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Drew Barrymore Is The Latest Person To Regret Working With Woody Allen

May 18, 2021 / Posted by:

Woody Allen is in the news again. I’m sure that delusional creep probably thinks it’s good press, like that he made the #2 spot on a BuzzFeed list titled: 26 of the Hottest Over-80 Directors in Sloppy Ill-Fitting Corduroy Pants. But it’s the same reason why Woody Allen’s name usually shows up, which is that there is yet another famous actor who has publicly acknowledged that they really don’t feel great about having worked with him in the past. This time it’s Drew Barrymore, who not only regrets working with Woody but says she now realizes she was gaslit into it.

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Woody Allen And Soon-Yi Previn Issued A Statement Condemning The Documentary “Allen Vs Farrow”

February 22, 2021 / Posted by:

Last night, the first of a four-part documentary series, Allen vs Farrow, aired on HBO so naturally, Woody Allen did the right thing by removing himself from society and quietly skipped town under the cover of night to live a hermit on an undisclosed, unpopulated island so no one would ever have to see or hear from him again. The end. Only, of course (OF COURSE!) that’s not what happened. Instead, he and his wife Soon-Yi Previn issued a joint statement, condemning the project as a “hatchet job riddled with falsehoods.” Sadly, no end is in sight.

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No Surprise But Woody Allen’s Book Sounds Gross

March 24, 2020 / Posted by:

Woody Allen’s memoir Apropos of Nothing: I’m a Disgusting Pig And Here’s Why (ok, just the first part), was ultimately published, as we always knew would be the case. Like a dog who’s grabbed a putrefied half-eaten burrito off the street, Hachette, the book’s original intended publisher, dropped it after its employees, Ronan Farrow and Dylan Farrow, all yelled BAD DOG and gave a sharp tug on the leash! Which was the perfect opportunity for Arcade publishing to swoop in and snatch it up. Now that it’s out there, we have the opportunity to peek inside to see if those were moldy black beans coming out of it, or if it was actually human feces! The answer, it seems, is both.

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Woody Allen’s Memoirs Have Been Published

March 23, 2020 / Posted by:

Today in “Why?” and “Huh?” comes the news that Woody Allen’s memoirs, Apropos of Nothing, have actually been published. By a real life publishing company. March of 2020 continues to hit it outta the park! This news comes a couple weeks after Hachette Book Group dropped the book, following a storm of controversy that included angry statements by former Hachette author Ronan Farrow and Woody’s accuser, Dylan Farrow, and staged employee walkouts in protest.

The memoirs’ new publisher, Arcade Publishing, made no prior announcement about acquiring the rights, so publishing the book today was a fun lil’ surprise. I’m sure everyone working at Arcade is just thrilled.

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Dylan Farrow Responds to Woody Allen’s Memoirs Being Dropped, And Stephen King Has Thoughts

March 9, 2020 / Posted by:

Last week Hachette Book Group announced they were publishing Woody Allen’s memoirs in April. Woody’s daughter/accuser, Dylan Farrow, and son, perv hunter Ronan Farrow, both tweeted their frustration. Ronan, who published his recent book Catch and Kill with Hachette, immediately dropped them as his publisher. Later in the week, 75 employees of Hachette staged a walkout in protest of the deal. And, guess what? It actually worked!

On Friday, after a week of bad press, Hachette released a statement announcing that, despite taking their “relationships with authors very seriously” (“Um, dooo you, though?” -Ronan Farrow), they’d made the “difficult” decision to drop Woody’s book. After the cancellation, Dylan hopped back on Twitter to express her gratitude.

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Hachette Employees Staged A Walkout In Protest Of Their Company Publishing Woody Allen’s Memoirs (UPDATE)

March 6, 2020 / Posted by:

On Monday, publishing company Hachette Book Group made a really smart PR decision, and announced that, next month, they’d release Woody Allen’s memoirs, “Apropos of Nothing”. Woody’s been shopping that shit around the last couple years, and hearing a lot of “No, because you’re an accused child molester”. But Hachette got cartoon dollar-sign eyes, and agreed to publish it.

Obviously, people were pissed. Especially Ronan Farrow, whose recent book about bringing down powerful sexual predators, Catch and Kill, was ALSO published by Hachette. Both he and his sister, Dylan Farrow, released online statements expressing their feelings of betrayal. Ronan announced he was done with the publishing company, and encouraged them to do some actual fact checking on Woody’s book. Well, it looks like the employees of Hachette agreed, because yesterday they staged a walkout in protest.

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