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Jeremy Strong Says He Actually Drank That Gross Smoothie In The “Succession” Finale

May 30, 2023 / Posted by:

HBO’s Succession is officially over, and as much as I enjoyed the show, I won’t miss the weekly assault on my poor, frayed nerves. For all 89 minutes of the series finale, I fully expected Kendall to die (drowning, murder, hurling himself off the top of an office building, etc.). And, because Jeremy Strong takes acting so seriously, I was also worried about his safety. When you die in Method Acting, you die in real life! Deadline reports that, in the official post-finale podcast, 44-year-old Jeremy discussed his method acting ways, including whether or not he actually drank that gross smoothie (duh, of course, he did). Obviously, SPOILERS abound in this post…

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Brian Cox Gives His Thoughts On That “Succession” Plot Twist

May 25, 2023 / Posted by:

The season finale of Succession is this Sunday, and star Brian Cox sat down with BBC Two’s Amol Rajan to talk about the show’s success and his life and career. But, as we all know, it wouldn’t be a Brian Cox interview without the 76-year-old actor giving us a little Straight Talk (sorry, Dolly Parton, Brian owns the patent). Jeremy Strong can breathe a sigh of relief; this time, Brian didn’t go after his co-star’s “fucking annoying” method acting. Instead, he criticized his character’s story arc. Brian says he (SPOILER ALERT) understands that showrunner Jesse Armstrong “made a plan,” but he thinks Logan Roy shouldn’t have been killed off so early in the season. BREAKING NEWS: Famous Actor Wanted More Screen Time!

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The Series Finale Of “Succession” Will Be 90 Minutes Long

May 3, 2023 / Posted by:

We’re more than halfway through the fourth and final season of HBO’s Succession, and it’s still unclear which character will succeed Brian Cox’s Rupert Murdoch-esque media mogul Logan Roy. Now, the show’s composer, Nicholas Britell, has told¬†Variety that the finale will be 90 minutes long. “It’s a huge episode – like a movie.” Then they should show it in theaters. That way, we can all cheer as a community when Logan rises from his grave, calls his kids morons, and hands over complete control of Waystar Royco to Mondale, the dog Shiv and Tom have ignored the entire series.

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As Part Of Jerry Hall’s Divorce Agreement With Rupert Murdoch, She Can’t Give Story Ideas To The Writers Of “Succession”

April 12, 2023 / Posted by:

Vanity Fair just dropped a cover story about Rupert Murdoch. According to Jezebel, buried in a paragraph about how Jerry Hall was blindsided by Rupert ending their marriage (via text!), it’s revealed that one of the terms in the couple’s divorce settlement was that Jerry couldn’t give any story ideas to the writers on Succession. Cuz, clearly, HBO’s billionaire bastard was inspired by Jerry’s billionaire bastard. Bummer. Jerry could’ve given the writers intimate details only a wife would know. Like, is Rupert a sleep farter?

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Brian Cox Praises “Succession” For Ending At The Right Time Unlike “Game Of Thrones”

April 10, 2023 / Posted by:

Brian Cox is doing what he does best and giving his straightforward opinion sprinkled in with some petty shade. While the cast of Succession has mixed feelings about the show ending with its fourth season, Brian’s sighing sweet relief as we’re nearing the end of the Roy family’s power struggle, feeling like Jesse Armstrong’s decision to quit while they’re ahead is a major step up compared to the notoriously shitty ending of another classic HBO power struggle show, Game Of Thrones. If you haven’t seen last night’s episode of Succession yet, then avert your eyes! **MAJOR MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!**¬†

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Brian Cox Drags Method Acting Again And Wants Actors To Just “Read The Fucking Lines”

March 24, 2023 / Posted by:

The fourth and final season of HBO’s Succession starts on Sunday, and no one is probably happier about this than Brian Cox because it means he never has to deal with Jeremy Strong’s method fuckery ever again. Brian Cox has made his feelings about method acting very clear before (read: he hates it). Recently, he called Jeremy Strong a very good actor but said it’s “fucking annoying” to be around someone who is always in character. But Jeremy doesn’t mind and told GQ in a recent interview that Brian has “earned the right” to call out his method acting. And, well, Brian took advantage of that “right” once again during his appearance on Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Brian made sure we all know that he meant what he said.

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