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Open Post: Hosted By The First Look At Damian Lewis As Rob Ford On The Set Of “Run This Town”

April 25, 2018 / Posted by:

For those of you who worried that trim ginger Damian Lewis was going to have to go Full Charlize and eat night macaroni in order to convincingly play the role of Rob Ford, you can relax. According to Vulture, “the tiny-mouthed Englishman” (eyeballs emoji) is relying on prosthetics to create the corpulent figure of Toronto’s former crackhead mayor. The Daily Mail has pictures from the Toronto set of Run This Town and I’m not gonna sugarcoat it, they are terrifying.

Here’s Damian as Rob Ford.

First I saw Fat Bastard, then I saw Sloth, then I kind of saw Rob Ford! This is just the head part. He also has a fat suit (worn underneath a literal suit) which you can see in the Mail pics. It’s so crazy that Damian Lewis ended up playing the role Chris Farley (RIP) was born to play. Daily Mail says:

Lewis said the process takes an entire afternoon and involves ‘getting his face and head completely covered in silicon strips, breathing through a small hole near the nose’.

Sounds awful. I think I’d prefer the night macaroni method.


Damian Lewis Will Play Former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford In A Movie

April 11, 2018 / Posted by:

During Rob Ford’s term as mayor of Toronto (I should get a pin), one thing you heard a lot while he was knocking old ladies over, smoking crack or bragging about having enough pussy to eat at home was that it all felt like a movie. Enough people must have said it, because Hollywood is making a movie about the late Rob Ford. Unfortunately, Hollywood isn’t powerful enough to bring Chris Farley back from the dead for the role he was born to play. The Hollywood Reporter says that Rob Ford will be played by Damian Lewis in a film called Run This Town.

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Former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Has Died

March 22, 2016 / Posted by:

After fighting an 18-month long battle with cancer, come-to-life Chris Farley impersonation and former Mayor of Toronto Rob Ford has died at the age of 46. The Toronto Star says that Ford’s family confirmed his death earlier today, but won’t be releasing any specifics. Rob Ford’s messy mayoral antics came to an abrupt stop at the end of 2014 when he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer called pleomorphic liposarcoma. He underwent surgery in 2015 to remove it, but two tumors were found a few months later.

I know Drake thinks that Toronto (no I will not call it The 6) is his thing, but back in 2014, Toronto belonged to Mayor Rob Ford. Rob Ford became famous for being himself, which was a loud crack-smoking booze-chugging Bieber-loving (then later, Bieber-fighting), proud pussy eatingold lady crashing-into ball of crazy. Rob Ford was parodied on SNL and invited to bring his bumbling mayor act to an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!. Did I mention he was still the Mayor of Canada’s largest city during all of this?

Eventually Rob Ford’s drunk messiness got out of hand and he was sent to rehab, which…didn’t exactly work. Being a two-term Mayor didn’t work out for him either. Rob Ford withdrew from the mayoral race after he was diagnosed with cancer. He leaves behind his wife, two children, as well as his brother and BFF Doug, who is also a Toronto politician.

Rob Ford is responsible for a lot of bad, but he’s also responsible for a very good. Rob Ford gave us former Hot Slut Joe Killoren. I’d say that bringing a sexy shirtless bear into our lives is reason enough to pour one out for him today.

Pic: Splash

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The City Of Toronto Won’t Get A Two-Term Drunken Crackhead Mayor After All

September 12, 2014 / Posted by:

Sad news for those of you who were looking forward to another four beautiful years of watching the human crack rock in Dollarama Chris Farley drag stumble around like a giant vodka-chugging drug-smoking baby. The Globe and Mail says that Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has withdrawn from the mayoral race. The grown-up garbage pail kid is currently laid-up in the hospital with an abdominal tumor (aka a 10lb crack rock that got stuck on a piece of ham in his lower intestine) but he released a statement saying that he’s no longer pursuing re-election, however he’ll still be running for a seat in city council. He also said he’s giving his place in the mayoral race to his brother Doug Ford, a dude who looks like the definition of a shady tip-stealing strip club owner.

This all comes literally 3 days after convicted rapist and visual representation of bad decisions, Mike Tyson, publicly endorsed Rob Ford in his run for re-election. You know, before he lost his shit on live TV and called a reporter a ‘rat piece of shit’. “Ooh, that’s a good one! I’ll have to remember that for the next time I go on a crackie rant!” – Rob Ford.

So there you have it; the little drug-fueled engine that could barely is pulling into the station for good. I feel like now is a good time for someone to make an ‘In Memoriam’ video featuring a slow-motion montage of the human ball of sweat’s greatest moments as mayor set to the song “Gold in Them Hills“. Rob Ford running into a news camera. Rob Ford running into a fire hydrant. Rob Ford running through city hall and knocking over an elderly council member. Rob Ford trying to run on a football field and falling on his ass. There’s just so much footage to pick from. He’s like a one-man America’s Funniest Home Video segment.

And is it just me, or does it look like Mayor McCheese has lost a little bit of weight? Maybe someone’s cut off his food supply at home.

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SHOCKING: Crack-Smoking Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Was A Giant Mess In Rehab

July 9, 2014 / Posted by:

In an article that could have been written by Doge and titled: “Wow, much mess, so surprise”, The Toronto Star claims that Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, was a dumb destructive asshole during his two-month stay in rehab. According to several sources, the human version of ham smell spent most of his time at the GreeneStone rehab facility acting like the sweaty, bloated, grown-up Costco-sized version of Justin Bieber by terrorizing other patients, and not just with his rancid fried chicken farts (but I mean, come on, those were probably an issue too):

During the morning group sessions, where residents are encouraged to share their deepest secrets, Ford was abusive to other residents, shouting them down, refusing to listen, swearing constantly, sources told the Star.

In the hallways and common areas, Ford argued, pushed and shoved other patients who were angry that Ford had “brought his circus with him,” sources said.

“We are not paid enough to deal with this guy,” one counsellor remarked during a conversation with another counsellor.

“Rob Ford literally had the run of the place. There were no rules around Rob Ford,” said another source.

And even though he was at GreeneStone, he might have still been trying to score that white rock:

Management was concerned Ford continued to use drugs or alcohol during his time in rehab. The Star was unable to determine if Ford abused any substances during his two month stint.

GreeneStone’s wooded property has a well known “nature walk” and a concern of staff is that some residents meet their drug dealers or people providing alcohol at the far end of the walk.

Walk? Far? Oh, never mind then. He definitely wasn’t getting any drugs from his dealer. But he was clearly on something! I bet it was animal tranquilizers. That crafty crackie probably wandered around rehab naked hoping someone would mistake him for an albino grizzly bear and call animal control. Then he’d sit back, relax, and wait for the drugs to be delivered directly into his neck via tranquilizer dart.


Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Got Into A Fight With Justin Bieber At A Club

May 1, 2014 / Posted by:

What a great day to be a Canadian person; the Raptors beat the Brooklyn Nets last night, perpetually-sweaty Mayor Rob Ford got busted smoking crack again (even Marion Barry is like “Slow down, man”), and now this: a story about the spoiled skidmark in Canada’s underwear Justin Bieber trying to start shit with a coked-out Rob Ford at a Toronto night club. All this, AND free healthcare? What a country!

According to The Toronto Star, the real-life Hoggish Greedly kicked off his latest crack-filed meltdown about a month ago when he invited 4 men he met hanging around City Hall back to his house (aka The Crack Nest), where he ordered a party bus and took them to Toronto night club Muzik, where he proceeded to “drink to excess”. Although to be fair, a normal person’s “excess” is his “slightly buzzed”.

By this point in the evening, Rob Ford – who has now turned into a drunk messy garbage person (not a radical transformation) – bumps into the toddler prototype of Baby Alive and tries to shake his hand, to which Justin meets with the question “Did you bring any crack to smoke?” Ugh, I know I should hate that bratty toddler, but a tiny part of my soul is cackling with joy over him asking that drunk shithead about smoking crack. I’m so conflicted right now. Anyways, after he joked about smoking crack, Rob Ford turned into Matt Foley motivational speaker and started screaming and ranting, prompting the 4 random guys he brought to the club to drag him back to their private booth, as Justin walked away.

And I’m sure Justin thought he was acting like such a tough badass, but there’s no way he was going to do any ass-kicking that night; Canadians love a good brawl, but even they draw the line at watching a baby and a man who looks like a baby fight each other.

Speaking of Lil’ Badasses, here’s an Alvin and the Chipmunks-looking Justin Bieber holding up traffic in NYC (but if someone told me it was a screen grab of the scene in Blank Check where Preston buys a limo, I’d believe that too):

Pics: Splash

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