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Selma Blair Leaves “Dancing With The Stars” Due To Health Concerns

October 18, 2022 / Posted by:

Selma Blair is bowing out of Dancing with the Stars early due to health concerns. The 50-year-old was diagnosed with MS back in 2018, so participating in the 31st season (!) of DWTS was always going to be a big challenge for her. On last night’s episode, Selma was shown breaking the bad news to dance partner Sasha Farber. She explained that doctors had been monitoring her body, and, based on the results of some MRIs, she couldn’t go on. “I pushed as far as I could.” Selma and Sasha performed one last waltz together, and the judges gave them three honorary perfect 10s. And everybody cried, because who doesn’t love Selma Blair? Well, everybody except her late dad’s ex-girlfriend, who sent hate mail to Drew Barrymore using Selma’s name. She’s probably not a fan.

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Selma Blair Reveals That Someone Sent Drew Barrymore “Poison Pen Letters” Under Her Name Back In The ’90s

September 16, 2022 / Posted by:

Selma Blair is having a busy 2022. She went public with her MS diagnosis in 2018, will appear on Season 31 of Dancing with the Stars, and recently released her memoir, entitled Mean Baby: A Memoir of Growing Up. Selma stopped by The Drew Barrymore Show for a backstage chat about the book and all those “poison pen” letters sent to Drew Barrymore under Selma’s name in the nineties. Wait, huh? Yeah, sooo, apparently, somebody was writing Drew scary letters pretending to be Selma. That same person also wrote letters to productions that had hired Selma claiming she was a violent heroin addict. Sweet, innocent Drew never had a clue about any of this, but the letters tarnished Selma’s reputation and she lost multiple jobs. Eventually, the letter-writer was revealed to be (drumroll please)… Selma’s dad’s girlfriend?? Twists, turns, this story’s got it all! And just wait for the part about Selma being accused of drugging this woman’s drink at Starbucks…

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The Cast Of “Dancing With The Stars” Season 31 Was Announced

September 8, 2022 / Posted by:

And now for the biggest news story of the day: the new Dancing with the Stars cast members have been announced! Yesterday, TikTok girl Charli D’Amelio and her mom Heidi D’Amelio (I thought this was the one who was PR-fucking the “Yung Gravy” character, but, nope, that’s Addison Rae’s mom) went on Good Morning America to announce they were on Season 31. Then, this morning, the other fourteen cast members went on GMA to reveal themselves. They include Selma Blair, Shangela, Cheryl Ladd, Wayne Brady, Joseph Baena (aka the secret son Arnold Schwarzenegger had with his housekeeper), and Teresa Giudice. Oh shit, they booked Teresa? Quick, bolt down anything on set that can be rage-flipped!

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Rob Schneider Brought Up The Second Amendment While Going Off About The Coronavirus Vaccine

July 12, 2021 / Posted by:

Rob Schneider has some opinions on the COVID-19 vaccine. I know that made you perk up since you’ve been waiting for the star of The Hot Chick to bestow his medical knowledge about the coronavirus vaccine. And in Rob’s opinion, people should prevent a vaccination and booster shot via the Second Amendment. Who needs a vaccine when you can shoot Coronavirus?

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