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It’s Taylor Vs. Taylor (Again) In The Video For “…Ready For It?”

October 27, 2017 / Posted by:

Factory-defected robot doll Taylor Swift from earlier this week is here once again, and this time she’s brought her arch nemesis with her. And it’s…Taylor Swift. It was my understanding the old Taylor was dead. Who is this second Taylor? Did the death of one Taylor mean the birth of two, like a joint snake myth? Just when I thought we were done with the whole tired snake thing.

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Taylor Swift’s Music Video Director Is Still Yammering Away

September 11, 2017 / Posted by:

When the Beyhive saw a teaser clip of Taylor Swift’sLook What You Made Me Do” music video, they angrily buzzed, “Look at the Rachel Roy take-down you’re about to make me do!!!” Taylor had the audacity to stand front and center in a line-up of her dancers, which had never been done by a pop star until Beyoncé Queen of the Universe and Our Lord and Savior Knowles-Carter Christ deemed it necessary to do in her video for “Formation.” I really wish it had just ended there, but (to borrow a favorite Dlisted phrase) the Butterscotch Don pulled her foundation move and sent in a minion to fight her battle.

Music video director Joseph Kahn first told people to take a seat and wait until the vid came out and recognize that no one was ripping off Beyoncé. And then it ended there, and people went along with their lives.

Wrong! It keeps going.

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