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Open Post: Hosted By The Wedding Ultimatum From The Target Bride

October 12, 2020 / Posted by:

As far as ambush marriage-shit goes, this is the absolute fucking worst. Like, worse than those public proposals which end in failure. A woman decided that enough was enough, and ambushed her fiancĂ© at the Las Vegas Target he works at. She showed up in a wedding dress, brought along a bridesmaid, a pastor, and told him to marry her right there or they were over. But don’t worry, she wore a mask in the store. She’s not completely batshit.

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The New Lady Gaga Album Tracklist Has Leaked, And Features Collaborations With Elton John, Ariana Grande, And Blackpink

April 22, 2020 / Posted by:

I don’t know who’s in charge of keeping Lady Gaga’s new album Chromatica on lockdown, but, so far, they’ve done a shit job. First the lead single, Stupid Love, leaked weeks early, and then, this morning, Target posted the album for pre-order on their site with the full tracklist visible. They’ve since removed that version. Dumb mistake, or dumb PR move?

Lady Gaga (seen above, three faces ago in 2016) previously posted Chromatica’s artwork to Instagram, but blurred out the tracklist and other info. But, thanks to Target, we now know the album features collaborations with Elton John, Ariana Grande, and South Korean girl group Blackpink.

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Target Angered John Barrowman By Telling Him He Shouldn’t Help The Homeless

April 7, 2018 / Posted by:

John Barrowman is a beloved figure in gay nerd circles because he’s an openly homosexy actor who pops up in all of their favorite shows, like Dr. Who, Torchwood, Arrow and The Flash. Because he’s a giver (make of that what you will), John also once delighted both nerdy and non-nerdy gays by accidentally presenting the bared and lengthy penis of his husband Scott. He’s a good guy all-around! He’s also the kind of guy who will buy a homeless dude some clothes and a gift certificate despite the store he shopped at hissing at him over it. John posts on social media A LOT, so the West Hollywood Target (sorry – Tar-JHAY) picked the wrong queen to mess with.

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