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Kacey Musgraves Tweeted At American Airlines About An Employee Who Made Her Feel Unsafe

June 7, 2022 / Posted by:

Flying commercially is often already an exasperating experience at its core–there’s usually at least one child screaming, the pungent scent of onion sweat permeates the air, and inevitably, someone nearby decided to stop at an airport kiosk to acquire a stank tuna salad sandwich with a side of extra CRONCHY Doritos to slowly savor for the full duration from boarding to landing, until they’ve finally finished indulging just in time to have their hands free to clap for the pilot satisfactorily executing their job. Kacey Musgraves recently had a negative flight experience that went above and beyond the normal annoyances; however, it didn’t involve her fellow passengers, it was instead a flight crew member who made her feel uneasy.

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A Social Media Personality With 22-Pound Boobs Thinks She Was Kicked Off A Plane For Being “Too Explicit”

June 3, 2022 / Posted by:

A social media personality who goes by Mary Magdalene is alleging some discriminatory practices by an airline after she was removed from a flight. She says it was because of her big-bodacious breasteses. Yup, she thinks that her absolutely massive 22-pound boobs were considered “too explicit,” by American Airlines. I think this was a bit short-sighted, I mean, what if the plane went down and they needed some extra floatation devices? Mary’s got two huge ones!
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Stephen Amell Got Kicked Off A Flight For Yelling At His Wife

June 23, 2021 / Posted by:

Even though things are starting to open back up, one thing I’m not looking forward to getting back to is flying, especially knowing that there are rogue CW stars like Arrow’s Stephen Amell out here causing a ruckus. According to Page Six, on Monday, Stephen was escorted off a flight by an air marshal for allegedly yelling at his wife, America’s Next Top Model quitter Cassandra Jean Amell, in a drunken rage. How are we expected to get back to normal when even blandly handsome white men of The CW can’t manage to take off without incident?

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Aubrey O’Day Says A Flight Attendant Forced Her To Take Off Her Shirt In Front Of Everyone

September 27, 2019 / Posted by:

Aubrey O’Day recently took an American Airlines flight and is claiming a flight attendant made her take her shirt off in front of the other passengers and turn it inside out. Obviously, that’s a gross asshole move if true, but if the shirt said something like, “Don. Jr. Is My Soulmate, maybe the flight attendant was afraid the flight would be delayed or canceled from everyone barfing at the same time. Although, TMZ says the shirt said something totally different.

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