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We Are Now Living In A World Without Leslie Jordan In It

October 24, 2022 / Posted by:

The world is a lot, lot, lot, lot, lot less bright today. Because national treasure, actor, comedian, writer, singer, humanized ray of sunshine, our Hot Slut of 2020, and one of the few bright spots who got us through quarantine, Leslie Jordan, died today in Los Angeles after crashing his car into the side of a building while suffering a medical condition. This one hurts extra because it feels like Leslie Jordan just gave us a tiny piece of his brilliance and had much more to share. Leslie was only 67.

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Open Post: Hosted By Leslie Jordan Celebrating 4/20

April 20, 2022 / Posted by:

Today is April 20, AKA 4/20, AKA smoke ’em if you got ’em! Last night Leslie Jordan took to Instagram to share his views on “International Pot Day.”  66-year-old Leslie claims he doesn’t actually smoke pot, because it makes him socially awkward: “I don’t even know what to do with my arms or my hands.” But our beloved Hot Slut of 2020 still took the time to bless us with the tale of his first time smoking weed.

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Leslie Jordan Is April’s Hot Slut Of The Month!

May 11, 2020 / Posted by:

In one of his recent legendary quarantine video journal entries on Instagram, Leslie Jordan talked about dating a dude who was every kind of dumb. The dude was so dumb that he thought Farm Aid was Willie Nelson’s charity for farmers with AIDS. I laughed and laughed to keep from remembering that I too once thought Farm Aid was a charity for farmers with AIDS. Sadly, I was not the dingle-brained boyfriend who got to hump on Leslie Jordan, but that’s just another example of the entertainment that has made Leslie Jordan the sweetheart of Instagram. And now he’s the sweetheart of Dlisted!

A sleeping drag queen, a craft time (and crusty tip) icon, and a brilliant beer-loving memaw were no match for the power of Leslie Jordan. Leslie got more votes than all of the other HSOTM finalists combined. He got 61% of the votes. In second place is Olive Veronesi (with 25% of the votes) and she will become April’s HSOTM if Leslie is disqualified for committing some heinous shit like getting caught ordering a hit out on a rival or publicly shit-talking Phoebe Price.

LePage’s Mucilage came in third with 8% of the votes, followed by Anahi Santos with 6%.

Thanks to everyone who voted. And if you’ve got a HSOTD nom, slide it into my inbox but wear industrial-strength rubber gloves or you may end up at the free clinic.

Pic: Instagram

“Silver Foxes” (AKA “The Golden Gays”) Might Not Happen Due To Ageist Homophobia

August 2, 2017 / Posted by:

Silver Foxes, the Golden Girls homage featuring old gay dudes, is lying dead out on the lanai. And Hollywood bigotry is to blame! (I’m with you, because I, too, figured that it wasn’t happening because Bea Arthur looked down from the higher plane that she’s surely ruling and snarled “You’re replacing me with Bruce f**king Vilanch?” Continue reading

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