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Candace Cameron Bure Says Her New Network Great American Family Won’t Feature Same-Sex Couples In Holiday Movies, And Hilarie Burton Drags Her For It

November 15, 2022 / Posted by:

Who would have thought Candace Cameron Bure, the artist formerly known as DJ Tanner, would grow up to be such an unlikeable human being? JoJo Siwa knows it. But the one person who is putting on the Cape of Good Faith to really call her out is Hilarie Burton. Once again, Candace has grabbed her cross and flask of Holy Water to swing and spew more religious tropes about her new network Great American Family being the place where only God-lovers can enjoy wholesome sin-free content! And in doing so, Hilarie grabbed her ally sword to slice Candace’s trite rhetoric to shreds once and for all.

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Hilarie Burton Wrote About Being Groped By Ben Affleck In Her New Memoir

May 7, 2020 / Posted by:

Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas are back to pounding the pavement after spending some quality time in the desert for Ana’s 32nd birthday, away from the paparazzi. Well maybe just Rodrigo was there to take a couple of the candids Ana posted on Instagram, or maybe they brought a tripod. At any rate, they’re back, and while the sun was shining brightly upon their return to Los Angeles, one small, dark cloud rolled in and it was in the form of Hilarie Burton Morgan’s new memoir, The Rural Diaries, which includes a short anecdote about the time Ben groped her breast on air when she was interviewing him for MTV back in 2003. Maybe that’s why BenAna decided to really cause a distraction by wearing coordinating outfits for yesterday’s stroll.

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Hilarie Burton Didn’t Work With Hallmark After They Refused Her Diversity Requests

December 16, 2019 / Posted by:

Peyton Sawyer is a lesbian iconne who has been fighting for gayelle rights since the early 2000s. So of course the woman who played her, Hilarie Burton Morgan, piled onto Hallmark for their decision to stop airing a lesbian commercial after pressure from a conservative group (they later reversed that decision after getting shit left and right). She let us know that she and Hallmark parted ways because she was very specific about including ethnicities and gays in a movie and they were very much interested in not doing those things.

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