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Today In Messy Baldwins: Ireland Disses The “Idiots” In Her Family While Sharing Her Pregnancy Struggles And Hilaria Steps Out In An “Empathy” Sweatshirt After Alec’s Manslaughter Charges

January 20, 2023 / Posted by:

Being a Baldwin must be tough this week. Whether you’re being charged with involuntary manslaughter, being called an idiot, or are probably squarely in the center position of the Venn diagram of those two plights; the week that started with Blue Monday has looked pretty dismal for the Baldwin Brood. As we know–both because she announced it and because madrastra Hilaria Baldwin usurped the news via a disingenuous Instagram congratulations videoIreland Baldwin and her boyfriend, André Allen Anjos/RAC are with rude little piglet. Ireland just posted on Instagram to vent about how difficult her pregnancy has been and also dropped a nugget that left people guessing (but not really) when she casually mentioned that some members of her family are “idiots she wants nothing to do with.” And ever the shrinking violet, Hillary stepped out on the pap stroll to send a message amid her meal ticket/sperm-factory husband Alec Baldwin’s legal woes with her “Empathy” sweatshirt paired with bedazzled slippers.

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Alec And Hilaria Baldwin (Along With Their Child Army) Reacted To Ireland Baldwin’s Pregnancy Announcement

January 3, 2023 / Posted by:

Alec Baldwin will soon have pop-pop duties aside from yelling “pop! pop!on the set of Rust with a real gun or as he’s angrily pointing finger-guns at the paparazzi, even though they probably don’t care to snap him these days since his “culturally fluid” wife, Hilaria Thomas (Tomás?) Baldwin, shares their every mundane el movimiento on Instagram. And in true Hillary fashion, she just shared a video of her, Alec, and their seven rowdy Baldwinitos making Ireland Baldwin’s recent pregnancy announcement all about them.

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Ireland Baldwin Says She Doesn’t Get An Allowance From Her Parents, But Does Acknowledge Her Privilege

August 26, 2022 / Posted by:

Most of us don’t give any thought to Ireland Baldwin unless someone just said “rude,” “thoughtless,” “little,” or “pig” in any capacity and it flashed us right back to that infamous 2007 voicemail, but apparently, she has a TikTok account and has recently taken to it to post several replies to people in the comment section questioning how she makes her money. According to TooFab, Ireland wanted to set the record straight; and while she acknowledges the financial and nepotistic privileges that her famous parents, Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin, afforded her, she sometimes models and now “works” and doesn’t get an allowance from them, ok?!

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Kim Basinger Talked About Her Struggles With Agoraphobia On “Red Table Talk”

April 27, 2022 / Posted by:

Kim Basinger and daughter Ireland Baldwin are on the most recent episode of Red Table Talk to discuss their struggles with anxiety. 68-year-old Kim reveals that she lived with agoraphobia for years. If you’re a psychologist like Dr. Jada Pinkett Smith, you’ll know that agoraphobia is a rare anxiety disorder where people are afraid of getting into situations where they’ll panic. In many cases, the sufferer avoids open, public spaces and crowds. Kim says she constantly stayed at home, was scared of everything, and eventually had to relearn how to drive. Interesting. Before this, my only knowledge of agoraphobia came from that one creepy plant-obsessed guy from Twin Peaks, and Edna Turnblad (John Travolta) from the movie Hairspray. Edna-John is cured of the disorder via a super fun sixties-themed musical montage. Did Kim try a super fun sixties-themed musical montage?

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Ireland Baldwin Got “FaceTite,” A Type Of Liposuction, On Her Chin

April 13, 2022 / Posted by:

Ireland Baldwin is on the mend after getting a cosmetic procedure on her chin. The 26-year-old shared two selfies to Instagram, which showed her face wrapped up in bandages. Ireland got “FaceTite,” a minimally-invasive form of liposuction. The plastic surgeon makes a few incisions on the lower half of the face and uses radiofrequency waves and lipo to suck out fatty tissue and pull in the skin. There’s no need for anesthesia or an overnight hospital stay. Good! No chance of daddy Alec Baldwin and step-mamá Hilaria Baldwin bringing their growing horde of sticky little Baldwinitos in for a hospital visit during COVID times.

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Ireland Baldwin Says It’s None Of Her Business Whether Her Dad Keeps Having More Kids

April 8, 2022 / Posted by:

Alec Baldwin continues his climb into the pantheons of the Famous Fertile Father Hall of Fame with the announcement of his upcoming eighth child last month. Hilaria Baldwin revealed the news. Anyone who thinks that seven little kids are too many little kids likely saw the news and thought, “Listen, Alec – the next trigger you pull should be on a vasectomy because seven little kids is too many little kids.” But if you ask Alec’s first child, Ireland Baldwin, how she feels about all those Baldwinitos, and a whole lot of people have, she’ll shrug and explain that her dad’s constant spawning is none of her business.

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