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Ariana Grande And Her Dog Cover The August Issue Of Vogue

July 9, 2019 / Posted by:

Ariana Grande could stand to take a smizing lesson or two from her dog, Toulouse. Toulouse may be tiny, but he’s saying everything that needs to be said, which is “Can you believe she brought me out here? I’ll be licking sand out of my butt for weeks!”

If only Ariana was able to serve as much face as Toulouse (even she can admit that he’s the star). She probably couldn’t focus under the weight of that massive hat. It’s hard to convey anything while trying to hold up 30 pounds of black-dyed straw. Vogue says that Ariana is wearing a hat by Eric Javits, but I’m still not convinced it’s not the big-ass straw hat Ross gave to Rachel when the gang went to the beach. Toulouse and the hat make a second appearance in some more shots taken by Annie Leibovitz. We also get to see Ariana pose with her mother and grandma.

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Pete Davidson Says He’s Being Cyberbullied And Wants It To Stop

December 3, 2018 / Posted by:

Since her public breakup, Ariana Grande seems to have been doing well by releasing a hit song about her exes called thank u, next, and a video that had fans of 2000s-era teen girl movies screaming into their Juicy Couture tracksuits. The same can’t be said for Pete Davidson. Despite getting a big dick energy shout-out in the video for thank u, next, he’s had to move back in with his mom and publicly apologize for a joke gone wrong. Apparently that’s only the half of it.

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Ariana Grande And Pete Davidson Have Matching Tattoo Cover-Ups, And She Gave Another Twitter Clapback

November 26, 2018 / Posted by:

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are showing us that even though they pulled the plug on their relationship last month, they are still friendly. We’ve heard nothing about any kind of custody fights over Piggy Smallz, and now it seems that, even though these two are in the process of erasing each other from their physical bodies, they still want to do one last thing together…

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Ariana Grande Is Being Blamed By Some Of Mac Miller’s Fans For His Death

September 9, 2018 / Posted by:

Tragically, rapper Mac Miller was found dead of an apparent overdose at his Studio City, CA home on Friday. Miller, who was open about his struggles with substances, is being mourned by fans and fellow hip-hop artists alike. Unfortunately for Mac’s ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande, some people’s mourning takes the form of blaming her for his death. Ariana, who posted a photo of Miller on Instagram last night, had to shut off her comments due to some hate she was receiving according to People.

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Mac Miller Has Died At 26

September 7, 2018 / Posted by:

TMZ has dropped a giant pile of sad by reporting that rapper Mac Miller (born name: Malcolm James McCormick ) died at his home Studio City, CA today. They say he died of an apparent overdose. He was only 26.

Law enforcements sources tell TMZ that Mac was found by a friend around noon today. That friend called 911. Mac Miller was pronounced dead at the scene.

Wikipedia tells me that Mac Miller started rapping when he was only 14 years old. He put out several mix tapes, before releasing his debut album Blue Side Park in 2011. It debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200. His latest album, Swimming, just came out in August, and he was supposed to begin his tour for the album next month.

Many of us old hos know Mac from when he dated Ariana Grande. They were together for about two years and broke up in May.

Mac talked a lot about his struggle with addiction, and said that after Blue Side Park came out, he got hooked on the bad shit cocktail known as Purple Drank. In 2013, Mac said that he kicked his Purple Drank addiction. But not long after he and Ariana broke up, he crashed his G Wagon into a pole and left the scene. Police found him by tracking the address listed for his license plate and he admitted he was driving under the influence. He was charged with DUI and driving with a BAC of over .08. Some messes blamed Ariana for Mac’s problems and she slapped them down with her ponytail. Mac had a court hearing scheduled for September 11.

And because we live in a world where I report about someone’s last tweet, this is one of the last things Mac Miller tweeted:

Rest in peace, Mac Miller.



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