot Ginge will be there!

The Invictus Games were started by PHG, and they’re a Paralympic-style sporting event involving a bunch of countries. Since it’s happening in the US this year, Michelle Obama has been helping to promote it, and this morning, she tweeted a video of message and her and President Obama pretty much puffing their chests up at PHG. (Michelle Obama also showed off her impeccable teleprompter-reading skills in that video.) PHG answered back with help from THE QUEEN! THE QUEEN spit out a verbal eye roll at the Obamas’ threat and that was PHG’s cue to drop the mic. I’m jealous of the Obamas, because I wish PHG would drop his mic on me, and yes, that’s a euphemism.

I bet that clip was highly edited. I bet that in the raw footage, THE QUEEN takes off her earrings, kicks off her shoes and goes after the phone while swinging her pocketbook as PHG and her Corgis try to hold her back. Don’t come for THE QUEEN unless she sends for you!

And here’s PHG making chonies go BOOM while working a tuxedo at the BT Sports Industry Awards in London last night.

Pics: Wenn.com

Kaley Cuoco Might Be Going For Husband #2

April 29, 2016 / Posted by:

Damn, I knew Kaley Cuoco moved fast, but this is clearly some kind of new relationship landspeed record. Kaley Cuoco has been un-married for a little more than seven months, and according to Star Magazine (via Celebitchy) she’s already thinking about getting married again.

About three months after Kaley called it quits with her tennis-playing husband Ryan Sweeting, she hitched her cooch up to British actor Paul Blackthorne. I don’t know what happened between Kaley and Paul, but it didn’t work out. A little while later she started dating a dude who rides horses named Karl Cook, who I’m guessing she met on a blind date that was set up by her pony. Thanks to Kaley’s commitment to Instagram, we know that she’s been seeing Karl for at least six weeks. Apparently six weeks is more than long enough for her to start thinking about getting fitted for an engagement ring.

Sources say Cuoco is hoping to become engaged to equestrian Karl Cook just as quickly [as she did with Ryan Sweeting]. During a recent visit to a newsstand in LA, a tipster says Kaley purchased a stack of bridal magazines with a friend.”They flipped through them all, cover to cover, and commented on which dresses looked the best. She went on and on about how much she loves Karl and confessed that she was hoping for a proposal – and soon.”

Okay, I’m calling bullshit on part of this story. No, not the part about Kaley Cuoco wanting to make it legal with a man she’s been dating for six seconds – I believe that. It’s the part about going to a newsstand and looking at bridal magazines that I’m side-eyeing. Who buys magazines anymore? Especially those expensive-ass bridal bibles. Besides, if Kaley was truly serious about marrying her new man, she’d be flipping through the latest issue of Inked.

Pic: Instagram

And Just Like That, “Live!” Has Become 100% More Entertaining

April 29, 2016 / Posted by:

I stopped watching Live! right after Kathie Lee Gifford left, because I prefer my morning talk shows hosts crazier and drunker than a fly in a Red Solo cup full of Diet Coke and rum. But it may be worth watching again to witness Kelly Ripa get revenge on Michael Strahan and ABC by slowly chipping away at their nerves with a freshly sharpened shiv.

Michael was supposed to leave Live! for his new higher-paying gig at Good Morning America in September, but his “Bye, Bitch!” date was moved up to May 13 after Kelly got seriously pissed over everyone keeping her in the dark about his exit. When Kelly made her triumphant return to Live! on Tuesday, she said that she was happy for Michael and he said that he loves her, but she still threw him the same awkward and cold look I throw at a server at a restaurant whenever they tell me they haven’t gotten their liquor license yet. Things apparently went fine on Tuesday and Wednesday’s shows, but on Thursday’s episode, Kelly finally stopped giving a fuck and threw in a dig.

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It Sounds Like Drake’s Friendship With Nicki Minaj Is Pretty Much Dead

April 29, 2016 / Posted by:

Go ahead and pour one out for all the future nasty-ass lap dances between Nicki Minaj and Drake that will never be. In honor of the release of Drake’s new album Views, my liquid of choice will be a bottle of peach drink that I purchased with a Toonie at a Tim Hortons inside an Esso on Kennedy Road (that was the most Toronto sentence I’ve ever written).

Nicki Minaj and Drake worked together on a bunch of songs, the most recent being “Truffle Butter.” Drake even let Nicki drop her silicone butt balls on his lap at the end of the video for “Anaconda“, which is pretty much the clearest definition of friendship that I can think of. But their friendship seems to be over for now. Drake recently spoke about his relationship with Nicki during an interview Apple Radio’s Beats 1 (via E! News), and he admitted that they’re not talking anymore. It has everything to do with that slap fight Drake got into with Nicki’s not-fiance Meek Mill last year.

“I don’t really talk to Nicki. Another person I have a lot of love for. She dealt with me how I would expect her to—with class. I always have respect and love for her. Unfortunately, we haven’t spoke.”

That’s such a shame. A ~sensitive feelings~ type like Drake really needs a no-filter motivational bitch in his life who can grab him by the shoulders and shake some self-esteem into him every once in a while. “Don’t act like you didn’t spend the whole night stalking your ex on Facebook, I looked at your internet history while you were in the bathroom. Now come on, put on some clean panties, we’re going to the club. I’m gonna get you laid.

Speaking of that new album, Drake has been promoting the shit out of it today on Instagram with a series of fancy pictures that were shot by David Cronenberg’s daughter Caitlin. I don’t know why Drake is done up like some kind of aloof James Bond villain from the 416, but I do know I don’t totally hate it.

Pics: Instagram, Instagram


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