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Megan Fox Clarifies That She Never Felt Creeped Out By Michael Bay

June 23, 2020 / Posted by:

Over the weekend, a 2009 interview featuring Megan Fox on Jimmy Kimmel Live reappeared on social media, and the internet really wanted to talk about it, because it was very timely. The interview was posted by a Twitter user in response to the numerous recent allegations of underage predatory behavior against famous actors and comedians. In it, Megan tells the story of her first job with Michael Bay, a featured background role in Bad Boys II, in which she (then 15-years-old) appeared in a bikini dancing under a waterfall. It was a story that objectively made Michael Bay come across as an XL creep, but Meghan herself says no, the story may be true, but Michael Bay isn’t gross like that.

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Megan Fox Confirms That She And Shia LaBeouf Hooked Up

November 30, 2018 / Posted by:

Megan Fox was on Watch What Happens Live last night, and Andy Cohen put her up to a game of Plead the Fifth. Megan didn’t plead the fifth once, because clearly Megan is an open book with no secrets. Andy’s second question to Megan was about a 2011 Details magazine interview Shia LaBeouf gave, in which he pretty heavily implied that he and his Transformers co-star Megan might have been rocking trailers on set.

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Michael Bay Responded To The Shit Kate Beckinsale Said About Working With Him

June 2, 2016 / Posted by:

On The Graham Norton Show last week, Kate Beckinsale briefly talked about what it’s like working with Michael Bay on Pearl Harbor. Kate said that she was told that if she got the role of a 1940s nurse she had to work out, and she pointed out that Michael Bay told reporters while pimping out the movie that he cast her in the role because she’s not so attractive that she’d alienate female movie goers. On a Michael Bay scale from ten tanks exploding in a row to ten tanks exploding in a row as chicks in bikinis wash Ferraris, that story was somewhere in the middle. It’s not the most Michael Bay story I’ve heard. It’s not like he asked Kate Beckinsale to shoot a scene where she ripped off her nurse’s uniform and while she used it to stop an injured patient’s wound from bleeding, the camera got a close-up of her ass in a white lace thong. Watch that scene be in the 20th anniversary DVD of Pearl Harbor.

The fun house mirror David Spade (and yes, I would) defended himself on his site by saying that yes, he asked Kate to work out, but he claims most actors filming an action movie need to work out. Michael Bay didn’t deny saying what he said about Kate to reporters, but he did say that they’re totally friends.

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Michael Bay Wants To Give His Entire Fortune To Charity….One Day

January 5, 2016 / Posted by:

Multi-multi millionaire movie director and tall drink of douche water Michael Bay owns a waterfront house in Miami, a Gulfstream G550 jet, a Bel Air Mansion and he claims his net worth is half a B (that’s $500 million in douche speak). But one day, he plans to show up Mark Zuckerberg by giving ALL of his money to charity. The only straight dude to buy from the International Male catalog (probably) did an interview with Rolling Stone to promote his new movie about Benghazi (I can’t) and he was asked about how much money he has. Many rich bitches would spit out an answer like, “I don’t know,” or “Talking about money is vulgar, darling,” but not Michael Bay.

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