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X-Men Director Bryan Singer Accused Of Drugging And Raping An Underage Teenager

April 17, 2014 / Posted by:

I first heard about Bryan Singer’sinfamous” coke and twink pool parties when I was 18 and was at some party in Orange County that a bunch of dancers from Disneyland were at. One of the twink dancers bragged to me and my friends about how the weekend before he was at a party in L.A. that the director of Usual Suspects was at and the white twinks, coke and meth were falling from the sky. The twink dancer said that Bryan Singer and his fancy Hollywood friends always throw parties like that and when I asked him to take me to the next one, bitch said, “Uh, you’re not white, skinny and cute enough, though.” Leave it to a bitchy blond Disneyland dancer with white highlights and blue contacts to save me from gay Eyes Wide Shut Hell.

So when I read about this last night, a look of shock didn’t exactly cover my face. The Wrap says that a now 31-year-old dude named Michael F. Egan III filed a lawsuit in Hawaii yesterday against Bryan Singer for allegedly drugging and raping him repeatedly when he was 15 years old. In the lawsuit, Michael, who grew up in Nevada, says that he and his family moved to L.A. so he could get into modeling and acting. Shortly after he moved to L.A., he went to a pool party at the M & C Estate (I know, my first thought was, “MC Hammer has an ESTATE named after him?“) in Encino, which at the time regularly hosted “notorious” twink pool parties where Hollywood players would allegedly feed drugs and booze to twinks before having sex with them.

At the time, Marc Collins-Rector (RECTOR!!!), the former CEO of Digital Entertainment Network, lived at the M & C Estate with Chad Shackley and Chad’s younger brother Scott Shackley. Michael Egan went to high school with Scott Shackley. Marc Collins-Rector isn’t being sued, but he is named in the lawsuit and is accused of sexually abusing Michael Egan for 2-3 months before passing Michael off to Bryan Singer. Rector is a convicted sex offender who in 2004 pled guilty to bringing five underage boys across state lines to have sex with them. Michael Egan also claims that Rector held a gun to his head and threatened to hurt him and his family if he stopped being the Pass Around Patty to all those gay Roman Polanskis.

Michael says he took the threats seriously which is why he didn’t turn down Bryan Singer’s request in 1999 to fly to Hawaii. In Hawaii, Michael alleges that Bryan forced him to snort tons of coke and drink some suspect shit before Bryan raped him repeatedly. Bryan promised Michael a role in his new movie if he did everything he was told to. The movie role never came, but the drugging and raping went on.

Michael, who in the lawsuit states that he’s straight, wants a jury trial and is asking for an unspecified amount of cash.

Defendant, BRYAN JAY SINGER, manipulated his power, wealth, and position in the entertainment industry to sexually abuse and exploit the underage Plaintiff through the use of drugs, alcohol, threats, and inducements which resulted in Plaintiff suffering catastrophic psychological and emotional injuries. Defendant Singer did so as part of a group of adult males similarly positioned in the entertainment industry that maintained and exploited boys in a sordid sex ring. A Hollywood mogul must not use his position to sexually exploit underage actors.

Michael’s lawyer says that they plan to file more lawsuits against Bryan Singer and others who were allegedly involved in that twink sex ring.

Bryan’s lawyer Martin Singer told The Wrap that the lawsuit is made of lies and that’s it funny how it was filed 15 years later and just weeks before X-Men: Days Of Future Past, which Bryan directed, comes out. Bryan plans to fight the lawsuit.

This isn’t Bryan’s first time at the ILLEGAL underage rodeo. In 1997, he was named in a lawsuit filed by a 14-year-old boy who claimed that he and other underage extras in Apt Pupil were forced to take off their thongs for a shower scene. The rumor is that Bryan played the footage at parties.

After reading and writing about this sordid tale of underage butt rape, I decided that I needed a palate cleanser, so I took my eyes to YouTube to watch Elmo videos and then I realized that Elmo was accused of the same shit! Hollywood really does RUIN EVERYTHING. I can’t even watch an Elmo video without thinking of Elmo forcing a twink to do a line off of his crotch at one of Bryan Singer’s pool parties.

Will Arnett Has Filed For Divorce From Amy Poehler

April 17, 2014 / Posted by:

You can stop running around grabbing people by the shoulders and screaming “WHAT YEAR IS IT??” into their faces, because no, you didn’t wake up in some kind of weird Groundhog Day time-suck and, yes, it’s still 2014. Don’t worry, I had the same reaction when I read that notable self-tanner enthusiast Will Arnett has filed for divorce from his wife, Parks and Recreation/SNL/everything you love star Amy Poehler, because it feels like that already happened, way way back in 2012.

And I’m sort-of right. Amy and Will crushed all our hearts in September 2012 by announcing they were ending what everyone assumed was a perfect and adorable marriage. But for some reason they waited a year and a half to file the papers, which could mean one of two things:

1. They needed some time to reflect on their decision in order to be absolutely sure they didn’t want to rub their down-lows on each other anymore

2. Someone fucked up and forgot to file them a year and a half ago

As someone who has an empty Fruity Pebbles box labled ‘TAX STUFF??’ hiding somewhere in the back of my closet, I have to go with Option 2.

But don’t cry for Amy and Will. Amy has already moved on to The League’s Nick Kroll (who kind of looks like the human version of Earl Sinclair from Dinosaurs, but he’s funny as shit, so yes, I totally would) and Will tried humping on Billy Joel’s ex Katie Lee for a while before settling on producer Erin David. However, if you still feel like crying and mourning the death of true love, do it over clips from Blades of Gloryit will make you feel a little bit better.

Hot Slut Of The Day!

April 17, 2014 / Posted by:

Purin, the super beagle from Japan who’s bigger than Snoopy and who skateboarded, lip-synched, skipped and swished her way into the hearts of many and is about to become TV’s biggest bitch.

If you’re a struggling actor who went to theater school, spent most of your life honing your craft and shit and the only audition you can get is to be a background extra on an episode of America’s greatest scripted tragic comedy Chrisley Knows Best, then I’m sorry to tell you that it would’ve all been easier if you were just born a beagle from Japan. Because this beagle from Japan can’t even squat out a shit without some TV network begging her to do a show for them.

The Daily Mail says that Purin’s human Makoto Kumagai has been inunfuckingdated with TV and commercial offers from all over the world. Those offers didn’t just magically land in Purin’s lap. She paid her dues on YouTube by starring in video after video of her skateboarding (I hope she gets the lead in a reboot of Gleaming The Cube), playing volleyball and doing handstands. Makoto’s says she’s got an agent now and is booking jobs left and right like her last name is Lawrence and she fell twice at the Oscars.

“She has become famous all over the world and regularly have people asking her to be in an advert, on their TV show or compete in a talent contest. She is very talented and sweet and thoroughly entertains people.”

Here in America, we give TV shows to talentless, useless bitches who have the personalities of wet paint on a piece of Styrofoam and in Japan they still give TV shows to bitches, but bitches with charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent. Japan: STILL showing us how it’s done.

Purin’s talent and skills aren’t only physical. Purin is also a true creative artist. Here she is lip-synching into a Hello Kitty mic. You will grasp at your heart place when she coyly turns her head around at the beginning and then lip-synchs into the mic at exactly the right time. A true show woman!

Bitch lip-synchs better than Brit Brit! Bad example, I know, because a mayfly lip-synchs better than Brit Brit. Purin lip-synchs better than Beyonce! Purin, sashay you stay.


Birthday Sluts

April 17, 2014 / Posted by:

Posh Spice (40)
Rooney Mara (29)
Monet Mazur (38)
Jennifer Garner (42)
Claire Sweeney (43)
Redman (44)
Tami Roman (44)
Kimberly Elise (47)
Henry Ian Cusick (47)
Liz Phair (47)
William Mapother (49)
Maynard James Keenan (50)
Lela Rochon (50)
Sean Bean (55)
Nick Hornby (57)
“Rowdy” Roddy Piper (60)
Olivia Hussey (63)
L. Scott Caldwell (64)


Porsha Stewart From “Real Housewives Of Atlanta” Charged With Beating Kenya Moore’s Ass

April 16, 2014 / Posted by:

During the taping of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion last month, eyelashes flew and the smoke detectors went off from the burnt pancake makeup fumes when black history scholar Porsha Stewart went after and dragged slut from the 90s (copyright: Porsha) Kenya Moore. Bravo supposedly gave Porsha a pink slip and an application to Subway after she turned Kenya into her own personal mop. Well, now Porsha has been charged with assault and she turned herself in today. I don’t know what the weather was like in Atlanta today, but if the sun was out and the sky had an ethereal glow to it, that was civil rights activist Hosea Williams beaming with pride over his granddaughter getting arrested for fighting with some trick at a reality show reunion.

E! News says that Porsha was booked, her mug shot of glamour was taken, she posted bond and sashayed out of there. Porsha’s mug shot is very “beauty school yearbook picture circa 1983.” Porsha may be dumber than a piece of wet tampon lint, but she knows how to deliver the glamour in a mug shot. The expert at Maaco who painted her face and the licensed contractor who glued black broom bristles to her eyelids did an amazing job.

Andy Cohen talked about this wreck of a fight during an episode of @sk Andy and he called it “gross.” You might not able to read what he said since your seeing globes probably rolled out of your head and your cat are playing with them on the floor.

“To me, it came out of nowhere. The other women felt that Kenya kind of provoked her a little bit and was provoking her. I think I was just so shocked and so surprised, and I was just really upset. I don’t want that happen. I think it’s gross, and I think it’s just totally inappropriate, it’s wrong, it’s not entertaining. It’s just bad.”

I wonder what Andy’s definition of “really upset” is, because I’m not sure I would use those words to describe his ass getting so hot and tingly over Porsha and Kenya scrappin’ that a Bravo production assistant had to grab a Q-Tip. Andy was so grossed out by the whole thing that his nipples throbbed and milk squirted out of ‘em as he thought about the bonus check he’ll get once the ratings come in. Andy was so disgusted that he called up his realtor to let them know to go ahead and make an offer on that Hamptons beach house. Bravo and Andy are so grossed out that they’re going to air the fight on the reunion on Sunday. They’re so severely, severely, sickeningly disgusted that they’re probably going to air the raw footage on Pay-Per-View. I hope Mama Dionesia is on the sidelines throwing voodoo curses at all of them.


File Under DUH: Oprah Won’t Be Bringing “Lindsay” Back For A Second Season

April 16, 2014 / Posted by:

Let’s play a game! Without cheating, let’s see if you can guess why Oprah won’t be renewing Lindsay Lohan’s reality show Lindsay. Are you ready? Okay, GO! If you guessed any of the following: booze, drugs, being a fuck-up, being difficult, being a difficult fuck-up, being a difficult drunk fuck-up, you’d be WRONG, because it was a trick question! The answer is low ratings (the answer is always low ratings).

The series finale for Lindsay airs this Sunday, and it sounds like Blo may want to throw herself another booze-soaked viewing party, because The Daily Mail says that it might be her last. Oprah was planning on renewing Lindsay’s reality series if it turned out to be a success, but it wasn’t. The premiere episode only took in 700,000 viewers, which may seem like a lot, until you realize that old-ass re-runs of The Big Bang Theory get about 4 million viewer. 70,000 viewers puts Lindsay in the same category as informercials and the stock footage of parks they show on DOG-TV. Since Oprah doesn’t really give two freckled Lohan shits about the Apricot Ashtray’s road to recovery unless she’s getting paid, she’s cutting her losses and moving on to a better money maker (Iyanla: Fix My Life Pt.2 – Keep Fixin’!)

And it sounds like out-of-work Lindsay can’t fall back on sitcom guest appearances either. According to Radar, Lindsay’s appearance on 2 Broke Girls was their lowest-rated episode of the season, nearly 1 million viewers less than an average episode. And that says a lot, since people who watch 2 Broke Girls aren’t exactly discerning viewers to begin with (aww, JK 2 Broke Girls. Any show with Jennifer Coolidge can’t be half bad).

So there ends another full rotation on the Merry Go Round of Lindsay Lohan’s life: she fucks up, she bargains for another chance, she gets another chance, she fucks up, she bargains for another chance, etc etc until she runs out of chances on earth, and she finds herself a rocket and starts bargaining with aliens.

Here’s more of Lindsay in London on Monday. I really hope there’s a current resume in that backpack, because she’s going to need it.

Pics: Flame Flynet

Night Crumbs

April 16, 2014 / Posted by:

The first trailer for the Rosemary’s Baby mini-series is here. SPOILER ALERT: The real spawn of Satan turns out to be that wig on Zoe Saldana’s head – Just Jared

Channing Tatum really wants some of that X-Men franchise money – Lainey Gossip

The unpaid professional Instagram model who is only famous because she was once a tickle in Wayne Gretzky’s nutsack stars in a behind-the-scenes video for Golf Digest that is about as fascinating as golf itself – Drunken Stepfather

Charlie Sheen’s wasting $100,000 on a dumb engagement party, which is “I’ll give you one of my internal organs for that” kind of money to you and me, but is nothing to him. $100,000 goes up his nose on a weekly basis – Celebitchy

When Tracy Morgan is worried about you, you’re passed the point of severely fucked up – The Superficial

Doogie Howser’s Hedwig body weighs less than his Hedwig wigs, basically – Towleroad

Venus de Milo, is that you, girl? – Hollywood Tuna

The talking wig’s out there on the ho stroll hawking pancake-flavored vodka and other booze flavors that will compel your stomach to purge – Reality Tea

US Airways didn’t fire the employee who twatted out that planegina tweet, but no word if they promoted them to Director of EVERYTHING which is what they should do – Jezebel

Chelsea Handler tweeted this picture of her holding some CBS documents. While Chelsea Handler throws an “I’m coming for your job” look at Craig Ferguson, I’m wishing that her dog farted her on crotch – Pajiba

Emily Blunt should call up Weight Watchers to help her lose ALL THAT TONS OF BABY WEIGHT – Popoholic

Alicia Silverstone joins Jenny McCarthy and Kristin Cavawhatever’s anti-vaxx team, which is just the team you want to be on when it comes to medical science – ICYDK

It’s been a long day, so rest your eyeballs on Orlando Bloom’s hairless ass cheeks - OMG Blog

Dax Shepard comes out as a Bradaloonie – Popsugar

In case you need reminding that Walmart is a ~special~ place – The Berry

FYI: The fetus growing in Mila Kunis’ body has a vagina – IDLYITW

Simon Cowell is really sorry for being a home wrecking whore – Celebslam

Kendra Wilkinson is still knocked up – Moe Jackson


…And Now For A Story We Can All Relate To

April 16, 2014 / Posted by:

If you’ve ever looked at a picture of Kim Kardashian and found yourself feeling the same way you did that time you ate a rotten Filet-O-Fish sandwich, take comfort in knowing that you’re not alone. According to The Daily Mail, an Exeter man named Mike Amess (oh, he’s a mess, alright) is claiming that he’s developed a phobia of the Kardashians, wherein he breaks out in a cold sweat if he hears their voices, and that the sight of a semi-nude Kim will make him vomit. Someone needs to tell Mike Amess that that’s not a phobia, that’s just called being human.

The 24-year-old said it all began back in high school, when he watched Kim’s sex tape in an attempt to try to repress his sexuality (oh, big mistake, Mike Amess; that’s like trying to get over your fear of the ocean by watching JAWS):

I downloaded the video and watched it secretly in my bedroom. But the sight of Kim writhing around with her huge bum and the sound of her horrible high-pitched wailing repulsed me. By the end of the tape, I had burst into tears. The experience left me terrified and I never wanted to see Kim’s face again. I have come to terms with my homosexuality now but my dread towards her has never left.”

Mike Amess claims that his phobia has only gotten more traumatic over the years, due to the fact that Satan’s shameless hookers are everywhere, and while he tries his best to avoid triggers like television, magazines, and Craigslist postings for dumpy-looking slug prostitutes (hey, even snails need to get laid), sometimes he’s unsuccessful, like when Kanye West released Bound 2:

“One day, I was lazing about on the sofa in front of the TV. I was skipping through music channels and that video came on. Seeing Kim naked, with her boobs bouncing about like that brought back memories of that horrendous sex tape. Before I knew it, I was sweating like a pig and throwing up.”

“We can totally relate” – the crew from the Bound 2 shoot.

A doctor, who does not treat Mike Amess, claims that while his phobia is super-rare and proooooobablyyyyy made up, there is a chance he is actually terrified of the Kardashians and Mike Amess should get some therapy so he can eventually change his name to Mike LessOfAmess.

And regardless of whether or not Mike is telling the truth (he’s probably not, but I love him anyways) he should get help, and if there’s one person who can cure you of your phobia fears, it’s Maury Povich and a dude dressed up as whatever you’re afraid of. Quickly Maury! Dress a staffer up as a nasal-voiced, fake-assed porn star and help Mike Amess!

Katy Perry Has Moved On From Riff Raff And Might Be Doing Diplo Now

April 16, 2014 / Posted by:

Regardless of whether or not you’re a religious person, you should probably slap your hands together and bust out a prayer for the freon-huffing grill-wearing Florida bedbug, Riff Raff, because he is going to be absolutely devastated when he hears that the love of his life has moved on to douchier pastures. If anyone needs your thoughts and prayers today, it’s him. I mean, he needs them anyways, because his life is a fucking mess, but today he’s really going to need them.

According to Page Six, Katy Perry has given us yet another square to block off on our Oh, Here We Go bingo cards by hooking up with DJ/producer Diplo. The two were seen (don’t do it, Allison) CANOODLING backstage at Coachella, with a source saying:

“It was very obvious that Katy and Diplo were together. They seemed inseparable and at one point they were seen getting onto her bus together.”

Getting on a bus together? Slow down, sluts!

I’m sure Diplo is a very nice person, and I’m not making fun of him per-se, but I think we can all agree that DJs are pretty high on the douche spectrum. With that being said, I shouldn’t be surprised that Katy is currently rubbing her dark horse parts on Diplo; ever since she split with The Douchebag King, she’s been trying to fill the douche-scented hole he left in her heart, and there’s no more concentrated form of douche than a guy who gets paid millions of dollars to press buttons on an iPod.

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