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Jessica Simpson Is Sober After Quitting Booze and Pills, Which She Says Were Killing Her

January 22, 2020 / Posted by:

We’re in the renaissance of the old-school People Magazine article where celebrities spill news and emotions. We used to live in a time where a famous type would never call up People to give them news and would still spill it all on Instagram, but Michelle Williams let us know that she’s got two new additions to her body (an unborn baby and an engagement ring) through People, and now Jessica Simpson has gotten deep and brave through People about the sexual abuse she suffered and her addiction to alcohol and pills. Jessica is now over two years sober and is telling her story in her new memoir and in a cover story for People. Since the People cover story is back, Papa Joe Simpson should follow his daughter’s lead and reboot Clay Aiken’s “Yes, I’m Gay” cover with a “Yes, I’m A Photographer And Still Not Gay, Dammit” cover while cradling his newest twink protégé.

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Ashlee Simpson Talked About Her “Saturday Night Live” Lip-Synch Train Wreck 

August 30, 2018 / Posted by:

Ashlee Simpson and her husband Evan Ross, known to us as Miss Diana Ross’ son, are continuing to milk money out of their family names by doing a reality show for E!, which premieres next month. To promote her show, Ashlee talked to E! News and I guess Evan was busy doing something because he doesn’t get quoted at all. Ashlee has been out of the game for a while. Her last album came out in 2008 and her MTV show ended three years before that. Ashlee talked about getting back into music, but who cares about that when she talks about the cringeworthy moment most of us know her from.

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Papa Joe Simpson Beat Cancer

July 31, 2017 / Posted by:

That picture of Jessica Simpson’s daddy Papa Joe Simpson was taken about two months ago, and he has many reasons to be smiling. One, he’s holding what looks like a really fun present. Two, he knows how good he looks in that duochrome blouse and coordinating plaid duster vest. Three, because he was winning the battle against cancer.

Back in November, Papa Joe’s reps confirmed he had been treated for prostate cancer. Papa Joe made an appearance at the Freedom United Foundation Presents Art With a Cause event last Thursday night, and he told UsWeekly that he’s in the clear.

“I’m coming back!” he exclusively told Us at the party. “I went from Stage IV to cancer free! I feel good,” he said. “I beat it. I have zero cancer!”

Papa Joe reportedly finished cancer treatments in the middle of March, and at the time a source was saying the cancer had gone away.

One of UsWeekly’s sources claimed that his diagnosis reunited Papa Joe with his family (apparently Jessica and Ashlee Simpson weren’t that close with Ol’ PJ in the past few years). So it’s nice that he was given a new chapter with Jessica and Ashlee. And I’m glad to hear Papa Joe is all good now, and that’s he’s coming back. He deserves a comeback! And maybe I’m saying that for selfish reasons. I recently listened to A Public Affair, which lead me down a shame hole to Outta My Head (Ay Ya Ya), and I was like “Okay, more please.” If anyone can influence Jessica and Ashlee that they’ve got the voices and stage presence to record new music, it’s charismatic taste maker Papa Joe.


Papa Joe Was Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer

November 14, 2016 / Posted by:

And for once, nobody is looking at Chestica Simpson’s chichis, because our eyeballs are too busy taking in Papa Joe’s Bieber circa 2009 mop and his Chess King glamour.

Youth minister turned stage dad turned alleged sugar daddy turned twink photographer Papa Joe is now recovering after being treated for cancer. Papa Joe’s rep confirmed to People that cancer fucked with his prostate and he was diagnosed two months ago. InTouch Weekly’s sources that say it’s pretty serious. They claim Papa Joe has stage 4 cancer and it’s spread to his lymph nodes. But People’s source says that Papa Joe is feeling good and is already back to work as a photographer.

Papa Joe apparently underwent prostate surgery and it went well. The internet tells me that surgery for prostate cancer involves removing the entire prostate gland. No more prostate milking fun for Papa Joe, but that’s a teeny tiny price to pay. People’s source said this about his recovery:

“He’s feeling great now and is optimistic. He’s felt so much love and support from his family and friends.”

And here’s to Papa Joe continuing recovery, because we need him to keep spreading the high fashion glamour one vintage International Male outfit at a time.

Pic: Getty

Avril Lavigne And Ryan Cabrera Might Be A Thing Now

August 19, 2016 / Posted by:

Speaking of people you haven’t really thought of since the MTV days of mid-2000s. Hot Topic’s unofficial mascot Avril Lavigne has been split up from Canada’s original shame (sorry Bieber) Chad Kroeger for almost a year. It appears that she’s finally ready to love again, and it looks like she’s chosen someone who is also taking forever to grow out of their ~sO eDGy~ pop punk mall rat phase.

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Open Post: Hosted By Papa Joe Bringing High Fashion To Beverly Hills

October 16, 2015 / Posted by:

Jessica Simpson may be the Simpson who has a billion dollar fashion empire, but Papa Joe is the one who is the fashion icon of the Simpson family. Case in point: Whatever the hell he’s wearing.

Papa Joe hit Barney’s New York in Beverly Hills yesterday with his modeling “client” Jonathan Keith and I’m sure he spent a good chunk of his allowance from Jessica on the finest outfits from the Haus of Mid-Life Gay Crisis. I know, spoken like a true bitter ass bitch. Because while I’m sitting here in stained sweat shorts and a Piggy Wiggly t-shirt, Papa Joe is making the fashion Gods squirt tears of happiness by wearing a hot ensemble that a Japanese boy band member probably wore in the early aughts. Work that lattice tunic, Papa Joe!

Pics: FameFlynet


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