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Brad Pitt Got Political During His Oscar Acceptance Speech For Best Supporting Actor

February 10, 2020 / Posted by:

As expected, William Bradley Pitt took home his first acting Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. Surprisingly during his speech, Brad didn’t propose to Jennifer Aniston on stage and tell her that he can’t wait for their child to arrive. No, that Jennifer Aniston Redemption Tour is over now that he’s won his Oscar. Instead, Brad got political.

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Quentin Tarantino Refuses To Recut “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” For China 

October 21, 2019 / Posted by:

Quentin Tarantino and Bruce Lee‘s daughter, Shannon Lee are not into each other. Shannon never wanted Quentin to use Bruce in his movie, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood–and so after he did, she got pissed over how her dad was portrayed. She didn’t like Quentin showing her dad as an over-confident jerk who gets curb-stomped by Brad Pitt–which is like the least believable thing in the movie where Leonardo Di Caprio marries a 30-year-old. Shannon and Quentin slapped at each other, with Quentin calling Bruce Lee an “arrogant” person. Shannon then decided she was going to take her petty to the fucking government–the Chinese government. And so Shannon got the movie’s release in China halted unless Quentin edits it, and he’s refused to recut it to satisfy the Chinese censors. So it looks like Once Upon A Time In Hollywood will only live on as a DVDRip in China–BRRip if they’re lucky.

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Lena Dunham May Have Tried To Kiss Brad Pitt On The Mouth, With Poor Results (For Lena)

August 1, 2019 / Posted by:

The cursed image burned into our retinas of Lena Dunham lifting her skirt to show Brad Pitt her kewpie doll tattoo has a new friend. Make room for your mind’s eye’s newest roommate: Lena dressed in whatever scraps she was able to pull out of the vacuum cleaner after tidying up backstage at The Cher Show, trying to plant a fat kiss on Brad’s reluctant mouth on the red carpet for Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. Or maybe she was trying to get Brad to shotgun her a hit of the good stuff. Either way, he did not acquiesce and left her high and dry. Well, she might have gotten herself a little bottom lip stach tickle, which will hopefully be enough to keep her Brad spank bank balance from dipping into the red.

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Bruce Lee’s Daughter Hates How Her Dad Was Portrayed In “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood”

July 30, 2019 / Posted by:

It’s not exactly a surprise that Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was going to piss off someone. After all, Quentin Tarantino has that effect on people. But if the pre-production chatter was any indication, I figured the most pissed off would be Sharon Tate’s sister Debra Tate. As it turns out, Debra loved Margot Robbie’s portrayal of her late sister. But that’s not to say the movie has been scandal-free. Roman Polanski’s wife was mad that he’s a character in the film. Now we’re hearing from the late Bruce Lee’s daughter, and she’s also not happy about what she saw on screen.

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Zak Bagans Of “Ghost Adventures” Bought A Manson Family Murder House

July 26, 2019 / Posted by:

One of the houses/crime scenes of the Charles Manson murders has sold to Ghost Adventures‘ Zak Bagans. The home was site to two vicious killings in 1969 and so Zak thought to himself: “Oh yeah, I wanna mess with ghosts in a serial murder victim’s home.” Because that always ends well in movies. And the biggest gag? Two murders and still it cost almost $2 million. Southern California real estate is ridiculous.

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Roman Polanski’s Wife Is Mad That He’s A Character In “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood”

May 29, 2019 / Posted by:

French actress and model, Emmanuelle Seigner has been married to director Roman Polanski since 1989. She married him after that whole “fleeing America before being sentenced for statutory rape in 1977″ thing. Well Emmanuelle is the type to stand by her man, and she’s doing it again now. Emmanuelle is pissed that her husband is being used in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time In Hollywood and she took to social media to let us know it.

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