Birthday Sluts

/ December 15, 2018
Don Johnson (69)
Michelle Dockery (37)
Camilla Luddington (35)
Charlie Cox (36)
Brendan Fletcher (37)
Adam Brody (39)
Geoff Stults (41)
Surya Bonaly (45)
Stuart Townsend (46)
Imani (47)

Pic: NBC/Getty

Michael Shanks (48)
Helen Slater (55)
Donna Brazile (59)
John Lee Hancock, Jr. (62)
William Orbit (62)
Julie Taymor (66)
Rodney Bingenheimer (71)
Dave Clark (76)
Cindy Birdsong (79)
Tim Conway (85)
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Night Crumbs

/ December 14, 2018

Julia Andrews’ step-granddaughter Kayti Edwards is talking to the tabloids again, and this time she’s telling The Daily Mail that Dax Shepard cheated on Kristen Bell with her in 2009. Dax denies it. Dax and Kristen are that over-the-top couple who are always slobbering out bubbles of TMI about their everlasting love, so I am throwing a suspicious look at his denial. And I’m also cursing Kayti, because she claims that Dax has got a condom-busting giant dick. Damn you, Kayti, for making me get the tingles over the thought of Dax’s peen – Celebitchy

Keira Knightley is giving you Anne of Green Gables Going To A Business Meeting – Lainey Gossip

Forever yes at Kurt Russell’s GILFy Santa, but no at whoever thought it was a good idea to make Goldie Hawn look like her head is coming out of a Sasquatch’s vagina – SOW

The Mapplethorpe trailer is here, and it doesn’t look awful – Towleroad

“Dress like a loofah” must’ve been the dress code for the Second Act premiere – Popoholic

Henry Cavill is still Superman, so says Aquaman – Pajiba

Panty Creamer of the Day: Antoni Porowski in Calvin Klein chonies – OMG Blog

The cast pictures from Rent Live are out, and most of them look like the assistant manager of an H&M – Just Jared

And in a double dose of sad news, legendary jazz singer Nancy Wilson has died, and joining her on the sashay up to heaven was Sondra LockeThe Grapevine & Vanity  Fair


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Megan Mullally Is Hosting The SAG Awards – And Designers Are Staying Away

/ December 14, 2018

This one shocks me since the fashion designer community has been known for being such warm, hospitable people. Cough. Megan Mullally took a novel approach in announcing that she’s hosting the 2019 SAG Awards, and that was the angry way. Megan posted on Instagram about how she was running into issues getting designers to dress her, which is strange since she’s gonna be HOSTING the damn thing. Poor Megan. Now her house is going to look like a FedEx sorting room from all the dress boxes being sent her way. Continue reading

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November’s Hot Slut Of The Month Is…

/ December 14, 2018


You cold-hearted hos! First Olivia from Widows gets wrongly denied a Golden Globe nomination. Then she gets wrongly denied a SAG nomination. And now she’s been wrongly denied the illustrious title of Hot Slut of the Month! When will Olivia finally catch a break (“I want a break, so I can rest from doing all these fucking movies.” – Olivia)??? But well, a just-as-worthy HSOTD got the title.

Many who voted are as crazy about ginger pussy as I am about ginger peen. Because Saul, the stray cat from England who was ran over by a car and stole hearts with his grumpy face after he was taken to the RSPCA, easily beat out his competition and is our 11th Hot Slut of the Month of 2018. The votes went like this:

Saul The Grumpy Puss – 42%
The Not The One Rat – 27%
Olivia from Widows – 16%
The Garfield Phone – 15%

Saul will battle it out in the Hot Slut of the Year semi-finals next month. The RSPCA said last month that as soon as Saul is healed up, he’ll be available for adoption. I couldn’t find out if he’s been adopted yet, but if he hasn’t, the RSPCA should let possible adopters know that he’s won Dlisted’s HSOTM. That will definitely up his chances by 10000%, and by that I mean lower his chances by 10000%. Sorry, Saul (insert SaulGrumpyFace.jpeg here).

Thanks to all who voted, even those who voted AGAINST Olivia!


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Kendall Jenner Is The Highest-Paid Model Of The Year

/ December 14, 2018

Somehow, I don’t think things are so rosy in the Gisele BundchenTom Brady household. For the second year in a row, Kendall Jenner tops the lists of money-making models. Someone better not tell Naomi Campbell, or her laser-eyed wrath will be all over the Kardashian Koven! For someone who is oh-so-selective with the jobs (minus this oneKris Jenner forces upon her, she sure is making a ton of cash from it. Kendall tops the list with $22.5 million made. Gisele tumbled down to number 5!

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Steph Curry Was Only Joking About That Moon Landing Stuff

/ December 14, 2018

Steph Curry thinks we’re all dumb for thinking he’s dumb for thinking the moon landing was faked. Steph says he was only joking when he claimed he didn’t believe the moon landing really happened. Speaking to ESPN, Steph set the record straight by stating unequivocally that he believes in scientific evidence. And he wanted to see how far people would take the story before confessing his previous comments were in jest. But he’s still going to take NASA up on the private tour because, who wouldn’t?

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