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Anne Heche Is “Expected To Pull Through” But Has A “Long Recovery Ahead” After Her Horrific Car Crash

August 6, 2022 / Posted by:

Yesterday, the streets of Mar Vista in Los Angeles became a scene straight out of Grand Theft Auto when Anne Heche’s Mini Clubman was involved in an awful double car crash that ended with a big fire that destroyed most of someone’s house. The homeowner and her pets are okay. Anne Heche is not. She suffered severe burns and is being treated in the ICU. Anne’s rep says that she’s in stable condition, and a source says that she has a long recovery battle ahead of her.

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Anne Heche Threw Another Little TikTok Diss At Ellen DeGeneres

May 10, 2021 / Posted by:

In the past year, we have discovered that the lovable dancing pixie known as Ellen DeGeneres is actually not a pixie at all. More like Satan in Chuck Taylors. And many people have been co-signing her bad behavior, leaving Ellen on a constant tour to reclaim what’s left of her tattered image. I ain’t buying it anymore so she can save that song and dance for people who don’t see through the bullshit. And you can add Anne Heche to that list as well because she has already come out and talked about how Ellen wanted her to dress like a sexless bag lady during their time together. Now she’s having a little more fun at Ellen’s expense in the land where adults automatically become giddy pre-teen girls; TikTok.

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Anne Heche Says That Ellen DeGeneres Didn’t Want Her To “Dress Sexy” When They Were Together

April 29, 2021 / Posted by:

Addison Rae: canceled. Again. Charli D’Amelio: found bald. Hype House: torn down. There is a new reigning Supreme of TikTok and her name is Anne Heche. 51-year-old Anne hopped on the app where young people will ask, “Whose great-great grandma is this?!” But Anne gave off “day drunk aunt showing her nieces and nephews old pics from her glory days” vibes while critiquing her past red carpet outfits for TikTok. And while doing so, she gave us a little tea about her relationship with Ellen DeGeneres. Anne better follow that up with a TikTok video where she dances to the rage-filled voicemail that Ellen will probably leave her.

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Meanwhile On “Dancing With The Stars,” Tyra Banks Screwed Up And Anne Heche Talked About How Going Public With Ellen DeGeneres Messed Up Her Career 

October 6, 2020 / Posted by:

SPOILER ALERT for the two of you here who watch: Anne Heche was eliminated from Dancing With The Stars this week but not before Tyra Banks experienced her first major televised fuck up as she announced an incorrect bottom two. And apparently after the elimination, Anne was pissed. But before she huffed off, she talked about how dating Ellen DeGeneres fucked shit up for her, and I’m not talking about the time she ended up at a stranger’s house in the desert and told them she was the daughter of God. I’m talking about her money and movie career.

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