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Ariana Grande Denies “Fan” Claim She Cheated On Mac Miller With Pete Davidson

August 9, 2018 / Posted by:

The water torture that has been Ariana Grande’s promotional tour for her upcoming album made me think it had been out for months, but I guess we still have a few days to go. Some “fan” of hers must be as over it as I am because they took to social media to troll her ass after she released the track listing. Unsurprisingly, one song is named “Pete Davidson” since those two have to use every other second of the day to remind us they are boning. One fan let Ariana know they will skip that song because they think she cheated on her ex Mac Miller with Pete. Ariana got mad at that because…she didn’t cheat on Mac with Pete. Cough. Continue reading

Ariana Grande Isn’t Here For Anyone Blaming Her Ex’s DUI On Her 

May 23, 2018 / Posted by:

While Ariana Grande may not mind tongue-ing up on a doughnut from time to time, that lizard lick ain’t going anywhere near Mac Miller. They claimed they were just too busy to see each other, but now it seems like she walked away from that “toxic relationship” because he just can’t keep his shit together. Mac was recently arrested for DUI after crashing his G-Wagon into a pole, and one person took to Twitter to blame Ariana. She responded by plucking said person’s eyeball out and letting him know what’s what.  Continue reading


Ariana Grande Might Have Already Moved On To Pete Davidson

May 19, 2018 / Posted by:

Earlier this month, Ariana Grande and rapper Mac Miller deleted their year and a half relationship from the celebrity couples server. Unfortunately for Mac, he’d barely begun to click the trashcan icon on all of their couple selfies before Bossip reported that Ariana’s already seeing someone else – Saturday Night Live’s Pete Davidson. Wait, wasn’t Pete Davidson dating Larry David’s daughter Cazzie? Not no more they ain’t. This sort of reminds me of that story about Madge’s ex-husband Guy Ritchie and how he immediately dumped his then-girlfriend when she expressed interest in him. His excuse? “Look, you know I really love you, but she’s Madonna.” Cazzie might be familiar with that sort of excuse now.

Continue reading

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