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The “Shoe Of The Summer” Is A Frankenstein Nike Hybrid

June 25, 2019 / Posted by:

i-D, the fashion branch of Vice, has declared that the “shoe of the summer” is an upcycled Nike sneaker with a kitten heel. Yes, that’s a dirty old sneaker cut up with a pair of scissors with a heel slapped on the back. A designer named Ancuta Sacra’s been tinkering in her little shop of horrors and has come up with a creation so cursed, so unnatural, that Kim Kardashian is probably on a waitlist for three pairs of every design. That’s until Kim finds out they’re actually painstakingly handcrafted using recycled materials because Ancuta is partially driven by “the impact that our consumption has had on the environment thus far.” So after finding that out, Kim would be all, “ew, gross”.

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Imelda Marcos Was Convicted Of “Graft” And Sentenced To Prison

November 9, 2018 / Posted by:

I had thought that Imelda Marcos was living out her golden years as nothing more than the star of a punchline about having too many shoes, but she has apparently been doing the most! She’s currently a member of the House Of Representatives in the Philippines, and was planning to run for Governor of a northern province (a seat her daughter currently holds). But she may have to put that on the back burner for now. According to NBC News, a Philippine court has just convicted her of 7 counts of “graft” (that’s a good old-fashioned government swindle) and sentenced her to 6-12 years in prison PER count for funneling $200,000 to Switzerland while she was Governor of Manila in 1970. Imelda’s 89 and unless she gets an age reduction like homeboy (or an appeal), she’s gonna die in prison.

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