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Jessica Alba Says Her Son Is Cuter Than Her Daughters

May 24, 2019 / Posted by:

Burned skin mogul Jessica Alba sat down with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show to talk about her life and career and new show LA’s Finest with Gabrielle Union. While she was sitting down with Jimmy she of course talked about her kids and her new baby, son Hayes, who she says is the “cutest” of her three kids.

Jessica’s daughters at home watching: “Oh… well fuck my drag, right?”

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Leslie Jones Got Mad At Jessica Alba’s Company

July 18, 2018 / Posted by:

Jessica Alba‘s The Honest Company seems to be anything but. They’ve had lawsuits for bogus sunscreen, lawsuits for bad labels, more lawsuits for bad labels with some payouts, and they even pushed fatty baby formula. So obviously there’s something going on there. Well, now actress Leslie Jones is getting involved in the controversy surrounding Jessica’s all-natural, I’m assuming patchouli-heavy, blessed by Mother Earth, “organic” products.

Entertainment Tonight reports that Leslie did what most of us do when we have been shafted by a service provider: she lashed out on Twitter. Leslie wrote to her 900, 000 followers that Jessica Alba’s Honest Company had fucked her over not once. Not twice. Three fucking times! And she @ both of those hos!

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Jessica Alba Gave Birth To Her Third Child, And Continues To Be An H-Name Enthusiast

January 2, 2018 / Posted by:

Jessica Alba and her husband Cash Warren rang in the New Year to the ear-piercing sound of crying and screaming. But unlike you or I, those sounds didn’t come from the biggest drunk at a New Year’s Eve party after they stepped in a puddle of unknown origin. Theirs was the sound of their third baby being born. People says that Jessica and Cash announced the arrival of their first son on Instagram. Hayes Alba Warren was born on December 31st.

Hayes joins Jessica and Cash’s two other kids, Honor Marie (9) and Haven Garner (6). So just like I predicted back when she announced her third pregnancy, Jessica and Cash kept the H theme going. Hayes Warren sounds like a brand of boat shoes sold exclusively at a yacht dealership. Plus it could always be worse: Jessica and Cash could have fallen victim to Hollywood baby naming conventions and spelled it wacky, like Haiyzze. But not Haze. I think we can all agree that the world only needs one Hollywood spawn named Haze.


Jessica Alba Is Having A Third Kid

July 18, 2017 / Posted by:

Last night I linked to some pictures of Jessica Alba on vacation, and she seemed in all of them to be attempting to cover her stomach area. At the time I was like “Who cares, you’re on vacation, let it all hang out.” But now I realize she had a very good reason for obscuring her midsection from the paps. Jessica Alba is pregnant for the third time.

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Thankfully A Bit More Effort Was Put Into The Fashions After The Oscars

February 27, 2017 / Posted by:

We all know that when it comes to dressing for the Oscars, everyone takes it very seriously. They put on a tux or fancy gown that definitely didn’t come with a check attached to the garment bag. Most of the time the result is a one-way ticket to Zzzzzz town (see: a good 75% of the looks from last night). But then everyone gets to let loose at Vanity Fair’s annual Oscar afterparty and put on what they really want to wear (see: The Gold Standard). Like many people at the Vanity Fair party, Diane Kruger wasn’t at the Oscars and she showed up wearing that. 

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Jessica Alba’s Honest Company Is In Trouble Again For Maybe Being Dishonest

April 27, 2016 / Posted by:

This isn’t a story about how half the items in that travel essentials vending machine aren’t TSA approved. Although I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before we discover that too, since The Honest Company was apparently created on a bed of LIES!!

Back in September, Jessica Alba’s company was hit with a lawsuit alleging that things labeled “non-toxic” were actually full of synthetic chemicals, that she was being deceptive when she threw around the word “natural“, and that her sunblock was shit. Then in March, they were accused of putting a chemical in their laundry detergent that they swore they’d never put in. Now they’re in trouble for passing non-organic baby formula off as organic. Gasp! The star of Honey would never!

Page Six says The Honest Company is currently being sued by the Organic Consumers Association over the ingredient list on their organic infant formula. According to the lawsuit, 11 of the 40 ingredients listed are synthetic substances that are not allowed in products labeled as organic. The OCA also allege that some ingredients are federally regulated as “hazardous compounds“, that one ingredient is “irradiated” (ie. exposed to radiation), and some have been assessed as not safe for human foods. Hazardous? Radioactive? Are we sure The Honest Company baby formula isn’t just powdered Planters Cheez Balls?

The Honest Company isn’t the only company the OCA are coming after; they’ve also slapped at Earth’s Best for allegedly filling their organic formulas full of crap as well. Neither Jessica Alba or The Honest Company has said anything about this maybe-shady situation. But the company that owns Earth’s Best insists that their baby formulas follow the USDA’s organic standards, and are confident that the OCA’s lawsuit will be dismissed.

Regardless of what happens, I’m sure this lawsuit is a major wake-up call for other actresses-turned-organic lifestyle hustlers. At the very least, I bet it’s making Gwyneth Paltrow sweat a little. “Oh shit! Someone round up those bees and ask to see some IDs. I swear to god if one of them turns out to be a wasp and I get sued for misrepresentation, I’m taking all you bitches down with me!

Pic: Instagram

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