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Open Post: Hosted By Google’s Most Searched Term For 2020, Which Was Unsurprisingly “Coronavirus”

December 9, 2020 / Posted by:

It’s nearly the end of 2020, and Google has counted up everything people searched for over the past 12 months, and let everyone know what was being looked up. They released the top search terms across a variety of categories, from news to people to recipes to TV shows. And if Google could come up with a search term to represent it all, it could be: Pandemic Stuff. Because guess what? The search results reflect everything we were doing while we were stuck inside.

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Google Skips April Fools’ Day Pranks Because Of Coronavirus While A K-Pop Star Joked That He Had It

April 1, 2020 / Posted by:

Google did not do their annual April Fools’ Day pranks this year. What many people are going through feels like a real-life joke from HELL, so Google thought making jokes was a bad look. But not K-pop star Jaejoong who joked he had coronavirus, but joke’s on him, because he could find himself in legal trouble over this.

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