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Liam Payne Did An Interview With Logan Paul And Aired One Direction’s Dirty Laundry

June 2, 2022 / Posted by:

Liam Payne used to be in a boyband with a bunch of other dudes of different fame levels. Harry StylesZayn MalikNiall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson were all members of One Direction with Liam back in the day. And yes, I listed then by fame level. During an appearance on Logan Paul‘s podcast, Liam, I guess, decided to toss away all that boyish shit to the side and basically shaded the whole band. Liam said one got physical with him, he was actually the main one, and that he “doesn’t agree with any” of what Zayn Malik has been up to. One can assume he means all the domestic issues he had with his ex, Gigi Hadid‘s, mother, Yolanda Hadid. It was enough to have Liam trending as the Villain of the Day in some circles more so than when he maybe cheated on his ex-fiancé.

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Louis Tomlinson Said That He Didn’t Know Larry FanFic Was Coming To “Euphoria”

July 2, 2019 / Posted by:

On Sunday’s episode of the 30 peens extravaganza Euphoria, starring Zendaya, they dropped a soft-core cartoon porn scene where Harry Styles gave Louis Tomlinson a beej. And Louis does not seemed thrilled about it. In fairness, maybe he just doesn’t want Harry looking like he does all the heavy lifting. Classic Harry. Taking the hero role.

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Here’s More On One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson Getting Arrested For Attacking A Pap

March 5, 2017 / Posted by:

That one direction? IT WAS TOWARDS JAIL. As reported yesterday, level 2 One Direction member Louis Tomlinson was arrested at LAX for reportedly assaulting a paparazzi photographer. We’ve got more on that little incident, plus new details on what Louis’ girlfriend Eleanor Calder was up to while he was trying to place the pap in a figure-four.

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One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson Got Arrested For Attacking A Photographer

March 4, 2017 / Posted by:

How do you Taser several million screaming teen-bordering-on-early-20s-aged girls surrounding a police precinct with torches while threatening to flood the block with their outraged tears? That’s a lot of Tasering. One Direction member Louis Tomlinson (not the one who left, not the blonde impish and not the more popular one with the hair) allegedly yanked a photographer to the ground by his legs at LAX last night.

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Louis Tomlinson Would Like His Baby Mama To Quiet Down

July 3, 2016 / Posted by:

Lower-tier One Direction member Louis Tomlinson is currently brawling with ex-girlfriend Briana Jungwirth over custody of their 5-month-old son Freddie Reign. He’s filed for joint custody. TMZ sez that Louis is now willing to avoid painful legal proceedings if Briana would keep his name out of her various social media accounts’ mouths. He also wants pre-approval of any picture of Freddie that she wants to post (probably with the hashtag #ATMBaby).

Briana’s response to this was basically “it’s my kid, and I’ll post a picture of him and every single dirty diaper he creates if I damn well feel like it.” She also reportedly noted that she’s never talked shit about Louis online so he should just calm his boy bander tits. Or something to that effect. I’m way hungover and paraphrasing is my bestie today.

Louis supposedly thinks that his current girlfriend Danielle Campbell is making his ex’s teeth gnash with jealousy hence the withholding of child. Briana has countered with her feeling that Danielle is just a psycho One Direction stan and she’s nervous because new girl knows where her ass lives and has the security code to her gated home. My feeling is that I need to get knocked up by a pop star so I can have him buy a house for me that has cool shit like a gate and security codes and probably a water feature in back. Why can’t I have ovaries?


Louis Tomlinson Wants 50/50 Custody Of His Baby

June 30, 2016 / Posted by:

As luck would have it, I’m once again the goddamned Pied Piper of baby stories. Usually it’s about someone pushing one out, but today I get to tell you all about some baby mess. No, I won’t be talking about barf and the shits, as much as I’d like to. We’re talking custody! And, well, kind of babies fighting for custody of a baby, because Louis Tomlinson and his babymama Briana Jungwirth are basically still chirruns. (Note from Allison: Louis is actually 24 years old, to which I say: “Whaaaat?“).

TMZ is saying that shit is about to get all kinds of legal for these two and their baby, Freddie Reign. Louis has reportedly had it up to here (the here is the top of the playpen, the highest point he can reach wid his widdle hand) with Briana denying him access to Freddie. Source types are saying Briana has been “inconsistent” with letting Louis spend time with Freddie, despite him dropping $15k into her bank account every month and getting her and the baby a house in Calabasas.

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