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Kelly Rutherford’s Ex Isn’t Going To Get $1.5 Million From Her

February 22, 2017 / Posted by:

Kelly Rutherford had been fighting with her ex-husband Daniel Giersch over custody of their two kids, 10-year-old Hermes and 7-year-old Helena, for almost 10 years. That dramatic saga ended a little over a year ago, when a judge awarded Daniel full custody. Kelly also had some money woes. Things aren’t great in that department either.

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Kelly Rutherford Lost Custody Of Her Children Because The Judge Was Afraid She’d Kidnap Them

December 16, 2015 / Posted by:

Yesterday in Monaco, a judge handed full custody of Kelly Rutherford’s kids, 9-year-old Hermes and 6 -year-old Helena, to their dad Daniel Giersch and they also ruled that she can’t ever take them out of the country. Kelly’s kids have been living in Monaco with their father for years and from now on, she has to go there to visit with them. Daniel had to leave the US after his visa was revoked when someone in Kelly’s legal team reported his alleged shady business dealings to the State Department. Kelly and her lawyer have been trying to win the right for her to bring her AMERICAN CITIZEN children back to AMERICA where AMERICAN CITIZENS belong, but the judge denied that request. TMZ says that the judge wrote in their ruling that they were afraid she’d Not Without My Daughter them.

As everyone who has been following this disaster of a saga knows, Kelly’s children used to be able to visit her in the US during holidays and the summer, but she fucked that right up a few months ago. Hermes and Helena spent this past summer with Kelly in NYC and when it came time to send them back home to Monaco, she didn’t do it. She refused. Kelly was dragged into a court room in NYC where a judge handed Hermes and Helena over to Daniel’s mom who took them back to Monaco. The judge in Monaco was afraid she’d deliver a sequel to that stunt:

In a written ruling, obtained by TMZ, the judge said there was “a strong risk of the children’s abduction and retention in the United States” — translation, there was a big chance she’d flee with the kids.

Kelly hasn’t released a statement about this yet. I’m guessing that she’s resting her voice and sipping hot water with lemon to prepare her vocal cords for when she and Dan Abrams scream about this wrong shit to the media during their press tour. But Kelly did put this up on Instagram.

@cleowade ❤️🙏

A photo posted by @kellyrutherford on

Kelly has appealed, so you know what they say. It’s not over until the blond actress is arrested and imprisoned for tackling President Obama while begging him to declare war on Monaco in retaliation for this injustice.


Kelly Rutherford’s Ex-Husband Got Full Custody Of Their Kids (UPDATE)

December 15, 2015 / Posted by:

Kelly Rutherford’s never-ending, messy-as-fuck custody battle ended up in a court room in Monaco today and the judge ruled against her ass. The judge gave full custody to Kelly’s ex-husband, Daniel Giersch. The Daily Mail said that the judge also ruled that she can never ever bring her children, Hermes and Helena, back to the US and she can only visit them in France and Monaco. But Kelly’s lawyer tells TMZ that The Daily Mail’s story isn’t totally made of 100% truthiness. Daniel did get full custody today, but Kelly’s appeal will be heard later this week, so she’s not totally out and may be able to bring her kids to the US for a visit. (UPDATE: People says that the judge also ruled today that Kelly can’t bring her kids to the US. She can only visit with them in Monaco or France.)

After courts in California and New York rejected the case because they felt like they didn’t have jurisdiction over it, it fell into the hands of the court in Monaco. Kelly has been in Monaco trying to win the right to bring her children back to the US. Many “experts” said that the chances of a baby unicorn flying out of her asshole are greater than her winning the right to bring her children to the US. Kelly’s children stayed with her in New York for the summer, but she violated the custody agreement by refusing to put them on a plane back to Monaco. Experts say that she’ll probably get supervised visits in France and Monaco and that’s about it.

The Daily Mail says that Kelly didn’t totally lose hard in court today. The judge declared that Daniel has to pay her $3,281 a month in support. Kelly went bankrupt from fighting for her kids, so maybe that $3,281 a month will put a teeny tiny little dent in her lawyer fees? I mean, that $3,281 may pay for the pen that her lawyer used to sign her 1,100,000th appeal.

The judge also said that Kelly and Daniel must make decisions about their childrens’ health, schooling and religious education together. Kelly and Daniel have proven that they fight about everything and they want what the other one doesn’t want, so I’m sure these two will work together to make the best decisions for their children!

The judge should know how these two wrecks are and ruled that all decisions about their children must be made by a Magic 8-Ball. Shit, just give full custody to the Magic 8-Ball too.


Kelly Rutherford Filed A Lawsuit To Get Her Kids Back And A Judge Threw It Out

August 17, 2015 / Posted by:

I hope you saved your transfer, because we’re all getting back on Kelly Rutherford’s Dramatic Custody Fight Express. Last week, a judge ordered Kelly Rutherford’s kids, Hermes and Helena, to pack their tiny rolling suitcases and return to Monaco to be with their dad, Daniel Giersch, after a visit with mommy that turned a little too Lifetime-y. Basically, H & H were supposed to go home, and Kelly didn’t want to return them. I assumed that after Grandma Giersch came to collect Kelly’s kids, Kelly went home, looked in a mirror, and asked herself “Damn, what is happening, girl?“, because, you know, that would be the reasonable thing to do.

But she didn’t do that. According to Page Six, Kelly marched right back into the courthouse and hour later and filed a federal lawsuit demanding the return of her children. And about 0.003 seconds after she did that, a judge took her lawsuit and dumped it in the trash. Apparently, Kelly’s custody problems belong in the state system, and not the federal system. You know, you’d think she would know where to file her “GIVE ME BACK MY KIDS!!!!” forms by now.

To make matters messier, Page Six says legal experts have told them that filing that lawsuit probably boned up her chances of getting her kids back. That, and hustling her Lifetime story of a child custody battle on morning television.

“By not abiding by, by constantly trumpeting whatever she thinks is being done to her in every court, using every vehicle available to her from congressional briefings to Good Morning America, she’s done herself no favors.”

Forget about this legal expert – what does Kelly’s gorgeous Tussaudian (that’s a word, right?) lawyer, Wendy Murphy, have to say about all this?!? I don’t know if I can wait all of two days till she and Kelly appear on another morning show. You’re right, I need to be patient; waiting for the booking agent to return your calls can take time.

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Kelly Rutherford Went On Good Morning America To Talk About That Mess With Her Kids

August 15, 2015 / Posted by:

Because Georgette the poodle from Oliver & Company is all the fancy Upper East Side I need in my life, I have never seen a single episode of Gossip Girl, so I literally only know Kelly Rutherford as the blonde lady who is fighting with her ex-husband over their kids. I’d say that gives me a completely different perspective on this situation, but no – it’s still just a giant ball of drama.

Last week, the blonde lady known as Kelly Rutherford didn’t return her two kids, Hermes and Helena, to their father and her ex-husband Daniel Giersch after a visit, at which point Danny screamed “KIDNAPPER!!!!” and things went all code blue man down. Currently Hermes and Helena, who I’m sure at this point would love to change their names to JanSport and Helen and run the fuck away from both their parents, are back in Monaco with their dad. To make this situation even messier, Kelly made an appearance on Good Morning America yesterday morning to talk about how the government keeps doing her dirty when it comes to her custody agreement. Kelly told Robin Roberts that she’s doing good, her kids are doing good, she’s been able to speak with them, and then she got all Lifetime-y.

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Kelly Rutherford Brings The Melodrama In A Statement About Her Kids Being Sent Back To Monaco

August 12, 2015 / Posted by:

I feel like every time I write about this disaster of a case, I have to repeat the history of it for those of you who don’t know. Well, if you don’t know and care, you can read an easy-to-read and pretty comprehensive rundown of the case at Jezebel, or just watch a car crash compilation video on YouTube since that pretty much sums it up.

Yesterday, Manhattan court judge Ellen Frances Gesmer ordered for Kelly Rutherford’s kids to be put on a plane back to Monaco to be with their father Daniel Giersch. Kelly’s children were staying with her in NYC for the summer and she was supposed to return them to Europe last week. She didn’t, so she was dragged into a Manhattan courtroom where Judge Ellen refused to hear anything she had to say and turned the children over to Daniel’s mother who took them back home to Monaco. Daniel’s lawyer said that the entire scene was calm and civil. Daniel’s lawyer claims that the children, Hermes and Helena, kissed their mom goodbye before joining their memaw.

But in a statement she released today, Kelly makes it sound like her kids were screaming and crying as police officers tasered them, handcuffed them and threw them into a paddy wagon. Kelly says that Judge Ellen basically arrested her kids and that the judge is the one who should be put into handcuffs for committing child abuse. Kelly says that it was the cruelest act against a child she’s ever seen. I guess Kelly doesn’t know that Pete Wentz named his kid Saint Lazslo, because that’s a real cruel act against an innocent child.

While writing her statement, Kelly brought the drama right out of the gate:

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