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Thomas Jane Is Suing Anne Heche’s Estate For An Unpaid $150K Loan

November 22, 2022 / Posted by:

It’s been three months since Anne Heche tragically died in a car accident, and since then, there’s been drama with her estate. Anne died without a will, and her oldest son, 20-year-old  Homer Laffoon, whose father is Coley Laffoon, filed for control of her estate and was later granted “expanded powers as the special administrator” of her estate. Anne’s ex-boyfriend James Tupper, who is the father of her youngest child, 13-year-old Atlas Heche Tupper, has been trying to put a stop to Homer’s legal moves on Anne’s estate, claiming that Homer “broken several promises to his half-brother by not providing him with an inventory list and pictures of the tangible personal property.” Anne’s estate has also been sued for $2 million by Lynne Mishele, the woman who lived in the house that Anne crashed into. On top of all of that, Anne’s estate has been sued by her ex Thomas Jane. Thomas alleges he gave Anne a loan last year that she stopped paying, and now, dead or alive, he wants the rest of his cash.

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Anne Heche Is “Expected To Pull Through” But Has A “Long Recovery Ahead” After Her Horrific Car Crash

August 6, 2022 / Posted by:

Yesterday, the streets of Mar Vista in Los Angeles became a scene straight out of Grand Theft Auto when Anne Heche’s Mini Clubman was involved in an awful double car crash that ended with a big fire that destroyed most of someone’s house. The homeowner and her pets are okay. Anne Heche is not. She suffered severe burns and is being treated in the ICU. Anne’s rep says that she’s in stable condition, and a source says that she has a long recovery battle ahead of her.

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