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Kate Winslet Regrets Working With Woody Allen And Roman Polanski

September 11, 2020 / Posted by:

At long last, Kate Winslet has done a 180 on supporting Woody Allen and Roman Polanski. In the past, Kate’s response to working with Woody and Roman  ranged from vague statements about, “regrets” with unnamed individuals to saying, “Errr…next question.” That’s all in the past. 2020 Kate Winslet has burned both of those bridges and isn’t going back.

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Roman Polanski Still Can’t Be A Member Of The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences

August 26, 2020 / Posted by:

Roman Polanski, a name that is bound to make you feel grosser than when you find someone else’s hair in your food, or accidentally drinking long-expired milk. And why is that? Oh, you know, just the fact that he’s got a whole Wikipedia section dedicated to his extensive history as a predator. But Roman Polanski still doesn’t realize that many people don’t want to much to do with him these days. Like the entire board of the César Awards, who quit after his film J’Accuse was nominated this year, and were equally pissed when he ended up winning. Or the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, aka the Oscars people. They made it very clear they didn’t want Roman Polanski as a member of their Board of Governors, and yet, Roman keeps trying to get back in. Once again, the AMPAS has unceremoniously shooed him away. Take a hint, Roman.

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Roman Polanski Won At The Cesar Awards––And People Were Pissed

February 29, 2020 / Posted by:

Roman Polanski won the Best Director trophy at last night’s Cesar Awards for his movie “Roman: My Life as a Creepy Piece of Shit” “J’Accuse” despite the entire board having quit following his nomination, not to mention those multiple new allegations of sexual misconduct. Yep, the French Film Academy ignored ALL of that and still thought it a good idea to give it to him.

J’Accuse? More like: quelle fucking surprise.

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Following Roman Polanski’s 12 Nominations, The Entire Board Of The Cesar Awards Quit

February 18, 2020 / Posted by:

The Cesar Awards are coming right up, but even though Roman Polanski received 12 nominations this year, he might want to think about skipping the ceremony because he’s not quite as popular as those 12 nominations suggest. Turns out, it’s not just a bunch of uptight feminists who have gotten their unsexy underwear in a bunch and have objections about the continued celebration of a man who admitted to the statutory rape of a child (not to mention the more recent allegations against him). According to The National, the entire board of the Cesar Awards organization has quit, en masse, in protest of his nomination as well as their ongoing frustrations over the organization’s “opaque decision-making process” and lack of diversity. This decision by the board comes on the heels of an open letter published in Le Monde which was signed by over 400 film professionals who all said fuck. this. shit.

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Roman Polanski’s Latest Film Has Been Nominated For 12 César Awards, And Some Aren’t Happy About It

January 30, 2020 / Posted by:

Due to the insidious nature of cancel culture, convicted rapist Roman Polanski’s career has taken a severe hit and his life is in shambles. He’s spent the past few decades cowering from the public eye, in fear for his life, and being forced to accept prestigious filmmaking awards in absentia. It’s just like he’s living in a prison really, only with a comfy mattress and better food and wine selections. Poor Roman really can’t catch a break. According to the BBC, his latest movie, An Officer and a Spy AKA J’accuse en français, received 12 César nominations, the French equivalent of the Oscars. This should be a moment of triumph for Roman, but it’s been marred by a bunch of unruly feminists who found it necessary to point out that 12 is also the same number of women who have accused Roman of rape (to date). Jesus, why is so hard for people to just let Roman be great in peace?!?

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Roman Polanski Has Been Accused By French Actress Valentine Monnier Of Raping Her In 1975

November 9, 2019 / Posted by:

It’s always nice to take a weekend off to rest and recharge. One expects to return to Dlisted to find oneself writing about such gaiety as Kanye West continuing to confuse himself with Aimee Semple McPherson and Keanu Reeves dating the American Helen Mirren. Unfortunately, the fates felt differently this morning. A French actress is accusing expatriate homunculus Roman Polanski of violently raping her at a Swiss ski chalet in 1975.

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